Chapter 35 Bear Saves Beauty

"I'm going to find a way out. I have to hide quickly and go into the mountains. The main road will definitely not pass. They have a hua zi and at least two people will come. There will be six of them together. You and me, a woman, a half-cripple, definitely not their opponent. By then, you and I will be dead!"

Then I stood up and tried to find a way out. Even if there were snakes biting us in the mountains, it would be much better than dying in the hands of these people.

But before I could walk out, she screamed:

"Don't go!"

The voice was still loud, so I immediately turned around and rushed back, warning her:

"Shut up, will you? When is it? Why are you still yelling? Keep your voice down! Didn't you hear the alarm ring? They must have found it! If you bb again, I will leave alone. You can stay here and feed the wolf yourself!"

Indeed, the alarm ringtone was gone. They must have found out that it was just my phone that made the alarm ringtone. They just didn't expect that the current technology was so advanced that the alarm ringtone could be downloaded from the internet as a ringtone. These gangsters were obviously not high-tech players, otherwise they would have found out if it was a real ringtone or a fake ringtone.

After being yelled at twice in a row by me, Ao Xiaoxue softened. She also knew that if she was with me now, I might leave her behind. Her eyes immediately turned red again. Although she was usually bossy, she was almost bossy just now. She could not be bossy anymore.

"How can I go like this?"

Suddenly, I picked up the clothes on the floor and handed them to her.

I will not turn my head.

"Hurry up. Once you're dressed, we'll go into the mountains. Don't stay here any longer. They must have heard your voice just now."

There was no other way. This dead woman had nothing left on her, only her clothes were left inside. She must have no cell phone. It was impossible to ask for help, so she had to hide in the mountains.

Sure enough, not long after, I heard the sound of the car behind me, but we had already fled this place.

I also heard lewd men and Wu Di's angry voice:

"Is this him? Where is the police car? Was it funny that you were fooled by a doll's cell phone? Wu Di, you guys are really in a police car. How can you not even tell this from each other?"

I heard Wu Di's voice helplessly:

"Because I've been there, and I've been to jail, I'm more and more sensitive to the sound of the alarm. So scared..."

Another car arrived. It seems that Huazi is here.

Although I heard it, I didn't dare to stop. Even if they got out of the car to chase me, I couldn't outrun them.

Not long after, Ao Xiaoxue and I went up a hill. I told her not to show her face. Her skin was a little too white. Once she showed her face, they would definitely find her.

I hid myself next to a few leaves and branches. Under cover, I secretly looked at their situation. Vaguely, I could see a few people getting out of the car, then getting in the car and splitting up.

It seems that they are not stupid, and they know to drive separately, afraid that I will run too fast and have already run out of Moon mountain.

Sure enough, there were six of them. Huazi should be here too. I couldn't see who the other one was, but it must be the "Gold lord" they were talking about. I was especially curious about the identity of the gold lord. Who had such a big grudge against me? Although he didn't kill me for the first time, it looked like he was going to destroy me. But this second time, it looks like he really wants to kill me.

"What do you see?"

Ao Xiaoxue was curious and wanted to see. I had stopped her:

"There's no need to see. They've split up and chased after each other. They won't be able to come here for a while. Let's take a break. I haven't recovered yet. Some of them were beaten up by you gangsters!"

After I finished speaking, I looked at her reproachfully and she curled her mouth.

"You're not the one who said that!"

I snorted, "That's between me and Chen Zihan. What does it have to do with you? Tell yourself, I was angry with her. Why did you kick me the first time you saw me? Do you know where you kicked me?"