Chapter 339 Break Apart

His voice made me tremble. I turned around and looked around. There was no one there. He said:

"I've seen her flirting with you before, and she didn't look right. Last night, Na Na and I were walking across from the sex shop. Na Na was short-sighted and didn't wear glasses. She didn't see it, but I did."

I knew what he was talking about. His expression was grim, and mine was not relaxed. I took a breath. It seemed that the paper could not hold fire. It really came.

I told him:

"You saw and heard everything?"

The captain looked at me and sighed.

"At first, I was just skeptical, and I didn't dare to judge, but with your tone, I can tell that you have an affair. What's going on? Brothers seduce second sister-in-law, but big taboo. You are the boss. How can you serve the public when you do such a thing? Breaking up the gang and forcing you to abdicate is a small matter. Breaking up the brothers and betraying the family is the big thing. Brother Feng, how can you be so stupid?"

I gritted my teeth and said:

"You think I do?"

He saw the inside story and waited for me to continue. I told him the whole story, and his face grew darker and darker. Finally, he said,

"It seems that this woman is too cheap. She betrayed Qiang Zi a long time ago, but she used you as a gun. You said it, but you didn't dare to say it. You were afraid to expose and hurt the relationship between your brothers. It's hard on you, Brother Feng."

My face was dark and I didn't know what to say. I gritted my teeth and said,

"Why don't I just clarify and confess?"


The captain waved his hand.

"I found out about it anyway, so I didn't know. After the last year was over, it didn't happen. Anyway, she and Qiang Zi weren't far away."

"Keep it a secret?" I looked at him.

"Yeah, I kept it a secret. As long as you can hide it!" He nodded.

When I was separated from him, I asked,

"If Na Na and I were like this, what would you do, choose to give in, or break up, or?"

He grinned.

"I will kill you."

I felt cold all over.

There is no fire in the paper. Every secret has a day of light. Things that cannot be seen will always come to light.

The key is still this bitch Cao Xueyan.

After that day, Wu Jieling didn't say anything, but she was a little sad. I know, she didn't say that I could only keep comforting her, giving her the care and comfort that a woman should have. Even in bed, I had to know how she felt before I could continue to move.

But Cao Xueyan refused to let it go. This woman might have tasted my benefits and wanted more. Even though she had given her so much that day, she could not have been as satisfied as she was when she had tasted the thrill of superman.

It was as if one had experienced the speed of flying, but how could one be willing to take the train?

That's why she's here again.

I don't know if it was because of my junior year or if she was really too coquettish. She called me, and I answered.

"I have a lot of water."

I asked her, "Are you sick?"

She said,

"I really, I can't stand it. I can't stand it when I think about what happened that night. Brother Feng, I didn't force you. I just can't stand it. I'm afraid that if I can't stand it, I'll tell you the secret I want to keep. Please, give me another chance, okay?"

I scolded him directly.

"Get out of here."

Then he blacked out her phone.

I've seen a lot of movies and tv shows like this, repeatedly threatening, compromising, tolerating, using one lie to cover up another lie, and in the end, I can't even cover it up.

Therefore, it is not possible to give in, but it can only be determined.

I knew that even if I gave her one more time today, she would ask for another. There's still a long way to go before graduation, one year, three hundred more days, and how many more times will she ask? I don't know if her request will be more perverted and disgusting, more shameless and immoral.

I just didn't expect the consequences.

The next day, Qiang Zi broke up with her. He thought it was a joke. After three days, she still lost contact. She kept losing contact until he saw her walking in and out of the dormitory. He ran after her and asked. Cao Xueyan said something:

"The reason for breaking up? Ask your boss!"

This damn sentence became the root of the breakdown between Qiang Zi and me.

Qiang Zi's eyes were bloodshot and he endured for a day and a night before he came to see me after class. Yao Zi, Ming Ming, Xiaojia and the others were there. Even the captain was here.

When Qiang Zi came over, he grabbed my collar and said,

"Brother Feng, you and, what happened between you and Cao Xueyan? Why did she ask me to come to you after she broke up with me? I asked her why. She asked me to come to you and said you knew!"

I was stunned. I looked at the captain and his face sank.

Yao Zi pulled him away, but damn it, he was holding on too tight, and my clothes were torn, so he didn't let go.

More and more people crowded around here, wanting to see how the school boss and his brother were biting each other. The security guards were here, and so was Doorman.

Ming Ming warned us:

"Stop it, stop it here. The teachers and leaders will be miserable when they come. Let's go. They are brothers. What are they doing here? They want to be expelled, don't they?"

I was also reminded that the new principal was not a vegetarian. He was someone who could get rid of the principal and warned us seriously. I didn't dare to neglect him. Otherwise, our hard-won opportunity to stay in school would be ruined. We were all dangerous people who could leave school at any time.

I made a move. Qiang Zi wouldn't be my opponent. I tore my clothes and started running. The crowd followed me. Qiang Zi was chasing me as hard as he could.

Until we returned to the dormitory, closed the door, and spoke to our brothers.

"Qiang Zi Qiang Zi, calm down, calm down, let go of the boss."

The captain came over and watched as Qiang Zi pinned me against the iron window of the dorm.

"Look at him. He's too timid to talk. He must be really having an affair, right?"

Qiang Zi's eyes were bloodshot.

"I didn't feel right the other day when Cao Xueyan held your arm so skillfully, but I knew you were my boss, Brother Feng, and covered us with everything. That's not true. You also told her about my prostitution. Hehe, Brother Feng, Brother Feng, you already had an affair with her, right?"

"Listen to me, Qiang Zi,"

I told him:

"She betrayed you a long time ago. Back in her sophomore year, she had an affair with another man."

"It means you admit it, right?" Qiang Zi cursed. "Him."

Then he punched me in the left cheek. It hurt, but I didn't fight back or dodge.

There was blood on the corner of my mouth, and Yao Zi looked at me in shock.

"Brother Feng, when did this happen? I don't believe it. What are you hiding?"

"Unspeakable secrets?"

Qiang Zi sneered.

"He has a stupid secret. Ding Chun, Min Sue, Chen Ying, Li Xinyi, Shen Yuqing, none of them has ever slept with him. You guys say I spend, I look for a lady, but what am I compared to him? It's hard to hide. It's just lust."

The captain looked at him nervously, and he wanted to hit me again. I grabbed his arm and said coldly:

"Qiang Zi, can you listen to me?"

"Explain your paralysis!"

He punched me in the face again, and my nose was bleeding. It wasn't that I couldn't get out of it, but that I didn't want to fall out with my brother. I was holding back, but Qiang Zi kept pushing me.

The captain stopped him and said,

"Don't be like that. Can you hear the boss out?"


Qiang Zi looked at him and said,

"Do you already know that birds of the same feather are birds of the same feather? Hiding it from me?"

The captain looked pale and said angrily.

"What are you talking about? You, we are brothers."

Qiang Zi got angry and kicked me.

"A brother is a woman of a brother? Hook second sister-in-law? This is a brother?"

I said angrily,

"Do you want him to listen to me? You won't listen! Don't think I'm afraid to do it."

"Yo yo yo."

Qiang Zi retreated. Everyone retreated. He pointed at his head and said arrogantly,

"Come on, don't you think you can fight? You can beat your brother's woman. You can beat your brother. Come on, I don't have a boss like you, Qiang Zi. Get out of here. I don't want to see you."

I paused and didn't leave. I looked at Yao Zi, I looked at captain and Ming Ming. Captain helped me explain, but Qiang Zi didn't listen.

Qiang Zi said angrily,

"You're not leaving yet. I think you're disgusting. You're not leaving. Laozi is leaving!"

He strode off and I shouted,


He also shouted,

"What are you doing? Beat me up. Come on, you hypocrite."

I said,

"I'm leaving!"

When I went out, I slammed the door and left.

At night, I walked alone on the campus at night and walked out of the campus.

A strange text message came.

"Brother Feng, I didn't expect you to be kicked out and beaten by Qiang Zi. You're not hurt, are you? I'm Xue Yan. I broke up with him in a real hurry. I really like you."

I blacked out and shook my head. I had nothing to say when I met such a dead woman.

As I walked, I thought of Wu Jieling. I could go to her place, but she had a staff dormitory, and someone didn't want me to come in. She lived with other female employees, so it was not convenient for me to go.

But what can I do? Let's go. It's a lonely night. I want to find someone to comfort me.

When I got there, I heard quarrels and sobs.

"Don't think that I don't know. You're the girl student who was under Professor Jiangtian's rule. I thought I wouldn't recognize you if I changed my hairstyle. I even slept in this bed with my gun. Get out of here. You're a ruined girl. It's not easy to sleep in this bed."

It turned out to be a dormitory dispute, but also a work-study girl.

I walked over. I was wondering why she had so much confidence. She had a boyfriend.

She saw me, recognized me, pulled the woman, and left quickly.

I didn't want to get angry, and I didn't want to cause any trouble. Wu Jieling saw me and jumped into my arms. I hugged her and said,

"All right, all right. We're not staying here anymore. It's no big deal."

I took her out, and on the way, she was worried about meeting Jiang Tianlong, I said,

"Almost two months have passed, and no one has come to us. Don't worry, our money is enough for you to rent a single room. I can come to accompany you every day in the future!"


Wu Jieling's little face turned red.