Chapter 335 Defensive Area

I don't know what Chen Ying wanted me to cherish, whether he wanted me to cherish Wu Jieling, or his hard-earned feelings, or whether he wanted me to cherish the continuation of my relationship with her.

Did she think of Wu Jieling as her own, thinking about the love she had with me?

Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

I hurt her. Although I took her first night, I hurt her so badly that we could never go back.

I really deserved it, but if Zhou Xurong hadn't forced me, I wouldn't have put down the harsh words, and I wouldn't have come to this stage.

But now that it's done, there's nothing more to say.

I turned around and hugged Wu Jieling. I wiped a tear from my eyes. I told her:

"No, you're the only one in my heart. It hurts. It hurts because you were scolded behind your back."

She asked me:

"Who scolded me?"

I said,

"Ding Chun, with her new man, just sat there, pointing at you and scolding you."

She asked me,

"What did you scold me for?"

I didn't say anything. I didn't dare to say it. I was afraid that the word "Bus" would hurt her fragile heart again.

Seeing that I was silent, she greeted me.

"Then let's eat. What do you want to eat today, mala tang?"

I looked at the spicy hot pot full of red oil and said:

"Aren't you afraid of the spicy food? Let's go."

In any case, just opposite the seven cups of tea she worked for, even if the boss came back and saw her eating, it was nothing. In fact, there were a lot of people at this school who didn't know Wu Jieling. There were a lot of people who didn't go that day. Even if they did, few people could recognize her now. She dyed her hair and cut her hair. She put on makeup that was completely different before. Not only to avoid Jiang Tianlong, but also to continue to "Hang out" at school as my girlfriend.

So only people I know well can recognize Wu Jieling at a glance. The others will only treat her as a passer-by, and she won't have to stay abased.

But at night, in the dead of night, she would still be afraid, afraid of Jiang Tianlong's people, afraid of the thin tiger and fat dragon under her hands. She would dream of what happened that day. The thin tiger and fat dragon's treatment of the two little girls and the treatment of the female dj were simply outrageous.

I comforted her, hugged her, looked at her awake, and said:

"Don't be afraid. I'm here. I won't allow him to rape my girlfriend in front of me, even if he's a big belly boss like Jiang Tianlong."

After she fell asleep again, I couldn't sleep on my own. I thought I saw Chen Ying during the day, and she finally went back to school. Before I could talk to her, she bumped into me with Wu Jieling.

Would she think that I was a sentimental person, that I had a new lover not long after we parted? Would she think that she was blind, that she would fall in love with such a sentimental seed like me? I wasn't worthy of her entrusting the first time. She gave me her first time for nothing, but she didn't expect me to break up with her, and I could find a new lover right away. "Your girlfriend is beautiful," she said. It was just a hint that my lifelong vows to her had become a joke.

In fact, I don't know what the relationship between men and women is, why so many lifetimes have become a reason to mock each other after they have been separated. Was the oath of alliance really that fragile?

I don't think it's right. At that time, the whole life was really a feeling of love until the end of the world. It was just that when I stopped loving or separated, I found another true love and then insisted on another life. It was not a contradiction, nor was it a change of mind, nor was it a seed of love. There was such a contradiction between people.

Chen Ying and I, at the very least, were not in a state of love and hate.

She and I couldn't go back. I tried and failed.

To be able to remember those memories of that time was actually the most beautiful past, the most beautiful memory, what's wrong with that? There was a kind of love called letting go, giving up forever for love. This, too, was Chen Ying's love for me. I did not continue to pester her, nor did I teach Zhou Xurong a lesson, it was also the continuation of my love for her, and I will use this kind of love on Wu Jieling, love her, love her, love her, love her, love her, Until the future.

After thinking this through, I hugged her, kissed her dry, and fell asleep.

In the morning, when I went to class, I went out of the school staff dormitory she rented. Besides the breakfast lady who would get up so early in the cafeteria, an employee like her didn't need to get up so early, so when I left, she was still sleeping. I didn't want her to get up so early. After all these years of suffering, she should have a good sleep.

On the way to class, I remembered that during the summer vacation, I had visited her family, her family, no wonder they wouldn't object to her being with anyone, because they couldn't care about themselves, how could they care about her as a daughter? It's no wonder that she would walk on Liu Jingjing's path. Grandma doesn't kiss and uncle doesn't love her. Just think about it. She really looks like me back then.

The fatal reason why Chen Ying and Ao Xiaoxue and I couldn't get together was also that it was a matter of family background! They were all innocent princesses, the little princesses of the family, the little princesses of the society, and everyone loved them and loved them.

Wu Jieling and I were miserable, very similar, so that's why I sympathized with Liu Jingjing and sister miao.

Pity each other for the same reason.

I haven't been to class for a long time. I went, and everyone was surprised, especially Yao Zi and Ding Chun.

Ding chun was the object that the boys in the back row hated very much. She used to be a pure girl with two yuan, but now she is a woman with black fat. We don't know how many boyfriends she has changed. However, this is university. How many men she has changed is her business and her freedom. We have no right to interfere.

But when she saw me, she still snorted, ignored me, and continued to chat with the other girls. I knew that the girls in my class still didn't like me very much. Even if I was a hero in the school, but so what? I couldn't get rid of the fact that I was with Wu Jieling.

Wu Jieling is dirty. They know that I'm with dirty women. They look down on me. It's normal.

I greeted Yao Zi and the others, sat down together, chatted, and asked the captain about the situation outside the school. I've been here for more than half a month, almost a month. I haven't made any achievements during this period, and I don't dare to develop my own power. Just because I'm afraid that Jiang Tianlong will mess with us, I've been waiting.

The captain said,

"We students want to blend in and infiltrate the society. It's not that we can't. There are several ways. The simplest is to wait for graduation."

I thought about it and said,

"Graduation won't do. As soon as you graduate, you will go your separate ways. By then, no one will be able to find you. Many people from other places, let alone develop their strength. We should take advantage of the present situation to build up our strength. Even if people leave in the future, there will be more people to fill it up."

The captain thought I was right.

He added,

"Actually, we can do this. I know a few older brothers who graduated from our school outside of school. They either watch bars or calm down the ice rink. This is the person who" defends the rink "In our dl. Do you understand, Brother Feng?"

I said,

"I understand. It's to help maintain order, not let those hooligans mess around, maintain normal business, and then we split the profits from the money in the bar, right?"

The captain said,

"Yes, this model, in fact, is available to every underground force in our dl. The same is true of spring Nightclub, which we have been to. If it is not completely Jiang Tianlong's shares, then he must be playing with a share. After all, if the business is really bad, the risk must be shared."