Chapter 26 I'm Not Convinced

"I, no, obey!"

The three simple words resounded in the small playground, which was still noisy.

That piercing scream made everyone tremble. Even Ao Xiaoxue, who was stepping on my hand, was slightly stunned. Her foot was not stable when she stepped on me.

I struggled with all my might. All the female gangsters who held me down were frightened by my actions. A man who was originally so weak, a man who was still so weak, dared to fight back like this.

They tried to stop me, but I had already broken free. I stormed towards ao xiaoxue.

"You forced me. It doesn't matter if you hit me or scold me. How dare you humiliate me like this! And spit at me! I will let you die today!"

At that moment, it was as if I had killed a red-eyed general and rushed at Ao Xiaoxue. Chen Zihan was yelling at me to calm down, and the other female gangsters were panicking too. It looked like I wanted Ao Xiaoxue's life.

I walked over with my teeth and claws open, and with my mouth, I hit Ao Xiaoxue in the face.

The slap was loud, and everyone heard it. Even I was a little confused. It was the first time I slapped a woman, and it was so cruel.

Ao Xiaoxue was angry, too. She touched her face, unbelievable, furious, and pointed at me.

"How dare you hit me?"

She was crazy, she was about to pounce on me, I was crazy, and I was about to fight with her, but at this moment, the radio rang:

"Students fighting on the playground, stop it. The pe teacher has passed. It won't be long before the middle school exam. If you don't want to be expelled, stop!"

There were already two or three pe teachers in the distance.

At this time, Li Xunhuan and the others rushed over and punched me with a dull fist. It hurt so much that I softened. This was the difference between a man and a woman. His fist was too hard.

He held my sprawling body and scolded me in my ear, "Trash, you've been fighting with a girl for so long. You want to die, don't you? Do you know who Ao Xiaoxue's brother is?"

I was so angry that I yelled, "Who cares about her? How dare you insult me like that? I'll kill her!"

I glanced at Chen Zihan. It turned out that Chen Zihan had asked Li Xunhuan to stop me, and black skin and Ao Xiaoxue's men quickly stopped the crazy Ao Xiaoxue. Li Xunhuan went over to her and said, "Okay, sister ao, if this continues, you will be expelled. Don't forget that you are on probation."

That calmed Ao Xiaoxue down, but she pointed at me and cursed in her shrill voice:

"You wait, silly boy. This won't end like this. You dare to hit me!"

As if I was the only one who had to be beaten, I replied, "Just wait. I'm afraid of you."

Chen Zihan gave me a small punch and scolded, "You're crazy. Shut up if you don't want to cause trouble! A teacher is coming!"

Sure enough, a few pe teachers came over. When they saw me like this, they asked what was going on and scolded me:

"Are they all free? Are they all juniors? It's almost the middle school entrance examination, can you make the school save some time? Don't think that the school won't dare to expel you for the sake of the entrance rate! This one goes to the infirmary, that one..."

He looked at ao xiaoxue. Ao Xiaoxue was not seriously injured, and Ao Xiaoxue was too lazy to talk to him, so he left directly.

Then the pe teacher pointed to the crowd and cursed:

"Why are you all standing there? You're still here to watch the fun after class. Don't you think it's a big deal? Don't you know how to pull a fight?"

Li Xunhuan was not afraid of boiling water and laughed: "Teacher, we have a fight, otherwise, this stupid fork will be killed."

I was sent to the infirmary by black skin and Ergou, and along the way, black skin mocked me:

"It's funny that you can't even fight a girl, but you're really famous for this fight. Ao Xiaoxue, you dare to fight, you're so funny."

I was so angry that I pointed at him and said, "I don't need you to give it to me. Get out of here, too. It's drafted. You're not a good thing either."

As soon as his black face sank, he pointed at me and asked, "What did you say? Say it again?"

Ergou immediately covered my mouth and nodded with a smile, "All right, brother black skin, Brother Feng didn't say anything. You heard wrong. Haha, go."

The black man snorted, "I like to be a hero even if I have no ability. I really think I have beaten ao xiaoxue so much. Just wait for her to trouble you. Hmph! I've seen a lot of idiots like you. If I can't stand bullying, I'll fight back. In the end, I can only be forced to transfer to another school. Hehe."

After that, he left, angering me to death. When I got to the infirmary, the female doctor helped me clean the wound and said that some of my wounds had become pus. She told me not to fight anymore. Otherwise, I might hurt my bones. Although I am young and strong now, I might not be able to do it in the future.

I didn't listen to her either. After she left, I asked the little dog:

"Then who's Ao Xiaoxue's brother? What's her status? How awesome is she?"

Ergou said, "Hey, you say that, Ao Xiaoxue's brother, Ao Guang, the boss of our school on the street and across the street, we all know about it. That's why Li Xunhuan gave her face. My brother, it's not easy for you to mess with her!"

When I heard that, it was a little difficult, but in that case, I was oppressed to death and had to resist.

I gritted my teeth, "Who cares? Laozi is not easy to provoke anyway!"

Even though I was a victim and entered the infirmary, this incident had already alarmed the school, fought in the playground, and in front of everyone, everyone saw that it was impossible for the school not to deal with this matter.

So the next day, I was called to my parents, and luckily Chen Zihan was there to help me talk at home. Otherwise, my dad would hit me again. Although my father tried so hard to persuade me to come back last time, proving that he still had me in his heart, it was impossible for him not to be angry at me for what I had done so quickly.

However, Chen Shien took the initiative and patted my father on the chest, promising:

"Don't worry, old zhang. Xiaofeng's business is my business. I won't let him get fired. Besides, this child is honest and won't provoke others."

Chen zihan added,

"It's just a cheap mouth!"

When I heard that, I was unhappy and wanted to talk back, but my dad stared at me. My dad muttered and nodded.

"Okay, then I'll leave this to you, shien. You know it better at school."

Then he stared at me and said, "I'm warning you for the last time, Zhang Feng, if you don't want to study, get out of here and stop causing trouble at the last minute of the middle school examination!"

Looking at his eyes and face, I knew that he was disappointed in me, and I felt bad inside, but it was Ao Xiaoxue who did this to me.

After that, the school's opinion was: Ao Xiaoxue is fine, I harassed her, so she slapped me, and I had to call the parents, and make me stay in school for inspection, and if I made a mistake again, I would be expelled. And this notice was posted at the school gate, but I was angry, but I couldn't help it. She had so many witnesses, and I didn't even dare to speak for me openly.

The vice principal left this matter to the dean. The dean of junior high school was not Zhou De, but he had a good relationship with Zhou De. I saw them laughing when they walked together. Ao Xiaoxue and I were called to the vice principal's office to give me a good scolding. All of them were criticizing me, but for my father's warning, I had to endure it. Ao Xiaoxue was like a victim, making me half mad.

After Zhou De finished dealing with this matter, he gave me a fierce look. When I walked out of the vice president's office, he gave me a sneer and whispered in my ear:

"Little beast, how are you feeling? If it weren't for your beautiful stepmother, I'd really like to fire you."

After he finished speaking, I was so angry that my teeth itched. I really wanted to expose the true face of this dog in front of the vice principal, but when I thought of my father's eyes, I could only bear it.

After Ao Xiaoxue and I walked out of the building, Ao Xiaoxue squinted at me and pointed at me.

"You have guts. My dad never slapped me. This is the first time you slapped me. I can't treat you at school. Be careful on the way home."