Chapter 338 Paper Can't Hold Fire

After last night, Cao Xueyan and I didn't plan to meet, and I wouldn't talk to her anymore. I told you, last night was the last time she threatened me.

But the next day, when Qiang Zi woke up and appeared in front of me with her, and sweetly called me Brother Feng, I even felt nauseous because she hugged Qiang Zi very tightly, and her buttock skirt was also very tight, so tight that I could even see the outline of her triangle. Such a coquettish woman, the woman who screamed under me for so long last night, the woman who bled from the top to the bottom last night and was walking in pain, It was a miracle that she could still be coquettish and walk sweetly with Qiang Zi.

Qiang Zi looked at me and said,

"Brother Feng, what's wrong? Are you looking at my wife the wrong way? Are you serious about this joke?"

Yao Zi smiled and said,

"Brother Qiang, how can you keep your mouth shut when you say something and pour water on it? You're being unkind, aren't you? We want to date sister-in-law, too?"

"What? What?" Confused, Cao Xueyan looked at us and said,

"What kind of riddle are you playing? You're dating me, Yao Zi. Are you serious?"

Yao Zi said with a smile,

"That's right. Yesterday, when I was drunk, Brother Qiang said,'my wife is the wife of my brothers'.' this is true after drinking. We've all recorded it. Now, it's not good if we don't honor it!"

After he finished speaking, he came over and put his arm around Brother Qiang's shoulder and pretended to be coquettish.

"Well, you promised your brothers. Today, sister-in-law will go out with me first and return it to you tomorrow, okay?"

After he finished speaking, xiao jia said in a low voice,

"Is it boss's turn tomorrow?"

Yao Zi couldn't help but look at xiao jia and say,

"Yes, yes, Brother Feng is the boss. He should date qiang sister-in-law first, then tomorrow is me. Come to Xiaojia the day after tomorrow. Haha, you will come very soon!"

After he finished speaking, he even squinted at Cao Xueyan, meaning to ask her if she was angry.

Brother Qiang was not happy at the moment and punched Yao Zi hard in the back, but it wasn't very hard. It was for Cao Xueyan to see. He blinked at Yao Zi. Yao Zi understood immediately.

"It hurts, Brother Qiang. I, I don't dare."

Brother Qiang cursed.

"Shit, Laozi just said something after drinking. Can you take it seriously? Can you share your sister-in-law? Believe it or not, Laozi tore your skin!"

Brother Qiang pretended to be angry and pretended to be. He patted me on the shoulder and said,

"Brother Feng, what is this? You were talking nonsense after drinking yesterday. Don't take it seriously. No matter what, Mrs. Feng, whether it's the former Mrs. Feng or the current beauty, it's not something that a lowly woman can compare to. Yao Zi is lying. Brother Feng, forgive me!"

I grinned and didn't say anything. Just then, all of a sudden, there was a fragrant breeze and a nephrite in my arms. Cao Xueyan actually jumped into my arms and wrapped her arms around mine. Like my happy little wife, she snuggled up to me and said with a smile,

"That's fine. Since Qiang Zi said so, I'll go on a date with my boss today."

She pointed at Qiang Zi and said,

"Don't be surprised, you're a drunkard who tells the truth. You've already despised me, haven't you? You've been dating me for more than two years, and you're looking for a young girl, aren't you?"

Qiang Zi said,

"No, no, don't make such wild guesses."

Then he looked at me and said,

"Feng, Brother Feng, this..."

I pushed her away as quickly as I could, but she was like a piece of dog skin plaster, unable to tear it apart. She pulled me and said,

"What's wrong? What's wrong, Qiang Zi? I'll stay with your boss for a while. What's wrong? Are you still jealous? Oh, I'll just have dinner. I'll be back in your arms in a minute. Okay, let's go. Let's go for dinner."

It was dinner time, and they didn't get up until the afternoon. I had lunch with Wu Jieling at noon, so I ate with my brothers at night. I didn't know that cao xueyan would come here. Besides, she circled my arm and walked into Four canteens like a woman.

This is where Wu Jieling works.

Qiang Zi and the others were chasing after her. Cao Xueyan and I were in front of them. She was the one who pulled me along. I wanted to walk quickly too. I wanted to talk to her.

"I warn you, don't mess around. I've satisfied you all yesterday. If you keep doing this, I'll be rude to you."

Although I didn't have any expression on my face, I was really angry. I didn't move my mouth and said it in a grunt. She obviously heard it. She said with a smile:

"What's the matter, just kidding, big boss? I can't afford to joke about it. Besides, I really want to go on a serious date with you. By the way, Brother Feng, you were so strong last night. I really like you more and more."

When she finished speaking, captain and Na Na passed by, and he came to eat with us. He looked at Cao Xueyan and me in surprise. He thought she was Wu Jieling's, but when he saw that she was not Wu Jieling, but Cao Xueyan, captain was stunned. Na Na was also shocked.

"Brother Feng, you, you changed women again?"

The captain said,

"This, isn't this Qiang Zi's woman, cao or something!"

"Cao Xueyan!"

Cao Xueyan snorted.

"You're still a brother. You don't even remember your name, do you?"

The captain was so ashamed that he didn't know what to say. Instead, he looked at Qiang Zi behind him. Qiang Zi was speechless.

Cao Xueyan explained himself:

"Qiang Zi asked me to date Brother Feng. No wonder someone else!"

Yao Zi went over and explained to him before he understood.

Everyone thought that Cao Xueyan and I were just joking. They were just hugging my arm anyway, and I wouldn't really eat her tofu. However, we sat across from seven cups of tea and ate the same spicy hot pot that Wu Jieling and I had the other day.

When Wu Jieling saw Cao Xueyan and I holding hands together, she was surprised. I quickly pushed her away, but Cao Xueyan said shamelessly:

"I'm Brother Feng's girlfriend. What's wrong with holding hands? Don't you think so, Qiang Zi?"

"That's enough."

Brother Qiang couldn't hang his face anymore.

"Xue Yan, stop it. Auntie feng is there. She will misunderstand."

He pulled her over, and Wu Jieling's face looked a little better. I went over to look at her and said awkwardly,

"We were having fun. They insisted on coming over for dinner."


Wu Jieling said softly, asking us,

"Tea? One for each?"

I nodded and said,

"Okay, we'll pay later."

Wu Jieling said,

"No, it's my treat. Since I'm your boss's woman and your sister-in-law, it's no big deal to buy a cup of tea."

I saw the rare seriousness on her face. I didn't dare to say anything, afraid that she would be sad again.

The meal was a bit unpleasant because Cao Xueyan was such a troublemaker.

After dinner, Qiang Zi said at least that Cao Xueyan would stop making trouble, and then they went to the woods together. Ghosts knew what they were going to do, but my mind was thinking, Cao Xueyan only asked for so much last night, and today, won't it be uncomfortable? Is it really coquettish, itchy every day?

They went to the woods. After I said hello to Wu Jieling, I went back to the dormitory. On the way back, Na Na stopped me and said:

"Brother Feng, the captain wants to talk to you about something. You can go over. I'll go back to bed first."

I said, "Okay, what did he want from me?"

She said,

"I don't know. You should go to the third canteen. He just happened to organize a Student union event."

I nodded and went over.

Anyway, it was very close, and I didn't call either. I told Yao Zi and the others that I would go back later and go to the third canteen.

The captain finished just in time and commanded a few members of the club to plant the flagpole. There must be something else going on.

I watched as Na Na's legs grew whiter and whiter, and as he grew longer and longer, he walked further and further away. In fact, I was quite envious. Na Na was a nice person, not worse than Wu Jieling, and pure. His family was rich, and he didn't have to do a job like Wu Jieling's. I was very happy for the captain. I told him:

"Captain, you should thank me. If it weren't for hitting Wang Guoqing, would you have such a good woman?"

The captain asked me,

"Do you really like Wu Jieling? She did that kind of work."

I looked at him seriously and asked him,

"There's nothing to say about you calling me here."

He pulled me and said,

"Don't be angry. I'll just ask. It's okay if you don't tell me. I have to tell you something else."

I waved my hand. Cao Xueyan had already made me unhappy. He even came to humiliate Wu Jieling. What happened to her? What happened to her? What happened to her when she was naked? Her people were pure.

So, I told him:

"Let's talk about it next time. I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now."

But he pulled me and said,

"You can't say it next time. You have to say it this time."

I opened his hand impatiently and said,

"You still want to practice with me, don't you? It's not over, is it?"

I don't mind punching him as punishment for insulting Wu Jieling.

I turned around and left, but his words stopped me.

"I heard you and Cao Xueyan whispering."