Chapter 34 Saving Or Not, It's A Problem

Hearing this, I was so scared that I peed.

However, what I didn't expect was that the lewd man didn't even think of chasing me. At that time, Fat Wu Di rushed over to see how the man who was knocked unconscious by the stone was doing, and the driver, Laosi, was also fascinated by Ao Xiaoxue's beautiful body. He didn't even bother to chase me. It was a good feeling, and I could run away.

However, I suddenly heard Ao Xiaoxue's scream:

"Help, help! Help me!"

The sound pierced through my eardrums. I was stunned. I gritted my teeth and spat.

"You deserve it. Let you bully me!"

Thinking of this, I raised my feet and continued to run. Anyway, there were woods around here. Even if they wanted to drive after me, I would hide, and they wouldn't be able to catch me.

But the voice of the damned Ao Xiaoxue came again, this time even more mournful than the last time:

"Help, Zhang Feng, help me!"

"Scream, scream, that kid won't dare come back. Besides, what's the use of him coming back? He's a dead man when he comes back!"


Damn it!

At the thought of this, I gritted my teeth and punched the ground hard. The piercing pain woke me up. Yes, just die. Saving one life is better than creating a seven level slaughter!

Damn Ao Xiaoxue, I owe you in my last life, okay!

Thinking of this, I strode back.

So I used to run, and I cleverly turned on my cell phone and switched to the ringtone interface. I used to be bored and play with the little dog when the ringtone came. I didn't expect it to come in handy today.

Immediately, I turned the volume up and turned it on!

The alarm of wei-wu-wei-wu rang directly over the mountain.

Scared out of their wits, I gritted my teeth and threw my phone in place. The ringtone kept playing, as if the police car was nearby.

And I, on the other hand, went around to find a chance to save Ao Xiaoxue.

"The police are here?"

They were shocked by the alarm, because they heard the terrifying alarm that sounded like a soul-stirring sound.

Laosi panicked and got up in a hurry. He could no longer afford to invade Ao Xiaoxue.

Ao Xiaoxue, on the other hand, was losing all her strength. If they continued, she might lose her body.

"Hurry up! Get up! The police are here! Run! That kid must have called the police!"

Fat Wu Di picked up the partner I had knocked down and yelled at Laosi and the lewd man to run.

They ran like frightened birds, not expecting me to cheat them at all.

As for the lewd man, he was planning to carry Ao Xiaoxue to the car and run away. Fat Wu Di scolded him:

"Are you crazy? The police cars were all coming, leaving the car and the woman behind and running into the mountains! Find a place to hide and wait for huazi's support!"

The lewd man looked away from Ao Xiaoxue reluctantly and spat:

"All the pretty girls you got are gone, that dead boy. Don't let me catch him again!"

After that, the four of them ran into the mountain, and I quickly went around. Ao Xiaoxue was still crying. When he heard someone coming, he thought it was really the police, and immediately cried out:

"Police uncle, help me, help me!"

When I got here, I immediately picked her up and was about to leave, but when she saw me, she exclaimed and I covered her mouth and cursed:

"Shut up! Do you want them back? There's no police, you bitch!"

But I didn't have much strength on my own. Carrying her on my back was too heavy. Plus, I was already injured and limped away.

I scolded again, "Shut up, okay? It was inconvenient for me to carry you, and you scolded me. Laozi came back to save you with all his life. If it wasn't for my good intentions, I would have let you deserve it!"

Hearing how fierce I was, she immediately didn't dare to say anything, just kept crying.

"That's enough, okay? I came in time. It would be nice if you could keep your membrane. I didn't expect this to be your first time! I pretended to be the alarm, and they would have found out for sure, because they still had a hua zi not coming! Stop talking to me!"

After I finished my last sentence, I ignored her, carried her broken body on my back and ran quickly to another direction in the mountain. Although the speed was not fast, I could only try my best, because I knew that once they caught me again, Ao Xiaoxue and I were both dead set!

And even if these people didn't intend to kill us, they were forced to kill us now.

Along the way, I was panting. I didn't know where to run because I hadn't been here before.

It wasn't until I felt like I was running far away that I was so tired that I put her down. At this time, I realized that my eyes were black and I almost fainted.

It was because I was exhausted. If it weren't for survival, I wouldn't have been able to push myself to this extreme.

Because the ground was dirty and there were sharp stones that pierced Ao Xiaoxue's white skin, she was in great pain and bled a little. She immediately scolded me unhappily:

"You're crazy. I don't know how to put me down. I broke my arm! Look!"

I was so tired that I almost died trying to save her. She was still here, and I was so angry that I yelled:

"Give it to me! Shut up! If you keep nagging, I'll throw you back!"

She also wanted to reach out and hit me:

"It's your fault. If you hadn't ruined my date with Qu Long, would I have been brought here?"