Chapter 330 I Don't Think You're Dirty

I looked at her and said,

"Well, don't go to work in the next two days. I'm not feeling well. What work do I have? Stay here first. I won't be going back to my hometown these days. I'll stay here with you. My godmother and my sister will take care of them. Don't worry. Well, I'll send Yao Zi and the others after breakfast. You wait for me to come back."

She nodded like a chicken pecking at rice and said yes.

When I went out, the more I thought about it, the more I found it funny. Why didn't I find Wu Jieling so easy to chase before? If I had chased her before, would I have to look at ding chun's ugly face? Do you need it? No need at all!

What she lacked was a sense of security, a serious lack of security, but I don't know how long I can give her forever. In fact, to be honest, as long as Chen Ying turns around, I'll be with her no matter what. Although I'm sorry for Wu Jieling, I'm really reluctant to give up on Chen Ying, but this hope is extremely slim and negligible.

When they got to the train station, Yao Zi and the others looked for me. Looking at me like this, I was limping and had injuries to my head and neck. Yao Zi smiled.

"What's the matter, Brother Feng? Was it too intense last night?"

I gave him a blank look and said,

"Guess who I met last night?"

Yao Zi said,

"A ghost?"

I cursed,

"Get lost, it's Liu Bao!"

Yao Zi asked nervously.

"Liu Bao, Liu Bao under Jiang Tianlong?"

I said,

"Yeah, or what do you think? That place is where Liu Bao is watching. Maybe the Nightclub is all Jiang Tianlong's business."

Yao Zi cursed.

"Fuck, Qiang Zi, what do you think? Aren't you familiar with that place? It made brother feng go and get beaten up."

I waved my hand and said,

"I didn't get beaten up, but I got into a fight with his little brother. One of his little brothers, xiao wu, is as strong as me."

Brother Qiang said,

"What about that? But that's true. This place is downtown, Jiang Tianlong's territory. It's normal."

"I also ran into Wu Jieling."

I told them,

"I'm with her."

Yao Zi, Brother Qiang, they looked dull and gave me a thumbs-up. Yao Zi asked me before he got on the train.

"You soft-footed shrimp. She sucked you dry last night. Don't deny it. I don't believe it."

I cursed,

"Get in the car. If you push harder, you won't be able to catch up."

After seeing them off, I went back to Wu Jieling's place. As soon as I got there, I heard some noise inside.

"You stinky bitch, you bring a wild man home every day, making our neighbors unable to sleep. How many times do you have to scream all night? Is your voice hoarse? Oh, come on, move out. You're not allowed to live here. Move out!"

A woman's harsh voice.

The man next to her looked at Wu Jieling and said sourly.

"I didn't expect it to be so loud, so loud, so loud, and so loud. I thought it was a rough woman. I didn't expect it to be so lively. Hey, hey, sister, why don't you just let it go and let it go?"

"What the hell? You're just a three-legged animal. When you see how pretty he is, you're a thief, aren't you? Give it back to him? Let him be. See how I deal with you when I get back!"

That woman, not only was she mean to others, but also to her own man. When she said this, she looked at her own man's words and looked at him with disdain.

"That's it. Is a man strong at night? He called all night last night. Are you okay? You can't even eat a hundred viagras, can you?"

The man was immediately displeased and said, "Sister, don't be so mean. They definitely didn't do it all night last night. They were just playing the reed. I don't believe it. There's no such strong man who hasn't stopped for one night. I'm afraid the next day will be useless. Look, she's alone here today. Obviously, this girl watched a little movie last night. If her little sister is lonely, There's no need to watch a movie. You can find us big men to solve it for you."

"Fuck you."

This cheap woman called ah mei gave him a kick in the crotch and spat fiercely:

"Get out of here."

Ah mei was so angry that she wanted to vent all this anger on Wu Jieling alone. She stepped forward, tore Wu Jieling's bra and pants, and cursed angrily:

"Look, there are hickeys all over this body, leg, arm. Is this the mark of a person who has been watching a movie all night? This was obviously a night of fun! Look at these two lumps, how many times have they been caressed? I'll just ask your sister if you're so hungry. I can't stand it if you move out. Look, look at my eyes. Is he bloody? I haven't slept all night, so I have to work day shift today. How am I supposed to get to work, huh?"

Wu Jieling said,

"But I have to work too. I work the night shift."

Ah mei sneered.

"I know you work the night shift. All the chicken makers work the night shift. There's no day shift. The men who worked last night should leave after playing. Or, there was more than one man who worked last night. Otherwise, how could they play with you all night?"

Wu Jieling cried with grievance.

"I'm not a chicken, I'm a etiquette pr person, not a lady, sister, stop pulling, my clothes are about to break."

Many of the onlookers did not want to cause trouble, but their eyes were fixed on Wu Jieling's thighs and the chest that was about to be torn, as if they had something to look at.

"I won't. I won't. You won't leave. You bitch, you still want to seduce my man. Just tell me, will you move or not?"

Ah mei was overbearing.

Wu Jieling burst into tears.

"Me, where should I move? Besides, I don't want my rent and deposit back. I don't have money to move either. Woo woo woo, sister, I'm already pitiful enough. Don't bully people like that, okay?"

"I bully people. I haven't hit you yet. I bully people. I'll bully you today."

Ah mei raised her hand and was about to hit her. Wu Jieling was so scared that her eyes were closed. At this moment, the man came over to stop her and was kicked to the ground by ah mei. This woman was a tigress, but her hand did not go down, but was caught firmly.

And the person who caught her slap was me.

"You're used to bullying people, aren't you?"

When I came over, I grabbed ah mei's arm. She couldn't move. Only then did she see me. Her face changed and she asked:

"Who the hell are you? Are you interested in this bitch's beauty too? I advise you to mind your own business, or I'll have my man beat you to death."

With a grim smile, I pointed to the man over there and said,

"Is that all? You want him to teach me?"

Before her man was happy, he walked by and said,

"Who, who is the one who is the coward? You touch me, you try."

I was too lazy to talk to him. He didn't even dare to come over. What right did he have to fight me for? This dead woman, on the other hand, let go of her hand, and she fell to the ground. Then she started crying and said,

"Come on, neighbors, judge. This bitch, after she moved here, she brought back a wild man every once in a while, which made her restless and unable to sleep all night. Isn't there another prostitute, who dares to hit people, call the police, call the police!"

Her man went over, picked her up and said,

"What police? I can't deal with this little brat. He looks like a student, so he comes out like miss piao. I really don't want to learn well. I want to educate him."

At this time, the little girl stopped talking. Her man pointed at me and said, "Did you just touch little sister?"

I ignored her and asked how Wu Jieling was doing. Wu Jieling was crying. I hugged her and said,

"It's okay, it's okay, I'll protect you. Don't worry, I haven't come back yet, and you've been bullied. Has it always been like this, or is it the first time today?"

Wu Jieling did not say anything. Obviously, she had been treated like this not once or twice. Even before she moved here, she had suffered like this. Looking at her beautiful face that had gone through so many vicissitudes, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her and tell her.

"You go inside. I'll come here. Don't worry. I'm a boss anyway. Are you afraid I'll be beaten?"

Wu Jieling said,

"Then I, then I'll stand back a little. Be careful."

I nodded and looked at her man and said,

"Then who? Come here."

Her man stood up and said,

"What are you doing? Apologize. Kneel down and I'll forgive you."

His voice trembled as he spoke.

I snorted. It seemed that this guy was the couple who had sex in the basement last night. This man was useless. He gave up his gun in a few seconds. No wonder the woman wanted to blame Wu Jieling for her dissatisfaction. The screams all night really made her jealous and envious.

I asked him:

"You must be the family that went to the basement last night. I remember that you had sex around 0: 30 pm, for about 20 minutes, right?"

The man blurted out,

"How do you know?"

Ah mei blushed and scolded.

"You're shameless. You eavesdropped on other people's business."

I snorted.

"It's 0: 30, isn't it everyone's break time? When you do it, you call it so loud. Didn't everyone hear you? We don't do it every day. We only allow you to kill and set fire, and we won't allow our people to light the lights?"

I grinned and walked over, grabbing this guy's chin in one go. He should be a lot older than me, but he's not my match. This guy looks like a guy who empties his body with a glass of wine. How could he hit me? I grabbed his chin, and he almost fell.

He couldn't resist and tried to hit me, but I kicked him on the knee. He fell on one knee and I pinched his chin. I said coldly:

"I warn you, stop bullying Wu Jieling. She lives here and hasn't bullied you. I only come here once in a while, and I won't do this every day. She's my girlfriend, not a chicken. If you insult her again, I'll kill you. Do you understand?"

I suddenly stomped on the concrete floor next to the man. The floor was immediately stamped out with a footprint, deep footprints, and at this moment, the whole ground was shaken by me. Sister and her man were closest to me. Of course, I could feel the vibration, and her eyes widened in horror.

I said faintly,

"If I had stepped on your hand just now, your hand would have broken and stepped on your head, and you would have been crippled for the rest of your life, understand?"

"Got it, got it."

The man, kneeling on the ground, did not dare to speak, and ah mei did not dare to speak. The onlookers around him all fell down in fright and said one after another, "Master martial arts, damn it. Let's film a tv show. This scene."

Some said:

"But I've never heard of a tv show that requires a night of pornography. Pornography?"

I ignored the crowd and went straight in with Wu Jieling.

After I went in, I hugged her and kissed her tears so that she wouldn't cry.

"I'm sorry I'm late. You've been wronged."