Chapter 3 Something Purple

Ever since she came back, she had been rummaging through all the boxes and cabinets. She probably wanted it again. It was only the third day of junior high and it was so disgusting.

After hearing what I said, her hand, which was about to close the door, stopped in an instant. Her whole body, too, trembled. She looked back at me and asked,

"What? Is it with you? Zhang Feng, do you want to die? I told you why my things were a little messy. Did you turn them over? Take it out for me, or I won't let you go."

"Chen Zihan, it's not nice to say that you and I are not the same surname. You are also the daughter of a widow. Calling you sister is giving you face. You still threaten me, and you won't let me go? After you guys came, I lived like a slave in this house, asking me to do everything, and now you're threatening me with this, so how about this? I'll show this purple thing to my dad, or I'll show it to the students at school. Let them see what kind of bitch you are, goddess chen."

After what I said, chen zihan's face turned green with anger. She pointed at me and said several times:

"You, you, you!"

She was so angry that she couldn't speak, but I didn't let her go and smiled.

"Chen Zihan, are you going to threaten me? You give it to my dad, he'll beat me up at most, and I'll suffer some physical pain. But if I get to school, what about you? Your reputation will be ruined. Can you continue to be so arrogant in school? I advise you to save it. Give me that miniskirt and I'll consider giving you back this purple thing!"

After saying this, I felt very happy to retaliate and went back to my room with a smile.

The next day at school, she came to see me. I was in class one, and Chen Zihan was in class three. We didn't know each other at school and pretended not to know each other, which was what she and her mother and my father meant. That is to say, class three, class four is a good class, class one, class two is a bad class, afraid that I will lose her person.

When she came looking for me, Ergou in my class screamed and said,

"Madman, madman, goddess chen is looking for you. Why is she looking for you? You wrote her a love letter too, and she agreed?"

The little dog's name was wang ken, and everyone called him Ergou because the classic quote in the book about chen er dog's evil life could be memorized.

I waved my hand and scolded, "Get out of here. Don't talk nonsense."

But I just stood up and walked out, because I knew she was about to compromise with me.

When I smiled and went out, many people in the class looked at me. It was a proud feeling, as if Chen Zihan was my girlfriend, but let's not say that Chen Zihan was really popular. He was tall, beautiful, good figure, good mix, and the key to learning.

I saw that she was wearing another white miniskirt today, and she got attached to it, revealing her long, white legs. I don't know how many students would drool. Ergou once said, "If I could lick her long legs, I would rather live ten years less."

If she knew that Chen Zihan was such a slut at home, she wondered how he would feel.

I smiled at Chen Zihan and asked, "What? Willing to compromise?"

She pulled me fiercely and said, "Let's go down and talk."

Then they walked on their own, all the way to the woods next to the toilet downstairs. It was quiet, and many school couples would kiss, hug, and even hear that someone was doing something even more outrageous inside.

When I got there, there was no one else. I pulled my clothes and shrugged, "What's wrong? Can't you do it? Hand over the miniskirt and I'll return the purple thing to you."

"Where did you put that thing?"

She glared at me and said angrily. I immediately understood. She must have searched my room, but she couldn't find it. Of course, I knew that home was hers and her mother's. How could I hide it?

I narrowed my eyes and smiled.

"Chen Zihan, stop fooling around. I'll give you a day to think about it. Tomorrow I'll put this purple thing under the flag of the school and write it for Chen Zihan's use. There's a treasure invoice and name of this thing on it as evidence. Everyone will know that it's for you. Hahaha."

"Shut up!"

All of a sudden, she slapped me in the face, then tried to hit me again. I grabbed her hand, and I stared into her eyes and said coldly, "I'll wait for you all night! It's too late!"

Then I dragged him away. When I got back, Ergou asked me what was going on.

I said loudly, "It's nothing. She chased me and I refused."

A lot of people were listening with their ears up. When they heard this, they couldn't help but make a sound. They all felt that it was impossible. Some even said, "Goddess chen will chase you. That sow will go up a tree."

I just laughed and didn't explain anything.

I feel very happy in my heart. This damned Chen Zihan and her daughter have been doing evil deeds in my house for so long. It's the first time that I've made them suffer so much.

As soon as school was over, I wanted to hurry home and look at the usually arrogant Chen Zihan, who was so depressed and didn't dare to do anything to me. I wanted to be happy, but before I reached the school gate, I was blocked.

A cigarette butt rubbed against my hand and I screamed.

"You're the one who took my sister's things, aren't you?"