Chapter 331 Two Little Sisters

She shook her head and said,

"It doesn't matter. In the past, I could only be so aggrieved. I told Professor Jiangtian that they didn't help me, but always wanted to take advantage of me. No one really thought for me. They just looked at my body. Only you, Zhang Feng, only you really cared about me."

She started crying again. I was a little tired, but I couldn't blame her. She was such a tragic existence. What could I do about it?

Before evening, I sent the captain and Qiang Zi away. They didn't take the train. They were local. They took the bus and the coach, but not the bus. Seeing that the captain wanted to take Na Na back to his parents, I felt sour. If I took Chen Ying back to my godmother and to my classmates who looked down on me, then I would really be famous and proud. What a pity.

However, I thought about Wu Jieling and brought her back. It wasn't really a shame. With Wu Jieling's little jade face and lukewarm figure, it wasn't a shame. It was just that there was no surprise from Chen Ying and Ao Xiaoxue.

At night, I had nothing to do anyway. The school was over. Wu Jieling went to work at the Nightclub first. I said that I would go over and support her as a friend later, so I wouldn't spend it anymore. It was too expensive for her to spend the night in that place. I spent her money these days, and I ruined it. She paid me back with her salary. I don't want to spend her money anymore.

I'm going to tell her tonight that I don't want her to come home with me. Anyway, she and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. It's not a big deal to introduce her to my godmother. I can't say that I despise Wu Jieling. I wouldn't despise miss at all. Besides, Wu Jieling was forced to be a prostitute instead of volunteering to be a prostitute.

When I got to the Nightclub, I saw a lot of people in black outside. These people should be Liu Bao's people. I didn't expect that he was really here to watch the show. It seems that this is really Jiang Tianlong's territory. Although I am not afraid of these people in my heart, I know that I am not their opponent yet.

One Liu Bao can torture me, one wu with a hooked nose can tie me. He's a little better than Huang Gang, let alone the big shots in society. I can't tell if they all have guns.

I'd better keep a low profile.

I found an excuse, and with my posture, I snuck in like half a guest. I just wanted to see Wu Jieling. I didn't want her to be bullied. At least I didn't want to see her look pitiful these days.

When I got to the neighborhood, I looked around and saw Wu Jieling. She was standing in line. Rows of djs, not to mention, this is always the dj of spring Nightclub. The quality is not bad. It's comparable to my godmother's Nightclub.

But on second thought, this was what Wu Jieling needed money for himself, not a prostitute.

After a while, they disbanded and went to the dj room and the princess room. The so-called princess room, isn't it those little girls' room, they can be sold specifically, they can be played in the clubhouse, and the dj blame is different, she met the likes or willing to sell, only then will be released.

I was in the crowd, searching for Wu Jieling. When I saw her enter the dj room, I was playing with my cell phone on the sofa. There were a lot of guests here anyway, and they were all staring at them. Many of them were singing very high in it, or drinking very high.

Occasionally, he would come out for a breather, smoke a cigarette, and look at the way the ladies lined up, and live a happy life.

By about 8: 30 pm, many guests had already entered, and by 9: 00, more and more guests had entered.

I saw a few girls coming out, and I saw a lot of djs coming out into the box to drink and sing with the guests. I haven't seen Wu Jieling.

I thought the whole night would be peaceful, until around 10: 00 pm, Wu Jieling was suddenly called out. A guy with a shaved short head and a greasy belly, who looked like big boss, nodded at Wu Jieling, and Wu Jieling was hugged by him, all the way from the first floor to the second floor to the third floor. During this time, big boss did not touch her butt at all, but just hugged her waist. It seems that they have some quality. If they just drink, sing a song and hug each other, they can still accept it. They just want peace and quiet.

However, when I got into the box, I followed along. When I got there, I saw two other guys who looked like big boss. They also came in, called a few djs, and two younger sisters.

There were three guys who looked like big boss, plus Wu Jieling, who ordered five djs and called two girls.

I saw a few bodyguards following behind me. They were all in black. Were they Liu Bao's men, too?

But no matter who it is, I can't bully Wu Jieling. At worst, I don't want this job. I won't allow her to be bullied again. After she was bullied by Jiang Tian, I swore that I can't let her be bullied.

Ten minutes later, I followed the route to the outside of the box, but they wouldn't let me in. The two bodyguards were much stronger than Liu Bao's bodyguards I had fought before.

I thought of a way to dress up as a waiter, knock out a waiter, steal his clothes, throw him into the toilet, lock the toilet in the private room.

After I went in, I pretended to be the one who sent the red wine and opened the red wine. Sure enough, I saw what happened to the two girls inside. The two girls were panting and playing. Except for the fat boss who was holding two djs and singing, the other two bosses were doing the two girls. They didn't know whether they were enjoying themselves or pretending. Anyway, the sofa and the coffee table were shaking nonstop.

Fat belly boss looked back and cursed,

"You two have not made any progress, have you? Just come in and do it. Can you be a little more romantic? Look at the two of you. You can do it. You're all bluffing. Didn't you hear that?"

When he said that, the other two bosses were displeased. They laughed and came down from the two little girls. Then they sprayed wine on them and cursed:

"Are you upset? Are you faking it, huh?"

As he cursed, he kicked them under his feet. The two little girls were all red and swollen from the kick. They cried and dared not fight back. They begged for mercy and said,

"It's really cool, not fake, it's really cool. The bosses are so awesome, we're all over it."

"Oh, really?"

The two big boss chuckled. Suddenly, they looked at each other, broke the beer bottle a little, and sent it directly down to them. This time, these two people screamed incessantly. I wanted to go up and save people, but I thought about it. These people had absolutely something to do with Liu Bao. Besides, they dared to make trouble in such a big Nightclub. They abused their little sister so much. Unless they not only knew Liu Bao, but also had a close relationship with Liu Bao, they would dare to do so.