Chapter 334 Meet Chen Ying Again, Old And New

I brought Wu Jieling back to Dl city like this. Wu Jieling and I were both tanned during the summer vacation of the past two months. She was there with me when I occasionally trained myself.

Of course, I have my own thoughts. I thought that as long as I grew taller, tanned, and cut my hair shorter, maybe Jiang Tianlong wouldn't be able to find me even if he turned up the monitor.

During this time, I also took Wu Jieling to dye her hair and cut it short. Although her id card was still the same, there were many people with the same name and surname. There were more people named Zhang Feng than ever. What else am I afraid of?

When I got back to school, I asked the captain. It seemed like this was over. Jiang Tianlong was bitten by a dog, and the dog escaped. The lady ran away, too. She had no way to catch her. She had no way to find her. But I still had a problem in my heart. Would Jiang Tianlong let me go so easily?

However, in the week after the third year of college, we started to have fun, party, happy, and play with my forbidden Wu Jieling. She worked in the cafeteria of our school, and I was more assured that I could look at her, so that I wouldn't have to worry about her being found by Jiang Tianlong outside the school.

As it turned out, I didn't know if I was thinking too much or if Jiang Tianlong's people really let me go. During this time, I thought liu bao would bring people to our school to look for him. At the very least, Huang Gang and wu with hooked nose would come to one of them, right? But none of them came.

One of Feng Dong's cousins was a friend of the clients in spring. He had been a client before, and he knew clearly that there were some dirty secrets in spring. Feng Dong told me:

"I've never heard of this. Jiang Tianlong and Liu Bao and the others have been busy with something important recently. A student kicked Jiang Tianlong? No one mentioned this from the beginning to the end."

After hearing this, I was completely relieved. It should be a small role like me, I can't get his eyes on it, right? He is a big boss of big boss, how can he hold on to such a small role every day?

Half a month passed and nothing happened. Wu Jieling and I were relieved. During this time, the class also knew that we were together. At that time, I led the whole school to smash the car and the cafeteria, and became the hero of the class, but the hero was sometimes limited. After a period of time, the hero was not passed down by word of mouth.

One day, I heard Ding Chun talking to her new boyfriend in Four canteens, and Wu Jieling was working there. They didn't notice me behind them.

I know Ding Chun's new boyfriend, too. It's Zhang Jiji, the black fat man. I never thought that these two disgusting people would get together. The black fat man betrayed me several times and didn't give me credit.

Wang Ba and mung bean met. But their words made me angry.

The black fat man asked ding chun,

"Is that girl in your class, the one who dyed her hair? I remember, she seems to be the one Jiang Tian gave xx?"

Ding Chun snorted.

"Who says no? I've been taking out naked loans and giving Jiang Tian an xo many times. It's not like you don't know the second-hand stuff in the second-hand stuff. The boss of our school knows how to pick up the rest of the bus and thinks he's precious."

The black fat man said with a smile,

"I picked you up, too."

Ding Chun's face changed and he said angrily, "What did you say?"

The black fat man said quickly,

"No, no, no, I didn't say how many hands you are. I mean, you also found a few boyfriends before me."

Ding chun said angrily.

"So you mean, I'm on a bus too?"

The black fat man quickly waved his hand and shook his head.

"No, no, I don't dare to say that. She's the real bus. And you, you just have a few boyfriends. That's nothing. Isn't it normal for a normal college girl to go to college and have a few boyfriends? Besides, you have such a bad eye now. You found a handsome me. Hehe, isn't that lucky?"

Ding chun looked at him and smiled faintly.

"You seem to have some misunderstanding about the word handsome."

The black fat man said,

"Don't talk about it. Can we talk about that bitch? Why on earth would that Zhang Feng guy like her? Is it because she stood up to testify and saved Zhang Feng from being fired? So Zhang Feng made a personal pact?"

Ding Chun took a sip of tea and shook his head.

"I don't know. He likes buses."

The black fat man looked at Wu Jieling's butt for a long time with his round black eyes and said with a grin:

"But she's got a great figure. Zhang Feng is good at that."

Ding Chun glared at him again.

"Have your tea, then. Let's go."

At this time, I appeared behind them. When they saw me, their faces changed and they were too scared to say a word.

I stared at the black fat man, crooked my finger and said coldly:

"What the hell are you farting?"

Ding Chun quipped.

"We didn't say anything."

The black fat man nodded fiercely.

"Yes, yes, I did not say anything."

Ding Chun added,

"Come and see Wu Jieling. She's over there. Go over there, school hero."

I snorted.

"Don't let me hear bad things about Wu Jieling in the future. She's much cleaner than many women. If you dare to do that again, don't blame me for being rude."

After I finished speaking, I glared at the black fat man. The black fat man knew my power. Not only could he not defeat me, but he didn't have as many people as me. He didn't dare to provoke me at all, so he could only nod his head in fear. He still needed to stay in this school.

I heard ding chun scold,

"Useless. What are you afraid of? It's useless."

Then the black fat man went after her.

I thought to myself, these two birds are really a perfect match.

This ding chun, who liked handsome guys so much, finally picked and picked a black fat man like this, which was just a little better than the african guy. I really don't know what kind of vision he had when he rejected me and Yao Zi.

I saw that Wu Jieling was still busy, still living a serious life, doing things seriously. Even if she was a real bus, so what? She was more innocent than most of the girls in the school. A girl's soul was more beautiful than anything else.

I went over and hugged her from behind:

"Still busy?"

When she saw that it was me, she smiled happily, turned around and hugged me.

"You're here. Don't you need class?"

I said,

"No, it depends on you. Are you done? Have a meal after you're done."

She said,

"No, the boss just left. He asked me to watch the store. How can I eat?"

I said,

"Then I'll buy it for you."

After that, I was about to go shopping when I suddenly found two people opposite me, one of them was Chen Ying.

The other one, Zhou Xurong.

It took her half a month to come to school, but when she came to school, she encountered this awkward scene.

My pair, her pair, stared at each other with wide eyes and small eyes, looking at each other without knowing what to say.

Chen Ying broke the awkwardness.

"You, your new girlfriend?"

I coughed and said,

"Yes, yes."

I was a little submissive and didn't dare to admit it.

Zhou Xurong looked at Wu Jieling and said,

"She's a beautiful girl, and she's with the wrong person. A flower. Hey, it's on something."

I was so angry that I pointed at him and scolded,

"Do you have the guts to say one more word? Come back and say one more word!"

Chen ying pulled him to stop him from coming back. He was tolerating it, and I was tolerating it. If it wasn't for Chen Ying, I could have beaten him to death now. I could have killed him alive.

He was no match for me.

Chen Ying said to me,

"I'm sorry, Zhang Feng. That's how he talks. Forget it. I'll let him eat somewhere else."

Then he pulled him away. Before he left, he looked at Wu Jieling and said,

"Your girlfriend is so beautiful. Cherish her."

She pulled Zhou Xurong away and I stayed where I was. I didn't know how bad it was. After a while, Wu Jieling asked me:

"Does it hurt?"

She looked at me. Her eyes were red.

I can't speak.