Chapter 332 Escape

The other female djs were scared half to death by the fate of the two girls. One female dj was so scared that her legs went limp, her high heels fell off, and then she fell down. Coincidentally, she was dancing and singing with Fat belly boss. Fat belly boss was hugging Wu Jieling while she was hugging her.

She was wearing a small green group, a professional short skirt, a small high heel, beautiful and sexy, but at this moment, she was scared, and she said to Fat belly boss:

"I'm sorry, boss. I, I fell. I didn't mean to."

The fat belly boss's face changed and he said,

"It's okay, it's okay. The ground is slippery. It's normal for you to fall and the ground is dirty. Get up."

The little green dress dj stood up with a smile. Who knew, Fat belly boss, directly pushed her to big boss, who was abusing her little sister, and said:

"Look at her, isn't she more beautiful and watery than the one you went to the bathing center yesterday? If you want to do it or not, do it? It's not a fake name, but a real one. Many of the djs here are virgins. They only sell their skills, not their bodies. You should understand what I mean."

After he finished speaking, the little green dress looked down at the two little girls and cried in horror. She hugged Fat belly boss's leg and said,

"Boss, I really didn't mean it. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Fat belly boss said,

"I just want you to accompany them. I don't blame you. Go."

After that, he gave her a push. Fat belly boss had a bit of strength. The little green dress girl was pushed in front of big boss, who was wearing glasses. Big boss kicked the little girl with blood down the coffee table and called for a little brother to throw her out. The two little brothers came over and carried the little girl with blood out.

The bespectacled boss came over and hugged the little green dress. He chuckled and said,

"Sure enough, the boss is the boss. He has a good eye. This is much better than the two little girls just now."

The little green dress, remembering the fate of the two little girls just now, immediately cried and said:

"I'm not for sale. I'm just a dj. I sing and drink with you. I get a commission. I won't release it. I won't sell it either. Boss, we signed the contract for this company. I'm not for sale."

"I didn't ask you to sell it."

The boss with glasses said,

"I didn't ask you to sell it. I just wanted you to try my gun. I'm not sure."

He broke her legs, straightened her back, and went in. Although the little green dress was not a virgin, she couldn't stand it when this stranger did it. She was crying her heart out.

The other boss scolded, "Boss, you're not fair. He's done it. What about me? The one next to you is more nimble. This body, this leg, give it to me."

Fat belly boss looked at Wu Jieling, reluctant to let go, and said:

"No, I want this tonight. She has to stay with me all night."

The other big boss, unfortunately, looked at Wu Jieling and picked a dj who was worse than her and started to work. This dj had obviously been sold. She was more cooperative with big boss, and the end was not so bad. The poor thing was that little green dress, after it was played, it was still painful to be stuffed into a beer bottle. When it was carried out, there was red blood under it, but it was not as serious as the two little girls.

Fat belly boss looked around and said,

"When you're done, move the floor for me. I can't hold it in anymore."

He pointed at his stuff, pulled Wu Jieling and said,

"You, go and lie down. It's your honor to let me do it. With your beauty and youth, one day, I'll let Liu Bao raise you to the top of the table. You'll be delicious and spicy in the future. Don't worry!"

After that, he began to undress. No one dared to enter this room, which was also the most luxurious one.

Wu Jieling began to tremble. After what had happened, she was terrified.

She knelt down directly:

"Boss, I, I'm not that kind of girl who sells. I'm just here to be a dj. Even if I die, I don't want to sell. I just had a boyfriend. My boyfriend loves me very much. I don't want him to think I'm dirty. I don't want him to be disappointed. Please, boss, please."

Her voice was as pitiful as a grudge and a cry.

However, this time, Fat belly boss was so angry that he slapped her and said,

"If you can't do it, you have to do it. Originally, I did it well and wouldn't hurt a single hair of your hair, but you don't know what's good or bad. That's fine. After I did it today, I will reward you to the thin tiger fat dragon!"

He was probably talking about those two perverted big boss.

Fat belly boss came over and pulled Wu Jieling. He ripped open her clothes and revealed her bra. He looked at the hickeys and scratches and cursed,

"It seems that people have done this kind of thing before. Still pretending to be with me."

"Come here."

He was tearing at Wu Jieling with all his might, and it was about to start. At this moment, I had been holding back in the box and was about to leave after opening the red wine. I saw the poor dj green dress and the two little girls, but I didn't want to do anything, because I could tell that this fat, fat guy was probably Jiang Tianlong. I didn't want to offend a big guy like him unless I had to.

However, at this point, he was about to force Wu Jieling. I had to do something. I lowered my waiter's hat and kicked Jiang Tianlong in the butt. He was a piece of shit, and then I gave him a knife in the back of his neck. I think he just didn't faint and had no strength. He just drank so much wine.

Next up were the two bosses, the skinny tiger and the fat dragon. It didn't take much time to deal with them. They didn't expect me to be a master, and they didn't expect me to sneak up and pretend to be a waiter. So without a second, they were beaten down by me. I grabbed Wu Jieling and ran away. I decided to run. I quit this job.

When they went out, the two bodyguards thought something was wrong. When they came in and saw that we had run away, they immediately shouted,


I put them down every minute and started pulling Wu Jieling away. All I wanted was for Jiang Tianlong not to see my face. I wanted to deny it, and I could deny it to the end.

After running all the way out, no one dared to stop us. I stopped a taxi and ran. First, I ran back to her house.

"You, why are you there, Zhang Feng? It's over. He dares to work in the box. He must be a big shot. I'm done. My work is done."

I rolled my eyes and said,

"It's not a matter of work, it's a matter of life. That guy could be Jiang Tianlong. Do you remember that Liu Bao I had a hard time dealing with last time? He was just touching your ass and getting beaten up by me. He was so angry that he was half dead, let alone this Jiang Tianlong. I didn't expect that one of his bosses would be so lecherous. Jiang Tianlong is the boss of the city. Liu Bao's brother is the most powerful person you've ever provoked. Do you think we should run away?"


She was stunned. "Then what should we do?"

I said,

"Cut the crap. Walk all night, take the bus. It's too late. Go back to my godmother first. At least it's my territory. He, Jiang Tianlong, is so awesome that he doesn't dare to come to our city."

She said, "Oh, oh," twice.

"Your godmother? You're taking me home?"

Instead of the despair and nervousness of running away, she was a little happy.

"You brought me to my parents?"

I cursed,

"Can you stop thinking about all this? It's just a trip to escape, big sister. You think it's a vacation. I don't understand you. Okay, let's go."

Wu Jieling and I were lucky enough to get to the train station. This was yechen's territory, and I never provoked him. Moreover, it was so late that Jiang Tianlong could only find Wu Jieling's residence or school for a while, and there was no time to find other places. So, we went back to S city very smoothly.

After getting off the train, I heaved a sigh of relief and went straight to the Nightclub. Then I kissed Wu Jieling and said,

"He's finally back. He almost lost half his life. He escaped."

She said with a smile,

"Is Jiang Tianlong so scary?"

She kissed me too.

I said,

"Not only is it scary, it can make you unable to survive in dl. Okay, okay, go meet my godmother."

I made a phone call and asked my godmother what she was doing. She said that she would come out right away. When she came out, she saw me with a beautiful girl and asked me:

"Who is this? Whose girl is so smart, your new girlfriend?"

"Oh no, your girlfriend?"

She added the word "New." She felt it was wrong and immediately changed it. But Wu Jieling didn't mind. She smiled and said,

"Hello, auntie. I'm his new girlfriend. My name is Wu Jieling, my classmate at Dl city university."

My godmother smiled from ear to ear and said,

"Good university student, good university student. I'll ask your mother wu to come and take a look. How about it?"

I mumbled,

"What are you showing her? She's not my mother. And, godmother, where's my sister and Chen Zihan?"