Chapter 336 You May Be Able to Learn the Guitar in Time

The captain also said,

"I'm afraid that the bar won't look down on our students. It'll just treat us as workers and give us some salary to send us away. It'll be hard to maintain our gang."

I thanked him and said,

"Then you can talk about it first, no matter where it is. Take this first step and the rest will be ready. If it's really not possible, I will go out again!"

The captain said,

"No problem. Wait for my good news, Brother Feng."

Actually, I didn't have to ask the captain to be my brain trust either, but Fan Wen, the manager on our side, really only had the ability to talk on paper, let him talk a lot, he said a lot better than anyone else, but this kind of difficulty, he didn't think carefully, which caused him to lose several times. It wasn't that he didn't have any ability, it was just that he was about to graduate, he was different from the way we went. Now he rarely interacts with us, plus the last time we hit the school, they didn't contribute much. Over time, they didn't get in touch, but he was still a "Network" of our gang.

When class was over, suddenly, someone pulled me. I was stunned. It was a girl in our class. She called me:

"Ah feng."

I was a little confused because I didn't know this woman, but when I looked at her face, which was painted white with makeup, I could tell that it was Min Sue.

Yes, it is this coquettish woman. She is not a bad person, but she always looks down on us. When I have Chen Ying, she and that bitch yanyan also like to gossip behind my back. Min Sue and I have not contacted each other for a long time, let alone talked. I thought that we would never meet again.

But I didn't expect her to stop me. I turned around and asked her:

"What is it?"

She told me,

"Come with me."

I looked at Yao Zi, Qiang Zi, Xiaojia and the others in the distance. They were looking at me. I saw Xiaojia talking to Li Fei. This kid can stay. He's finally going to pick up girls again. He hasn't been able to do it for so long. Can he do it now?

I didn't care about them. I just waved and went over with Min Sue.

She and I went to the side of the football field alone, looking very ambiguous.

I smiled, not daring to look at her face. I hate women with heavy makeup, not to mention, she was dressed so revealing and sexy, but, compared to Wu Jieling, this kind of exposure and sexy, will only disgust us men, because Wu Jieling's sexiness is xishi, then her sexiness is imitating others!

"Is there anything I can say?"

She asked me,

"So, is Wu Jieling really with you? I heard Ding Chun and the others talking about this."

I said:

"Yes, but can you stop digging up her wounds? Is it interesting to keep talking about the past? If you want to say this, I can't be with you anymore!"

She grabbed me and said,

"Don't worry, you're still the same. You're in a hurry."

She said,

"I didn't come here to uncover the scars. I'm asking you, have you been to the spring Nightclub with Wu Jieling, and she's a staff member?"

Her words made my heart skip a beat. To be honest, I didn't dare to say anything, because I wasn't that close to her, and she wouldn't keep it a secret about me. If it got out, I wouldn't even know if Jiang Tianlong would die.

So I pretended to be stupid and asked her,

"What are you talking about?"

She said,

"No, when I was playing with the big gold watch a while ago, he said this. He said that he had been tracking Wu Jieling and you before. Although Wu Jieling used the stage name lingling, the photo was her, and the person who dared to hit Jiang Tianlong at that time, I guess it might be you. So, I came to look for you, just to let you be careful. That Jiang Tianlong is not the big gold watch kind of person. He can get rid of it with money."

When I heard this, I felt a chill in my heart. It seemed that Jiang Tianlong didn't really let me go, but didn't have time to talk to me, or even find my exact location and identity. Liu Bao couldn't be sure it was me, or, when I rushed out that day, the surveillance just broke down, the power went out, and I couldn't tell if I didn't get a picture of it. I was just so lucky to escape a disaster. It was possible, otherwise, According to the captain, he came to me with a surveillance camera, so why wait so long?

Wu Jieling and I changed our hair, clothes, and clothes on purpose. They were completely different from before. It was possible that cosmetics could replace one person with another, which was why he couldn't find me.

Maybe Liu Bao guessed it was me, but he couldn't be sure. Maybe Jiang Tianlong went to play a dj and was beaten up by the waiter. He was too embarrassed to tell his subordinate Liu Bao. It was too embarrassing.

All of this may have made it possible for me to live freely.

Seeing that I was in a daze, she pushed me and said,

"Is it you, you and Wu Jieling, you are such a person, dare to hit the boss of society!"

I shook my head and said,

"It wasn't me. You guessed wrong. Is there anything else? It's okay. I'm leaving. If you get so close to your gold watch, you won't be afraid of death."

She snorted and said:

"I can't help it. A girl like me can only be waved around by him. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten rid of my ex-boyfriend so easily."

I know, she was using the strength of the big gold watch to get rid of her ex-boyfriend. There were many men like this in college, and when women wanted to break up, the men would not even die, but they would also die to force them, or force them to force them.

As I was about to leave, she sighed and said,

"Unfortunately, neither the big gold watch nor any other man made me feel the same way. Only you, Brother Feng, are the toughest man I have ever seen, the toughest and most skillful."

I took a deep look at her. I understood what she meant. I was deeply disgusted. I waved my hand and said:

"You should buy an electric stick. I can't satisfy you. I'm afraid I'll throw up."

I left, and she didn't scold me. I didn't expect her to come to me in the end to get me to fuck her, because her man was useless.

But she was right. How many men are more sexually competent than martial arts practitioners? Besides, there won't be one out of hundreds of people like me who will make her miss it, right? Although I disgust her, I have to admire my ability to make a woman think about my kung fu in bed for three years.

On the way back, Qiang Zi suddenly pulled me to the bathroom and said,

"Madman, what did Min Sue want from you?"

I said,

"Remind me about Jiang Tianlong. She knows a gangster who used to be the big gold watch. Do you remember? He knows Jiang Tianlong is looking for me."

"Oh, about that."

Qiang Zi sighed. "I thought there was something else."

I asked him, "What is it?"

He said to me mysteriously:

"How old is Min Sue?"

I thought about it and said,

"She seems to be a year older than me. She's graduating soon. We're almost 22. She should be 23, right? Why are you asking this?"

He said,

"This woman, I don't know if she has entered a period of hunger and thirst. She actually looked for me, so I thought she was looking for you..."

I glared at her. "You, you too?"

Qiang Zi spat and cursed,

"Fuck, I told you, she also looked for Yao Zi, but she didn't look for Xiaojia, but I guess this guy will definitely meet. He's been a virgin for so long, he can't hold it back!"

I'm speechless. What kind of person is this woman? She's so hungry and thirsty. Look at her. She's the best person for a naked loan. She pities a girl like Wu Jieling.

Min Sue was so hungry that he could take out naked loans, get money, and enjoy himself. Three birds with one stone.

I can't figure out why a freak like her and Ding Chun would appear in our class at the same time.

The other oddball was Li Fei. It was Xiaojia who had secretly fallen in love and confessed on paper. Unfortunately, he failed.

Xiaojia's hardware was not very good. He was dark and looked tall. In fact, he was thin and dark. His face was big and not fair.

So it's hard to chase a woman.

Li Fei was a lovely woman with a plump baby face and a height of more than 1.5 meters. I don't know who was taller between her and Ding Chun. Anyway, it was only about 1.6 meters. My women were usually around 1.65 to 1.7 meters.

I don't know where Ding Chun got so confident that she thought she was a goddess.

Li Fei should be a little plumper than ding chun, at least Ding Chun is a flat chest, not flat chest, at least a little bit, not big, I call it flat chest.

So Li Fei was a lot better than her, but Li Fei didn't dress up in two yuan. If she looked much better than Ding Chun in two yuan, then the name of the four beauties in the class was completely free of Ding Chun.

Just freshman Li Fei, completely ignorant, how do you know how to dress up.

Xiaojia still liked her. It was really rare.

But this Li Fei, after rejecting Xiaojia, fell in love with someone a little uglier than xiao jia. At least I think that man is uglier than xiao jia. That man's name is golden star. He is very dark, and his face is bigger than xiao jia.

I think that's why he got Li Fei. I patted Xiaojia on the cheek and told him,

"You may be able to learn the guitar in time."