Chapter 32 Moon Mountain

When I said that, no one thought I was a hero, but there were a lot of people who called me ignorant, and those female gangsters who called me looking for death, said that Ao Xiaoxue's strength was very strong, hit me, such an injured guy, it was just a casual hit.

The people in the distance were still watching the play. The teachers were coming over. Ao xiaoxue said,

"Time, it's all right now! I just want to hit someone right now."

Yes, she just happened to be ruined. She was so angry, of course, she wanted to hit me.

She added, "I'll let you choose the location."

Of course I wanted to hit her, too. Just in time for revenge!

I said casually, then whatever, you choose, ladies first, let you choose.

I said it lightly. These people called me too pretentious.

One of the female gangsters also said, "Just don't be beaten up by sister xue to become a grandson. Pretend to be forced. Be careful of being struck by lightning!"

Hmph. Ao Xiaoxue also saw that I was deliberately trying to anger her to death, to pretend to be forced, and she also saw that I am not afraid of death now. So she nodded and said happily,

"Well, then we'll go over there to the hill and take a single fight. Now that the teacher is coming, you limp faster and get caught by the teacher. It's not my business!"

After saying that, she took the lead and walked forward step by step. Along the way, there were many students who came home from school, all of them from our school. Of course, there were many who knew Ao Xiaoxue, and a few who knew me.

The wound on my thigh was serious, but it was already in good shape, and even though she wanted to fight with me, she wouldn't kick my thigh despicably, would she? So I don't have to worry about that. I'll fight her with the strength of a man, and I don't have to beat her up. I just have to let her admit that she did something wrong and that she's a bitch.

Those teachers couldn't catch us because they were blocked by the female gangsters at the school gate for a while, so they could only let us go.

Li Xunhuan and the female gangsters directly said that it was just a joke, not a fight, so everyone just broke up.

After that, they followed Ao Xiaoxue and me all the way. Ao Xiaoxue was at the front, and I was at the back. I intend to go up the mountain ahead. This battle is determined to be done. Whether I win or lose, at least I have to win everyone's respect. I am no longer a coward, and I have to force Ao Xiaoxue to admit that she sent someone to plot against me, and she has to pay for the medical expenses!

There was a hill near our school about three miles away. We called it "Moon mountain." Although the name was nice, it was disgusting because there were often some children or hooligans who pooped there in the middle of the night and someone stepped on it. There were also a few quiet groves suitable for lovers' trysts.

Of course, there were places where gangsters like her fought and fought in groups.

I was also prepared to die. Even if I beat her in a single fight, maybe her little sisters and the thugs who helped her would come up and beat me up. I don't think they'll tell me anything fair about a scoundrel like them!

But as long as we can defeat her, that's enough!

We were about to reach Moon mountain. It was already quite far away from the school, and the teachers couldn't see it. After two more hills, we could go to mount yue, and the one-on-one mode would start immediately!

I clenched my fists, took out a small rag on my body, and wrapped my fists tightly. At that time, all the gangsters were like this. They wrapped their fists harder and hurt more when they hit people.

And the female gangsters who followed, including Chen Zihan, called out to me:

"Stop it, Zhang Feng. If this continues, it won't be over!"

I know what she means. Even if I win, I will totally offend these gangsters and Ao Guang behind her, but I am not angry at being bullied like this, so this battle is a must!

I replied directly in the english I had learned:

"No way!"

Li Xunhuan and the others burst into laughter.

"It's fun, it's fun, it's a good show, it's really starting. Haha, I bet this egg can win, one to ten, okay?"

Immediately, the gangsters gathered, betting on Ao Xiaoxue and me.

Ao Xiaoxue was so angry that she turned around and stared at Li Xunhuan coldly.

"Is it because my brother hasn't warned you lately that you're still skinny? Take your men and get out in three seconds!"

Hearing this and her mention of her brother, Li Xunhuan stopped in his tracks. It seemed that he was still a little afraid, but he still curled his lips and replied:

"Isn't it great to have a brother who's the head of the street? Tsk tsk... I'm so scared!"

But he still stopped and didn't dare to follow too closely. But I guessed that when Ao Xiaoxue and I fought, he would definitely come back to watch the show. They were just afraid that the world would not be in chaos.

Scaring Li Xunhuan away, she turned around and looked me in the eye.

"What are you looking at? Follow me! Egg!"

I grunted and followed.

I thought this battle would start soon, but just as we were going up the second hill, suddenly, a small van came up from the slope and stopped right between Ao Xiaoxue and me. After opening the door, it pulled me up.

Because the other party was too strong, it was definitely not school, but an adult, so I was pulled up before I could react. My arms were pulled in pain, and I saw a familiar face inside, the fat man with long legs, and the Huazi who was stabbed by me at the time, one of the three tall men!

Immediately, I understood that this was Ao Xiaoxue's, Ao Guang's, and his mother's!

Soon, I saw Ao Xiaoxue turn around and yell,

"Who is it? Want to save him?"

I snorted, "You really know how to act. Didn't you agree to fight alone? What happened to them?"

Ao Xiaoxue shouted angrily, "I don't know them!"

Then he pointed at me and said angrily, "Get down here."

But someone was pulling me. There were at least four or five adults in the car. I couldn't match their strength. Ao Xiaoxue actually followed me and pulled my clothes to pull me down.

"Zhang Feng, you coward, don't let him go. He ruined my first date. Do you want to just leave? There's no way!"

But the car seemed to be in a hurry. When I saw Ao Xiaoxue coming up, I saw one of the men pull the door and snap his fingers.

Laosi, drive fast! There's a school nearby. The police car will be here soon!"

The driver, Laosi, was ordered to drive at top speed. Instead of going down, he was going up. Up was Moon mountain. There were some more primitive forests above Moon mountain. They were not as mysterious as the virgin forest, but places that had not been mined by the government. Some people had heard that people had been bitten by snakes after going in for a picnic. Others had heard that they had seen monsters inside.

But these are all hearsay, when we were young, we also went to the upper road of Moon mountain to play, just curious, but did not find anything unusual.

Because there are three roads on yueshan mountain, one is the road that Ao Xiaoxue and I intend to fight. That road can lead to the street, and as long as we go down the slope halfway, we can go back to the street.

The middle road was a longer one, and eventually it could be detoured to the main street.

This is the so-called "All roads lead to rome."

But the last road, above Moon mountain, went straight up and around the two mountains, and the innermost one was the primitive little forest... Kill and silence?

I was scared. Indeed, there was a news report that someone found the body of a certain person in Moon mountain.

Ao Xiaoxue and I, do we have such a deep hatred? Is it because of me and him who ruined her first date with her and wanted to kill?

When I saw this tall, fat man again, I was scared and heard the driver of the car, Laosi, call him Fat Wu Di.

Thinking of the time when fatty wu di and hua zi stabbed me with knives together, I was still scared. If I hadn't been quick to hide, I would have been covered in blood.

So, before the car left, I immediately shouted:

"Where the hell are you going? Are you going to kill me? What kind of hatred do we have?"