Chapter 33 Black Dragon Incident

As soon as I spoke, that Fat Wu Di smacked me in the face with his mouth. To be honest, that slap from that Li Xunhuan guy wasn't so harsh. This time, I lost my hearing for more than half a minute, and it took me a while to recover, and the corners of my nose and mouth were bleeding.

Fat Wu Di said ferociously:

"Don't want to die, shut up!"

Ruthless! It was so cruel. It was like a real underworld. Compared to the hooligans in school, it was not at all on the same level. I was immediately beaten up, but I immediately watched as Ao Xiaoxue was pinned to his seat.

I looked at her and asked doubtfully:

"What? The show isn't over yet? We agreed on a one-on-one fight. Is this what you call a one-on-one fight?"

"Ao Xiaoxue, your whole family is a gangster, right? That's all. As for killing people?"

"It's one thing to be single or not. You can't beat me, so you play this game?"

To be honest, I was scared at that moment. Seeing this fat Wu Di, I was scared. In such a short period of time, Ao Xiaoxue could get a car full of people. My real brother is a gangster. I can't afford to provoke him, but I'm so angry, this dead woman.

But Ao Xiaoxue scolded me:

"You give me less bb, I don't know them at all. Who can't beat you? Oh, let me go!"

Ao Xiaoxue suddenly gave a mouth to a man on the side and pointed at his head.

"Show me some respect. Do you know who my brother is? My brother is Ao Guang! Don't touch me if you don't want to die!"

"And, let him and me go, let us go!"

I feel even more strongly that these are her brother's people.

However, what surprised me was that the man who was slapped by her was not afraid of Ao Guang's reputation, but also smiled.

"Ao Guang? Who is it? The dragon king of the east sea? Can you stop teasing me, little girl? Who knows me?"

He looked around and laughed, "Originally, we were looking for this kid to be brother hua's sworn enemy. I didn't know that you, little girl, had to join in the fun. But now, little girl is really lively, haha."


But in my opinion, they really have been acting, hehe, really want to get rid of the relationship. I guess they don't want to kill me, they just want to cripple me, and then they don't want Ao Guang and Ao Xiaoxue to get involved. Even if the police pursue them, they won't be able to catch up with their Aojia. What a smart move.

I sneered and said with a smile:

"Go on, go on, Ao Xiaoxue. Don't think I don't know what you're thinking. You want to kill me, right? Let go of me!"

I struggled desperately, but it was useless. I hoped that I would meet someone along the way, but I was disappointed that there was really no one along the way.

Also, the forest in this place is relatively primitive, the government did not explore it, and ordinary people rarely drive to this place.

Whether they pretended or not, I was the only one suffering, so at this moment, I was really scared.

I hurriedly tugged at Ao Xiaoxue's clothes and whispered,

"Forget it, I'll give you a piece of my mind, okay? Last time, you apologized to me in front of me at school. It made me feel a little ashamed. This is over, okay? Let them drive the car back!"

But my words made Ao Xiaoxue angry, and she immediately raised her voice.

"What do you mean? I already said I don't know them. Are you sick?"

This made me even more unhappy. I pointed at Fat Wu Di and said to her,

"Isn't this the fat man among the three people your brother called to block me last time? Do you think I'm blind? He even stabbed me and made me stay in the hospital. What are you pretending to be, Ao Xiaoxue? Aren't all of you gangsters brave enough?"

But Ao Xiaoxue kicked me hard and scolded, "You're crazy. My brother doesn't know you at all. How can I find someone to stop you? I don't know them!"

At this moment, Fat Wu Di and driver Laosi both burst out laughing.

"Oh, the love affair has hit wulong, young man, how many people have you offended and so many people want to stab you?"

"Okay, whatever Ao Guang or Ao Guang is, it's time. Get out of the car!"

Fat Wu Di laughed, and then with another lewd man, the two of them brought us down together. Seeing their attitude towards Ao Xiaoxue and Ao Xiaoxue's expression, I couldn't help but wonder if I really recognized the wrong person.

If it wasn't Ao Guang's men who wanted to stab me and block me, who would it be and who else would I have offended?

I was a little flustered.

The driver, Laosi, stared at Ao Xiaoxue with his squinted eyes and tutted a few times.

"I say, let's stop this kid this time. It's really a buy one get one free. Why don't we have a meat dinner today?"

Fat Wu Di laughed and said,


At this point, if I still think these people are her brother Ao Guang's people, then I am stupid.

I never thought that if I had been mistaken, who were these people?

When they got out of the car, they tied me up and Ao Xiaoxue's hands together to prevent us from escaping. Then they planned to make something, dig a hole and hang a line on a tree trunk.

I thought to myself, are we going to be buried alive or hanged? Then he was too miserable.

At this moment, I immediately shouted in panic, "Who the hell are you? Since Ao Guang didn't send you here, who sent you here? Is this killing?


Fat Wu Di chuckled and said, "What's the hurry? The lord hasn't come yet."

But I calmed down. So, it should be because of the Huazi incident last time, but they have a financial backer behind them, they are doing things for money to block me, who exactly has so much hatred for me, and also called all the people in society.

But whoever it is, it should appear later.

Soon, they had finished digging the hole and hanging the rope, waiting for Huazi and the money lord to come.

At this time, the driver, Laosi, smiled at the lewd man.

"How about it? Let's get rid of this girl before Huazi and the others come!"

The lewd man nodded violently and said, "That's what I mean!"

Fat Wu Di was a little more upright and said, "Why don't you wait for Huazi to come along?"

The lewd man shook his head and said, "No need. Let's do it."

When Ao Xiaoxue heard this, he shouted, "Scoundrel, I will bite my tongue and kill myself, which will make you unhappy. When I die, you will all be sentenced to jail!"

"Let go of me, don't touch me, go to hell!" !

Ao Xiaoxue went crazy, but in any case, those three men were all adults. No matter how crazy she was in school, there was nothing she could do when she met this group of people.

Soon, the rope in my hand had been ripped open, and Fat Wu Di went over. There was only one man left who looked a little honest and honest to watch over me. I had to find the right opportunity to run, or I would die.

These people are inhumane.

I saw that the simple and honest man also wanted to join in. I took advantage of his negligence and quietly picked up a fist sized stone on the ground and smashed it at his head.

Lucky for me, this bastard was stupid. He hit his temple directly, and he fainted. I didn't know if he would die, so I just ran away.

When he fell to the ground, he shouted, which led to the other three people who were going to do ao xiaoxue to find me. Driver Laosi shouted:

"Wu Di, that kid ran away!"