Chapter 28 Injured And Hospitalized

Shock, fear, swept into my heart in an instant, and I trembled with fear.

To be honest, I've been beaten up so many times. Even though I've been beaten up by Li Xunhuan so many times, so hard and so hard, I never worried that I would be killed. But these three guys made me feel the danger of being killed.

In an understatement, he was going to stab me?

I stabbed him, but I had no choice but to do it. I was forced to do it. But if he stabs me, can I stand it? I suddenly remembered those scenes in the movie. In this empty alley, the protagonist was stabbed with blood, and finally died in this place without help, waiting to die alone.

It has not been a day or two since I was afraid of anything. At this moment, I was really scared half to death, and my body was in pain from the beating. At this time, while I was paralyzed on the ground, I kept crawling back, and my body trembled. It was a lie to say that I was not afraid of death.

"No, don't come over, don't kill me."

There were only a few words that popped out of my mouth.

But these three social thugs wouldn't care about me. Instead, the slightly fatter thug gave a grim smile and handed the knife to the thug whose foot was injured.

"Huazi, I'll leave it to you."

That Huazi was also a tough guy. After being stabbed by me, he managed to barely stand up and simply bandaged himself with a strip of cloth on his clothes. Then he took the knife and walked towards me.

I just wanted to beat you up so that you wouldn't be able to go to school for half a month, but now that you're looking for death, no wonder I left a hole in you.

My teeth were chattering. When I heard the word "School," I asked:

"Who, who sent you here? Is it Ao Guang?"

I've been guarding against Ao Guang, Ao Xiaoxue's brother.

I didn't expect them to be stunned when they heard my question, and then they said, "Who's Ao Guang?"

I sneered, "Don't think that if you don't admit it, I don't know that you're Ao Guang's people. I just had a little argument with Ao Xiaoxue at school. Is it necessary to beat me to death? It's against the law for you to stab me, and I won't let Ao Xiaoxue go. Even if I go to jail, I have to stab her in the school!"

"Huazi, ignore him. This little boy is crazy. He has been poked away. This place can't stay for long. Someone should have noticed the shouting just now."

The tall, chubby man was alert. It wasn't the first time he had done this.

Although I was relieved to hear that they weren't trying to kill me, I couldn't bear to be stabbed.

I yelled, "Don't come over, don't stab me. I've lost too much blood, and you'll be murderers. When the whole city wants you, you won't be able to run away!"

But my threat seemed like a joke to them. At this moment, it was as if someone was coming from the corner of the street. The taller man, who was fatter, snapped:

"Come on, Huazi, you can't move easily. The car is still on the side of the road. We have to finish it quickly!"

The man named hua zi didn't say much but gave another punk a look. He understood immediately and came over to hold me down.

My eyes widened, and I screamed:


However, I was already weak, how can I resist? When the knife hit my leg, I deliberately dodged, so I only scratched the skin, but also a lot of blood.

"Damn it! How dare you hide? Hold it down! I have to give him a hole today!"

At this moment, the fat tall man also came over. What are you talking about? Someone came over.

He also helped hold my foot down. When I heard this, I glanced at the corner of the street. As expected, someone came over. As if I had found a savior, I shouted loudly:

"Help, kill, help!"

The sudden screams frightened all three tall men, and the people at the street corner heard my cry for help and rushed over.

"What are you doing! Stop it, I already called the police!"

The scream was a woman, and at the street entrance, it seemed that a few passers-by had come. After hearing the screams, they all planned to come over. Huazi and the others also planned to stab me, but I used this opportunity to struggle so hard that he couldn't stab me. He was so angry that he directly stabbed me in the thigh!

It hurt so much that I almost lost my soul.

The fatter tall man shouted, "Huazi, let's go. We can't wait any longer."

Then they helped Huazi and ran all the way to another street corner. There should be their car over there. After they got on the yellow car, they sped away.

And the more I felt, the more I lost it. He was going to stab me in the calf or ankle, but because I was moving around, he couldn't grasp the position, so he stabbed me in the thigh directly. I took a look, damn it. If he couldn't hold the position, he would just stab me on top of that thing, then it would be over.

The woman who screamed and saved me came over. When I saw her, I froze. She was Chen Shien, and Chen Zihan was behind her.

It dawned on me that their mother and daughter would follow the same path.

"Zhang Feng, why are you here?"

Chen Shien was surprised.

Chen Zihan, on the other hand, widened his eyes and shouted, "Zhang Feng, what happened to you? Someone just committed an attack. Who?"

When I heard her question, I just got angry. If it wasn't for her, would I have gotten into trouble with Ao Xiaoxue? If it wasn't for Ao Xiaoxue, would Ao Guang, the head of that bastard, have sent someone to hit me and stab me?

I yelled at her.

"What the hell? It was your female gangster leader, ao xiaoxue, who did it. That's why she offended her. She asked people from her brother's society to kill me. If someone hadn't come, those three people would have killed me. If it weren't for you, I would have offended her?"

Chen Zihan looked pale and shook his head.

"Impossible, Xiao Xue. She won't... Her brother won't either."

"Impossible! Look at it yourself! Is that impossible? I almost died!"

I was even angrier. At this time, she was still speaking for Ao Xiaoxue. If I hadn't been unable to move now and had blood on my body, I would have slapped her in the face. How could there be such a family!

Chen Shien, on the other hand, yelled nervously, "All right, Zi Han, stop talking. You call the police with your cell phone first. I'll take him to a nearby hospital first. Xiaofeng, don't breathe. Your health is important. No matter whose fault it is, you can take care of yourself."

She was right, so she quickly found a passerby and took me to a nearby hospital. During the treatment, a little nurse said, "Ah, this is offending some underworld. It's deep enough. If you go in a little more, I'm afraid that men can't do it."

This was what the little nurse whispered to the head nurse next to her, but I still heard it. My face was livid and I didn't know what to say. I also had a knife wound on my hand and it was all bandaged up. In this way, I became a wounded patient.

After giving the money, Chen Shien asked me to recuperate in the hospital and let Chen Zihan go home first, but I didn't agree.

"You can take care of the trouble your daughter caused. You made me like this because of your daughter's companion, ao xiaoxue. Why don't you stay and take care of me and let me stay here alone? What if those people come to seek revenge and stab me to death in the hospital?


She thought about it, and it was true, so she stayed.

During this time, I also explained the enmity between me and Ao Xiaoxue, Li Xunhuan. Chen Shien's beautiful eyes moved around, and her whole face looked worried. Seeing her like this, I couldn't help but think of my own mother. If she could worry about me like Chen Shien once, even if I die, it would be worth it.

But I won't pity Chen Shien for her guilt. She apologized to me, and I ignored her. I said angrily, "Anyway, I won't let this go. I'll stab her to death if it's not a big deal. One life for another.


As a result, Chen Shien rushed up, covered my mouth, shook his head and frowned.

"No, your father only has one son like you. You have to die to kill someone."