Chapter 29 Chen Shien's Arrival

After all, I still have to go home. When my dad found out, even though he usually acted like he didn't care about me, he was still angry. When he asked Chen Shien what was going on, Chen Shien told him everything. My dad didn't say anything about me. He just said two words:


In fact, I also know my father's difficulties. Just because he was so busy with his business, he still lost money and made all kinds of compensation, even if he went to school, he couldn't get any benefits. Otherwise, how could he be willing to let my mother run away with people and not chase after them?

I spent three days recuperating at home, and in those three days, Chen Shien helped to go to the principal of the school, and asked him to help manage some of the security around the school, so that the police could drive more diligently from the patrol car here, and let us students safely pass the days before the middle school examination.

Chen Zihan also brought the news and said, "Ao Xiaoxue won't admit it. She said it was definitely not her. Although she told her brother, it was definitely not her brother.


At that time, we were a family eating. When I heard this, I immediately slapped the table and almost knocked it over.

"Go to him, she'll admit that there's a ghost. If the police catch such a big thing, then she's the murderer, but she has to be responsible! Besides, it wasn't her who did it. How could she admit it!"

Two bowls of food were knocked over by me, and my father was so angry that he gave it to me.

"Don't yell at your sister. Get out if you don't eat!"

My dad was still like that. He loved his face and hit me a little, but I wasn't angry. I was angry with Chen Zihan.

I pointed at her and said angrily:

"Chen Zihan, you and I have been living under the same roof for so long. Even if you don't recognize me as your brother, you don't have to believe that outsiders don't believe me. We can't eat this meal!


After I finished speaking, I limped and prepared to go out, because the wound on my leg was not healed yet, so I didn't dare to walk with a long span, or the wound might crack.

But after I left, I overheard Chen Shien in the bathroom asking Chen Zihan a few times, and Chen Zihan was furious.

"Oh, mom! Even you believe Zhang Feng's nonsense. Although Ao Xiaoxue usually likes to bully such an idiot, he would never do such a thing on key matters. Besides, she said that she had not told her brother yet. She said that it was not necessary for her brother to take action against a scoundrel like Zhang Feng! She can beat this kid to death herself!"

She's my good sister, I can't believe her! And believe this pervert!"

In the bathroom, I heard what she said clearly. I was half mad, but I couldn't get angry in front of my father. Chen Zihan did plead for me, but that bitch Ao Xiaoxue wouldn't let me go. Maybe Ao Xiaoxue lied to Chen Zihan, she's a hypocrite. Ming Ming told me to be careful when I get home from school. It wasn't who she was.

Wait, I thought to myself, don't let me find you. I won't let you go.

Besides, I won't tolerate any more of the insults she gave me, the revenge she took this time, and so on. And that bastard Li Xunhuan, none of them are good.

The day I went to school, the police came in with news that they didn't find the gangsters who were trying to stab me, and that there were no surveillance cameras on the road, and they couldn't see the faces of these criminals, so this matter was not settled. The police station just said that it would strengthen the security of this area, that's all.

But in my heart, I know very well that Ao Xiaoxue's brother, Ao Guang, did this. He was the boss of two streets. It was not difficult to do this. There were a lot of killers in the movies who killed people and could be arranged to run away. He had to arrange for a few gangsters to hide. It was very difficult for the police to catch them. Not to kill me.

After I went back to school, Ergou looked at my leg in surprise and said, "Brother Feng, I heard you were ambushed and then injured and hospitalized? How is it? Is it okay?


Ergou was a coward. He was even more cowardly than me. I thought he was upset, so I casually said, "It's none of your business."

But soon, suddenly a teacher came in, saying that this class is a self-study class, we can self-study and read. And when I saw who this teacher was, I was dumbfounded.

It was Chen Shien. Why did she come to our junior year?

Seeing me staring at her, Ergou laughed and said, "Brother Feng, you know what, I knew you had this expression. She is Chen Shien, the music teacher of the first and second days of junior high school, and also our goddess chen's mother. She is really a mold. They are all beautiful women. Haha, haha, but she has a good eye."

With my mouth wide open, Chen Shien said gracefully on the podium:

Because the teachers of all the major subjects in the third year of junior high school are busy preparing lessons for everyone, and some even have to visit their tutors at home to study, they are very busy, so they had to ask me, the music teacher of the first year of junior high school, to keep watch on the self-study.


Of course, I know that this is the case in school. On the third day of junior high school, all the physical education and music classes are gone, and the school will not let them take a vacation, but let them stay on the self-study, so that these students do not run around. But chen shien's coming really surprised me.

After class at noon, I went straight to a deserted place and pulled her aside to ask:

"What are you doing, Chen Shien? Why are you in our grade?"

Chen Shien was shocked and said, "Don't talk nonsense. I don't know that I'm your stepmother on the third day of junior high school."

Then, she combed her clothes and looked at me.

"It's not for you. Your father said he wanted me to take care of you, so I took the initiative to apply for your third year of junior high school to take self-study classes. It's not long before the middle school exam anyway. You should study hard and try to get into a high school with zihan."

Hearing what she said, I sneered and said, "You really think highly of me. I haven't learned much in the past two or three years. How can I compare to your daughter? Isn't that humiliating?"

When I finished speaking, a voice came out:

"Teacher chen, what are you doing?"