Chapter 333 To See Her Identity

"Your sister, your sister didn't come back. She went to your brother-in-law's side to work during the summer to help your godmother lighten her burden. Do you know how expensive your college tuition is? I still have to send you to kung fu to please that old man yang an. You know all kinds of expenses..."

Godmother Hongjie started nagging again. I was too lazy to listen to her nagging, so I said,

"All right, all right. Let me show you my girlfriend. Why don't we have dinner together?"

Anyway, it's almost noon. My godmother looked at her watch and said, okay, I'm going to get ready. You and xiaoling are waiting outside for your godmother. I'll call you Mother of Wu later.

I fainted and said,

"Tell her what to do."

But since godmother said so,

"I have nothing more to say. Just let her go."

Wu Jieling chatted with me outside and asked me:

"That's your godmother. She's quite young. Where's your real mother?"

I rolled my eyes and said,

"It's hard to say. My mother is a legend."

"What about your father?"

When I mentioned my dad, I thought of Chen Shien. My eyes were red. I waved my hand and said,

"Forget it, forget it. There's nothing to say. I'll just have dinner later. My godmother is the only one in charge of us right now. Besides, Chen Zihan is not my sister. Neither of us has the same last name."

She smiled and said,

"I've seen her. The last time our class was in the hospital, Chen Ying and Chen Zihan were guarding you, but coincidentally, both of them were named chen."

We chatted casually. In about ten minutes, godmother and Nanny Wu arrived. They were dressed up and made it look like they were meeting their daughter-in-law. Why didn't chen ying and I meet so many people before?

In fact, in my bones, I would like to enter the palace of marriage with Chen Ying, but unfortunately, there is no such fate.

Along the way, Hongjie stared at Wu Jieling, kept looking at her, and kept talking to her, asking her where she was, what was her family like, how she got together, and finally asking me if I was still in college.

When she heard Wu Jieling say that she dropped out of school, she was stunned and asked:

"What happened?"

I didn't want her to say anything bad, so I made up an excuse.

"You check the account. I caused it. I fought and she dropped out of school. She paid for it, okay?"

The godmother opened her mouth wide and blinked twice. Instead of saying anything, she pinched me and said,

"You can't let them down. Their college diplomas are gone, and so many people can't even get into the university. You're really good at it, kid!"

I bared my teeth and said,

"You murdered your godson?"

I looked at Mother of Wu, and she kept staring at Wu Jieling, but her eyes didn't seem very satisfied.

I asked her,

"Nanny Wu, what's wrong? My girlfriend isn't pretty?"

Nanny Wu shook his head and said,

"No, I don't think it's not beautiful. It's beautiful. It's not bad. It's just a little worse than what you used to be."

She said this to her face, not sure if Wu Jieling heard it. Wu Jieling was chatting with his godmother Hongjie. I don't know what to talk about. There was so much to talk about.

I asked Nanny Wu:

"What's the difference?"

Nanny Wu really seemed to have eyes.

"She smells like Liu Jingjing. It's very subtle."

When she said that, my heart thumped. Oh, my god, she could tell? No wonder people say that a thief, when he gets into a crowd, will soon find out about his colleagues. This is not a cover-up, it was personally verified. Could it be that the same was true of this young lady industry, just because Wu Jieling had been doing this for nearly two years, even though they were forced, but his body was still tainted with that kind of aura, that kind of temperament, people in the same profession can see it at a glance?

So... I squinted at sister hong. She couldn't have seen it, could she? Seeing how satisfied she looked, she shouldn't be.

I couldn't help but look at Nanny Wu and say,

"Don't talk nonsense if you don't understand. It's boring!"

As for Nanny Wu, she didn't like me before, and I didn't like her either. She had been against me several times, and I didn't have to give her face. Although she saved Liu Jingjing miao and the others, she also hurt them. Sending them into the fire herself was to use their gratitude.

Nanny Wu wasn't angry either.

All the way to dinner, Nanny Wu and Hongjie went out to the toilet. When they came back, Hongjie, who was originally a very enthusiastic godmother, became the same as Nanny Wu, constantly looking at Wu Jieling with colored glasses.

There would be no more enthusiasm.

After dinner, Wu Jieling asked me what was going on and I said,

"I don't know. Maybe that Nanny Wu likes the locals more. You're from out of town, so she's not satisfied. But she's not my godmother. She can't make decisions. Don't worry. My love, my life partner, I make my own decisions."

Wu Jieling's eyes were red and he said,

"Actually, I didn't think about that much either. I looked at them like the way those clients looked at me. I didn't expect to be with you for the rest of my life. I'm satisfied that you can protect me like this."

I hugged her and said,

"What are you thinking? Don't worry. I will never leave you, no matter who comes."

She suddenly asked me,

"What if Chen Ying turns around?"

I replied without thinking.

"She can't turn back. She's already engaged, and the other party is a dignified person who won't let her refuse. If she refuses, she won't be able to survive in Dl city, and she'll implicate her parents. Do you think she'll make fun of her family and her own life?"

Wu Jieling reluctantly added,

"What if?"

I snorted decisively:

"No ifs!"

She stopped talking, but I saw that her eyes were red.

At night, when we were sleeping, Hongjie and Mother of Wu secretly called me out. I asked sister hong what happened and why she had that attitude towards Wu Jieling during the day.

Hongjie asked me:

"Tell me honestly, is she a lady? The same profession as Liu Jingjing?"

My heart trembled. Sure enough, when I was found out, Nanny Wu was really an old fogey, and I could sense it.

Hongjie said to me:

"You can't hide it from me. Nanny Wu and I have been in this business for many years, and we can tell what kind of girl she is at a glance. However, it was because she didn't do this since she was a child, but changed her profession in the past two years that I was negligent. But after dinner, I took a closer look. As you guessed, Nanny Wu and Liu Jingjing are the same breath."

I cursed:

"Nanny Wu, can you stop being so nosy? Why do you listen to her? What's wrong with me liking her? It's like I like Liu Jingjing. You're not allowed to interfere with anything. Is it interesting?"

"Zhang Feng!"

She snapped:

"There will be no result between you and her. Believe me, you are far away from me, and I can't care about you. If you insist on being with her, I can't stop you. But you will find out later that miss will never feel like a family member, and she will always leave."

"Well, don't say much. Go to sleep. I'm going to work with your Nanny Wu. You can visit your brother-in-law Luolin when you have time."

Then she left, which made me confused. Fortunately, we were far away from where we slept. Otherwise, if Wu Jieling heard our conversation, she would be heartbroken.

When I went back to sleep, I found that Wu Jieling was already asleep, and I started to sleep. I ran for my life for a day, and drove for a day. I was busy, and the food was not good. I was really tired of being interrogated by Hongjie and the others.

But when I was about to fall asleep, suddenly, I felt a pair of soft hands holding my back, and I froze.

"You didn't sleep?"

I suddenly felt a chill in my back. I was startled and turned around to ask her:

"You're crying again. What's wrong?"

She asked me:

"What if?"

I know what she means. I said before that Chen Ying wouldn't turn around without an "If." But, there's no absolute. I can only answer her question.

I replied:

"If she turns around, I'll choose you too."

I don't know if I'm telling her the truth or if I'm trying to reassure her. All I feel is that after all the girls I've been through, my heart has slowly become smooth. I know what a white lie is. Even if it sounds like a lie and a promise, I have to say it in order to reassure them.

She was so moved that she burst into tears and hugged me, sobbing non-stop.

One summer vacation, my sister didn't come back. Luolin's family was very rich, and her relatives were all rich people. She wouldn't despise Chen Zihan's family background, and I'm such an ignorant brother. It was good that she could marry him.

One summer vacation, Wu Jieling and I helped out in a nightclub. Of course, we didn't ask her to be a lady, but to be waiters, bartenders, helpers, and helpers with me. It was also a way to subsidize the family and earn some pocket money.

During this time, I also learned about the situation in Dl city through Qiang Zi, captain, Feng Dong and the locals in Dl city. The person I offended and beat up was indeed Jiang Tianlong, the man with a big fat belly, such a lecherous, skinny tiger and fat dragon. They were actually the Jiang Tianlong faction of one of the three big clubs in the city. Logically speaking, the average boss would not bully the miss in his own field. If he did this, wouldn't he make his business worse and worse?

However, I am not the boss. I can't make a decision for him. He is such a pervert, and I can't help it.

The captain also asked some people about it. Sure enough, he found out what happened in the spring. It was said that Jiang Tianlong asked about a student in the underground organization, a student who had beaten him, and Wu Jieling. He also checked her identity and background.

The captain also asked if I hit Jiang Tianlong, and I said yes.

The captain's voice trembled and he said,

"Brother Feng, you can't run away. As long as you come back from school, Wu Jieling will definitely be recognized. She signed a contract with the Nightclub, and you went there too. There must be surveillance there. When the time comes, they will come to school to look for you. Do you think you can run away?"

I said calmly:

"I know I probably can't run away. Liu Bao knows me too. Hooked nose knows me too. I'll be recognized as soon as I pull out the surveillance."

The captain asked me, "Then what are you going to do?"

I shook my head and said,

"I don't know. It's one step at a time. Anyway, the road has come to this point. I've offended a lot of people. I've offended Liu Bao too. I don't believe they can kill me."

The captain said in a trembling voice:

"Brother Feng, don't you believe it. Jiang Tianlong has a lot of lives on his hands, but they all put him in jail with a bag. If you can't do it, you can quit school."

I gritted my teeth and said,

"There's a month left. There's no rush. We'll talk about it later."

After hanging up, my heart sank. Wu Jieling asked me what to do, and I said,

"Don't worry, I'll go to sister hong and ask him where Old man yang is. Can you take me there?"

Wu Jieling asked me who Elder yang was.

I said, "Someone who taught me kung fu."

Hongjie helped me contact Elder yang, but she couldn't. She said,

"What's wrong? Is something wrong again? Or have you met a strong enemy? Your skills, I heard that you are the boss of all the schools in Dl city. As long as you don't provoke people in society, who will be your opponent?"

I said,

"It's okay. I just want to make myself stronger and avenge my mother earlier."

Hongjie said,

"You still want to do this. Forget it."

I gritted my teeth and said,

"If you can't forget, let's start with you."

She asked me, "What did you say?"

I said,


The "You" I'm talking about is Liu Bao and Jiang Tianlong. I've made up my mind. I've unified all the gangsters on campus anyway. I don't believe he can kill all of us. I just saved Wu Jieling. This is a righteous act. Can't he take me for the sake of morality in Shangrao?

In the last month, I worked hard to train, integrate my cannon, and make it stronger. It can be said that my training this month has made me stronger than before. I thought about the battle between me and the hooked nose, the battle between me and Liu Bao, and I thought about what my shortcomings were to overcome them. Slowly, I felt that I had the strength to fight Liu Bao, and I wanted to see if I could hold on to it the next time. His attack.

In this month, Wu Jieling and I kept our distance. I only did it three or four times a month, and in order to keep my strength, I tried my best to practice the pounding and refining my body.

A month later, I took Wu Jieling back to Dl city, back to the university campus.

I'm a junior.

It was a person who was about to graduate, and a person who was about to walk out of society.

I have also decided to expand my gang into society and strive to one day fight against an underground emperor like old six with broken fingers.