Chapter 340 Retirement

In a flash, half a year passed, and those who killed us all never appeared again.

I don't know why.

Maybe we hid it well, or maybe they gave up.

In the past six months, many things disappeared with me.

Wu Jieling and I also lived a normal life. Probably, this is what I want.

In fact, all these years, they have been fighting and killing, which is really not interesting.

I wonder if Cao Xueyan made up with his brother.

My disappearance for the past six months was equivalent to the disappearance of the world, and had nothing to do with any of them.

Chen Zihan and her daughter still flashed in her mind occasionally.

Fighting and killing, I'm too tired.

Where's Chen Ying? And what will happen next?

All of a sudden, he realized that many women around him who once cared or didn't care were out of touch.

Anyway, I hope it's okay.