Chapter 31 Fight with First Sister?

My voice, it appeared so abrupt, so depressing.

"Debt collection? What debt?"

A lot of people were talking about it, especially those female gangsters. When they saw me coming, they were furious.

And when they met, they were ruined by a guy dressed like a beggar like me, and their faces turned ugly.

Ao Xiaoxue, in order to pretend to be a lady in front of his god, naturally did not dare to scold. She just frowned and stared at me and asked,

"Zhang Feng? What debt do you owe me? What do I owe you? Don't make a fuss, just go!"

"Yes, our sister xue, what do you owe me?"

The girls below shouted immediately.

"Do you deserve a beating?"

"Oh, what's wrong with this leg? You want to do it again when you're disabled?"

The little dog pulled me and whispered, "Brother Feng, don't make such a fuss. There are so many of them. You're alone. You're still injured."

But he shook his head decisively, pushed his hand away and said loudly:

"I'm here to collect my debt. I'm here to collect my debt!"

I pointed to my arms and thighs, and I pointed to Ao Xiaoxue:

"If you dare to do what you did, you have to admit it? You're still the big sister of the school. You think you can dress up like a lady if you dress up properly? What you do, you will always be a savage slut! Hmph!"

I didn't care about Wu Qulong's shocked eyes and walked straight to Ao Xiaoxue.

At this moment, so many people, so many eyes, staring at me, staring at Ao Xiaoxue, waiting for her to speak.

She gritted her teeth and looked as if she was going to tear me apart, but she still asked in a calm tone:

When did I stab you? Don't talk nonsense?"

He spoke so politely that he was worthy of being in front of the male god. He didn't even throw up his dirty words. I laughed coldly in my heart, shook my head, and laughed.

"Do you want me to say out loud what you threatened me the other day in front of your god, or do you want to go out and talk to me yourself? You can do it yourself. If you don't want to embarrass yourself, get out! Haha!"

After that, I laughed arrogantly and limped towards the school gate. No one touched me for a while. I think it was because Ao Xiaoxue didn't want the male god to see her violent side, and her men didn't have Ao Xiaoxue's orders and didn't touch me for the time being.

"Haha, the idiot is back?"

As soon as I walked out of the door, I almost bumped into the black skin and the oncoming Li Xunhuan. After a few days, he was a little darker and stronger. Maybe he had gone out to the beach to get some sun. When he saw his big, dark fist, I thought, it was stuck in my face, and I couldn't get up tomorrow morning. This kind of person is really hard to provoke. It's just that he still looks down on me.

"Yes, Brother Xunhuan, it's him. This idiot heard that he was almost stabbed to death on the way to school. He laughed so much. Haha, it's really unlucky. People chop him off when they walk."

"That's right, Brother Xunhuan. If we hadn't been at school that day, this idiot would have been falsely accused of stabbing him!"

At this time, Li Xunhuan, surrounded by his younger brother, came over, patted me on the shoulder, and then saw Ao Xiaoxue coming over in a fierce manner.

"Did you provoke this tigress again? Could it be that your leg was..."

Without saying anything, he laughed and patted me on the shoulder, "The eldest brother is Ao Guang, so you can ask for more. Hahaha, you dare to make trouble here, and you are not afraid of being laughed at. Haha."

I was so angry that my teeth itched, but I couldn't let it go. I looked over there and saw that Wu Qulong had already left. Obviously, I had ruined the atmosphere of Ao Xiaoxue's date with him, and he had nothing to stay for. On the contrary, Ao Xiaoxue was about to give me a mouthful when he came over and let me go sideways.

She slapped again, and I raised my hand to catch it.

Maybe it was because I was always slapped, so it became experience, or maybe it was because she was dressed like this today, so it was inconvenient for her to move, so she was slow.

At this time, I saw that her eyes seemed to be a little red, and she gritted her teeth and scolded, "You know, today is my first date with Wu Qulong, you! Damn you!"

"Why are you talking so much to him, sister xue? We'll kill him at once, regardless of whether he's injured or not.


"Sister xue, I can't stand it anymore. I want to tear this cowardly face apart!"

The little sisters and gangsters under his command immediately started to take it out on me and help ao xiaoxue beat me.

But Ao Xiaoxue seemed to be in a very bad mood. She was extremely upset. I could tell that she seemed to have some real feelings for Wu Qulong. Otherwise, she wouldn't have put in so much effort. She was wearing high-heeled shoes and so reserved and ladylike, but I ruined the atmosphere. That's why her eyes were red. Seeing this, I was in a good mood, making a fool of yourself in front of everyone, you damned proud daughter of heaven. Let your damned arrogance be suppressed as well. It's not what you want, you can get it!

Faced with these female gangsters' accusations, I couldn't be bothered. I pointed at Ao Xiaoxue and asked loudly:

"Did you ask your brother to do it? Tell me yourself. Last time you told me to be careful on my way out of school, something really happened to me on my way out of school. What a coincidence?


"Let your dog fart! If I want to hit you, I need my brother to do it. I can beat you down with one hand!"

Ao xiaoxue was so angry that she finally showed her true manhood and started to scold me. This is the real Ao Xiaoxue. He was so gentle just now, and it really made me want to vomit.


I said disdainfully, "Just you? With your little sisters?"

I picked up my arms and, as if watching a play, pointed at her female thugs and sneered.

"If it weren't for these women last time, would I have been beaten by you? Are you shameless, Ao Xiaoxue? Even though you're a woman and we don't fight, you're so cheap that you can send someone to plot against me and almost stab me to death. I don't admit it. Hehe, I don't know what else to say about you, Ao Xiaoxue."

"I told you, not me!"

Ao Xiaoxue was so angry that he took a step forward and punched me on the shoulder. My body was unstable, and I was already injured. I couldn't avoid it and fell down. Ergou didn't know where he was. He wouldn't help me in this situation. I could only stand up on my own.

But this time, the female gangsters immediately swarmed up, intending to kill me.

In the distance, Li Xunhuan and his men burst into laughter.

"Some cowards get beaten up by women again. I don't know if it's happiness, sex, or stupidity. Ha ha ha ha"

At this time, because there were too many people around, many teachers who had just finished work came to this side:

"What are you doing? What are you doing? Fighting at the school gate, you don't want to live anymore, do you? You still want to be punished?"

And Ao Xiaoxue, in spite of her anger, heard me clearly and screamed:

"Stop it!"

How could her little sister not listen? She immediately stopped and looked at her blankly.

She stared at me and pointed at me.

"Okay, okay, according to what you mean, you're going to fight me? Then I'll give you a chance to see if my big sister, Ao Xiaoxue, blew it for nothing!"

I was just about to say that you took advantage of others and I was injured. Didn't you take advantage of me by fighting with you? But I thought about it. After all, I am a man. I have to take advantage of my physical strength to fight with a woman. So, even if I get hurt, I want to personally teach this damn female gangster a lesson.

In fact, this is the situation in the school. Students who don't mingle don't necessarily beat up gangsters, but they don't mingle. Just like Li Xunhuan, he can fight, but can you say that he is the best student in the school? No, because I heard that there was a good student who had been practicing martial arts since he was a child. He was not a gangster, so he could beat Li Xunhuan.

So I think, although Ao Xiaoxue is usually very bluffing, very powerful appearance, but when it comes to fighting, she is not necessarily my opponent. Although it is said that men and women do not fight, but at this point, not to fight, we have to fight, it is related to dignity!

I chuckled, got up, patted the dust off my body, and smiled as if I were going to die.

Originally, I was called all the way here, and I was almost stabbed to death by those three social thugs. It was a walk on the road to death, and I could see through everything, so I wasn't afraid of these thugs like Ao Xiaoxue.

So, I met her beautiful eyes and resolutely gritted my teeth and nodded:

"You mean, one on one?"

"I agree!"