Chapter 337 Brother's Woman Is My Woman

Xiaojia gritted his teeth and said to Qiang Zi,

"Brother Qiang, you can take me to the spring again. I can't stand it anymore. I want to vent."

Qiang Zi said,

"No problem, but brother feng can't go. You're too eye-catching."

I made an ok gesture and said, "No problem."

That weekend, they went and helped me find out if Liu Bao and Jiang Tianlong's people were still chasing me.

That day, I received a call from someone. I haven't seen her for a long time. When I saw her, I felt that I owed Qiang Zi a lot.

She's Cao Xueyan.

She actually called me an hour and a half after Brother Qiang went to myriad colors. It was already 11: 30 pm. I was almost asleep. Why did she call me? I haven't called Wu Jieling to say good night. I was sleeping in the dorm tonight. I didn't go to her place.

The call went through.

"Brother Feng?"

I said, "Yours?"

"You didn't even save my phone. You don't remember my voice?" She said.

I could tell it was her, but I pretended not to know her. I didn't want to have any contact with her. I was afraid that Qiang Zi would find out something. She betrayed Qiang Zi herself and threatened me. I don't like women like her.

"It's me, Xue Yan, Cao Xueyan. I'm so stupid. I can't even hear her voice."

She said with a smile.

I said,

"It's you. What's wrong? Aren't you with Qiang Zi?"

I think it's a stupid question. I know where Qiang Zi went and what he did. I'm not stupid to say that.

She asked me:

"What? Isn't Qiang Zi with you? You're in the same dorm. Didn't you say that your dorm is going to have a party? So you don't want to have dinner with me today. I asked him to take me with you, but I didn't want him to. Where are you?"

I suddenly got nervous. This woman is not an idiot. Did she find out something, or did she already know that Qiang Zi used to steal fish?

I shook my head and nodded again. "Yes, yes, we had a party together. He drank too much."

She said, "Oh, he's drunk. Let him answer the phone. His phone is off."

I said,

"He's drunk. He just fell asleep and couldn't wake up. He was just taking off his pants and peeing on the wine table. He's dead asleep. Why can't he wake up?"

She sighed and said:

"Then brother feng, why aren't you making any noise over there?"

I said, "I'm in the bathroom."

She said with a smile,

"Which hotel are you at? I'll go over. I'll see what he's been drinking. Instead of accompanying his girlfriend, he's going to have some flower wine."

When she said floral wine, I guessed she did.

I stopped talking and was about to hang up. I said,

"Bye-bye, contact him tomorrow. I have to send him back to the dormitory."

She said coldly,

"Brother Feng, you really don't know how to lie."

She added,

"I saw a few of you in the dorm. We took a taxi to the city. You didn't go, so it was so quiet there. I just heard the sound of auntie selling intestines. Would it be like this in the hotel? Ming Ming is in the dorm. He's still at school. Did he go to the big health care center?"

I paused. She already knew. I asked coldly:

"What do you mean?"

She said,

"Not much fun. I'll meet you and talk to you about something."

I said,

"I have nothing to say to you."

She said with a smile:

"Nothing to say, then I'll expose it to him tomorrow, and I'll break up with him."

I quickly got up, afraid that the dormitory would be full and Feng Dong would know, I went to the toilet and scolded:

"Are you sick? You betrayed him first. Besides, even if he really went to the big health care, what about you? How many men did you steal?"

Cao Xueyan said,

"Don't scold me so harshly, Brother Feng. It doesn't matter how many men I've stolen. What's important is, do you have anyone in this man?"

I know. Something's happening again. I'm sweating profusely. If this thing gets out, I'll lose my position as the boss and my brothers will betray each other.

I cursed:

"You? Where are you?"

"That would have been fine." Cao Xueyan snorted. "Turn right at the school gate. This is the spice shop."

I was stunned.

"What are you doing there?"

She said,

"What do you think? Hurry up!"

I suppressed the anger in my heart and thought to myself, no way. Did I run into a thirsty girl like Min Sue again? This Cao Xueyan is obviously, too disgusting. She even has a Accounting department department with Chen Ying, which really insults the accounting profession.

But she said so. If I don't go, what if she breaks up with Qiang Zi tomorrow? If she doesn't break up, then she will definitely tell me what happened. How am I going to tell Qiang Zi?

Even if she stole qing with ten thousand people, I couldn't care less, and it had nothing to do with me, but one of these ten thousand people had something to do with Qiang Zi.

I was really pissed off. I was so fascinated by her at that time.

When I got there, I saw that she had bought a box, a box of twelve. I pulled down my face and asked her:

"What is it about her? What is it about her? What are you buying this for? Let me tell you. I won't touch you. What do you want?"

She smiled and said to me,

"Three of them, which means you're angry now, but I'm the one who should be angry. My man is venting on a young lady right now. Do you want me to endure it and pretend I don't know?"

I glared at her, went over, grabbed her by the neck, and dragged her to a dark place. There were a lot of people on the way, but maybe it was a kiss in the dark, so no one would care.

I choked her out of breath, but she licked my finger with her tongue. She said:

"You strangle me, cough."

I let her go and she started coughing. I asked her:

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

She said,

"Brother Feng, I like you. You broke up with your sister-in-law. I want to break up with Qiang Zi. I want to be with you, okay?"

I gave her a slap,

"Are you shameless?"

She said,

"If I can be with you shamelessly, I won't."

I cursed,

"You're so shameless. What about that man last time? You slept with him. Are you worthy of Qiang Zi? Besides, he's not the only one. You're such a thirsty girl."

"Thirsty girl?"

She smiled darkly.

"What about you, Brother Feng? Aren't you a thirsty man? You just broke up with your sister-in-law, and you're with that kind of woman again, not for sex?"

I froze. Indeed, I was lonely. I couldn't live without a woman's comfort, but I wasn't as shameless as her.

I punched her hard on the wall next to her, and the wall caved in.

"What do you want?"

She took out the box of condoms and satisfied me 12 times. Either she was with me, or I broke up with Qiang Zi tomorrow, or I was satisfied, so I acted as if nothing had happened.

I gritted my teeth, pinched her face and told her:

"This is the last time you threatened me. Remember, this is the last time. Do you understand?"

She was delighted and coughed in pain.

"Okay, cough, I remember."

If I don't do what she says, she can leave me alone. She can expose what Qiang Zi and miss did and break up. Even if she wasn't with me, she wasn't with Qiang Zi anymore. She said she was graduating anyway, so she broke up.

I don't want Qiang Zi to be sad in the last year. Even if we break up after this year, it's nothing. So, for my brother, I can only do this.

I'm sorry for Wu Jieling. That night, I stabbed her deeply and screamed loudly. She didn't stop me until she was stabbed with blood. She only used six condoms. There were already cracks in her lower mouth, so she couldn't hold on, but she was laughing.

"Brother Feng, you are indeed a man. Men among men, and I have had sex with them. Apart from Qiang Zi and the other one who is stronger, they are normal men, and you are superman. I finally know why you can beat more than ten people on your own. You are a real man."

She licked the sweat off my body. I pushed her away. I thought she was disgusting. I thought she was worse than Min Sue. I scolded her:

"I thought I had fired a female dog six times."

She lay there, letting herself bleed in pain, not caring. She said she was bleeding in pleasure, and she laughed:

"I am a female dog. Isn't everyone a female dog? Isn't your Chen Ying hired under another man?"

"Shut up!"

I threw the remote control hard on the bed next to her and it broke into pieces:

"If you want to disfigure your face, keep talking!"

When I left, she told me:

"Brother Feng, I know you want to maintain brotherhood, and I will ruin it in my stomach. But you have to know that Qiang Zi and I have no feelings anymore, only the desire for each other's needs. He doesn't like me very much now, but only needs. So even if you insist on maintaining us, I will break up with him sooner or later."

I didn't say anything. I pushed the door open and left silently.

I gave Qiang Zi a little more time for her betrayal, at least to make it easier for Qiang Zi to break up. This is what I, as a big brother, should do and can only do.

I did something wrong, and I had to do it today to make up for the mistake I made last time. It was really painful.

It was all in the past.

When Qiang Zi came back in the morning, he made a big fuss about how good he was last night. He went to Li again, and Yao Zi got the second most beautiful score. Xiao jia got the second ugliest score from the bottom, but Xiaojia still worked very hard. He just got rid of the virgin twice. He was not a veteran, so he worked very hard.

He also pushed me to go next time and asked me, "Why can't you pay me back? Did you masturbate last night?"

I laughed bitterly and said,

"Yes, not only did I masturbate myself, but your woman did it six times, okay?"

He laughed and said,

"Well, go ahead. My woman is your brother feng's woman. Sharing is the best. Go ahead. I don't mind."

Yao Zi also said:

"Really? Cao Xueyan has big boobs. I want them too."

"Okok, the brothers will go up to her together."

Qiang Zi fell asleep in a joke, and I looked at his face, hoping that he would break up quietly in the future. Such a woman is really not worth loving.

What he didn't know was that he was joking, and I was telling the truth.