Chapter 30 I'm Here to Collect My Debt!

I almost peed when I heard that voice, because I almost reached out to touch Chen Shien. Fortunately, I didn't reach out. Otherwise, I would be miserable to be found out.

But when I saw the man, my face darkened because he was our grade director and the person who beat me up, Zhou De!

Yes, it was Zhou De. This grandson, chen shien, had just come to the third day of junior high school, so he came to greet him. He was afraid that others would not know about his adultery. It was disgusting.

"It's director Zhou! Why are you here? Have you had lunch?"

Chen Shien greeted him, a very official conversation.

Then she pointed at me with a smile and said,

"He was injured, so I asked him about the wound."

Zhou De smiled, gave me a thoughtful look, and shook his head.

"No, Mr. Chen, you're new to our third year of junior high school. I can't help but be a landlord. Let's go. I'll treat you to dinner, and you, stepson Zhang Feng, shall we?"

Although he said that, his eyes were staring at me, squinting at me, obviously not wanting me to disturb his lunch with Chen Shien.

Not to mention anything else, just because he beat me up and put me on probation, I was going against him.

As if I hadn't seen his warning, I laughed directly at Chen Shien and said, "Just in time, miss chen, director Zhou, I'll go eat some too. With your two teachers treating me, I'll definitely be able to eat a full meal. I've lost a lot of blood from my injury, and I have to make up for it, right? The two teachers couldn't be stingy. More people, more chopsticks!


Of course, Chen Shien said it was okay. Actually, my stepmother was very kind. She looked down on the poor, but she was much better than a hypocrite like Zhou De.

I figured that Zhou De might want to have lunch with chen shien, so when I followed the light bulb, Zhou De's face was as gloomy as a dark cloud, and it could rain.

After a meal, zhou de wanted to kill me. He wanted to touch Chen Shien's hand. I stared at him and made him feel bad.

When I went to the bathroom, Zhou De and I went to the bathroom together. When I was booing, he said one thing to me:

"You little beast really don't know the current situation. You really don't know how to write the word" death."

After school in the afternoon, I finally met Ao Xiaoxue herself. She was surrounded by a group of female gangsters, Chen Zihan's group. When I saw her, my eyes burned, this bitch.

Today's Chen Zihan was just a blue and pink outfit, with a pair of stilettos and knee-length stockings that looked as cute and playful as a japanese schoolgirl. But Ao Xiaoxue was different. She was dressed in a bright red cheongsam. I wonder why the school let them enter the school gate dressed like this. She was wearing high heels and blush. In the past, she was dressed as a female gangster with jeans and flip-flops.

I asked the little dog about it. It was said that Ao Xiaoxue had fallen in love with a new boy. It was said that he was quite handsome, a bit like lu han and what was his name, Wu Qulong, so now he began to know how to dress up, and she was chasing after this Wu Qulong.

It was said that during my absence, they seemed to be getting into a heated fight. At first, Wu Qulong was still pretending not to accept Ao Xiaoxue, but she could not bear that Ao Xiaoxue was a long-legged beauty. In fact, although her face was not as harmless as Chen Zihan's, she belonged to that kind of seductive beauty.

So Wu Qulong couldn't bear it any longer. He started to write back his love letter to ao xiaoxue. He didn't know what it said, but the whole junior year knew about it.

No, after school today, Ao Xiaoxue seemed to be going out to play with Wu Qulong.

But when she came to me, she saw me and Ergou. Ergou's first reaction to so many female gangsters' eye attacks was shyness. After all, most of the female gangsters were pretty women, and the ugly ones were too embarrassed to mix with them. Of course, there were exceptions. The second reaction was fear. Who was Ao Xiaoxue? She was a big sister at school. So Ergou could only avoid her eyes, but I wasn't afraid. I hated her to death. At this moment, when I saw her looking at me, I met her eyes and stared at her.

Ao Xiaoxue's dog legs pointed at me and said to her,

"This egg heard that he was stabbed on the road. He has been recuperating at home for the past few days, so he came to school. Looking at his limping posture, he really laughed."

"Hahaha. That's right. They have panda eyes and bruises all over their bodies. It seems that this guy not only offended us, but also got beaten up everywhere. Hahaha."

"Xiao Xue, don't pay attention to this thing. Little prince Qu Long is here! Look, he's so handsome today!"

A few female gangsters also knew how to make a fool of themselves. I glanced at Wu Qulong who was coming over there. He was really handsome. He was a white and clean little boy. He didn't look like lu han. Maybe I thought so, but it was none of my business. I'm here to trouble Ao Xiaoxue!

Ao Xiaoxue was too lazy to talk to me. When he saw the god of men, he immediately put on his high heels and walked over there little by little.

Wu Qulong was a little shy when he saw this and there were so many people after school. Maybe that was why he made Ao Xiaoxue like him. Seeing that the two of them were about to get together, they were about to have a happy relationship after school.

But I didn't care. Before the two of them were ready to say hello, I said,

"Ao Xiaoxue, I'm here to collect my debt..."