Chapter 36 You Should Wear Your Shoes

Of course she knew, she did it on purpose. When she heard me say that, she bowed her head apologetically. After all, she had wronged me many times, but I repaid her kindness and saved her life.

"That's two different things. You coward is so arrogant that everyone wants to fight. I'm still Chen Zihan's eldest sister. Why can't I stand up for her?"

"Hehe, you still have reason?"

I got up and was about to leave.

"Okay, I'll go. You can play here by yourself. If I knew I shouldn't have saved you, I would have seen if you were still arrogant!" But she held me back, "As for that, I said, it's two different things! If you were a gangster, would you bully a good student for a sense of existence? Will it?"

When she said that, I was stunned. Indeed, many gangsters bullied good students not for money, not for profit, but for fun, for face, to find a sense of existence. Otherwise, these female gangsters would not be able to do anything in school, with their bad grades and no achievements. If I were a gangster, maybe I would bully others, but now I'm being bullied so badly.

So I shook my head decisively:

"No, even if I were a gangster, I would take the lead, pull these weak people, resist Li Xunhuan, resist you female gangsters, find some sense of existence, it's simply full!"

"All right, it's not fun not to play this logic with you!" I waved my hand. "Let's get to the point right now. This time, it's not your brother's person. Would it be your brother's enemy? Otherwise, why would I bring you along?"

Ao Xiaoxue asked me, "By the way, I've been thinking about this question. It's impossible. My brother's enemy can't find me. It's been three years in junior high school, and his enemies outside haven't looked for me. Instead, I doubt you. Could it be your enemy?"

I smiled directly:

"Is that possible, my enemy? I'm a good student. What enemy do I have? My enemies are you and Li Xunhuan, no one else!"

Ao Xiaoxue shook his head and said, "Then I don't know. It's getting dark now. If we don't escape and stay here, will there really be snakes and beasts?"

She suddenly began to be afraid. Indeed, after so long, it was already evening. Not long after that, it should be night. Not to mention that even without snakes and monsters, mosquitoes and the like, it would not be enough.

"Get out? Then why don't you go and be played by them, or feed the mosquitoes and snakes here?"

She didn't dare to speak, so she could only remain silent. After a while, she looked at me and said,

"Then what? Can't you take off your clothes and give them to me? You're a big boy, and I..."

It made sense to say that their female gangsters bullied their students. I replied coldly:

"Why should I give it to you? It's good to save you. I'm cold too. It'll be night later. I'll take a rest first."

After saying that, I leaned against the tree and closed my eyes to recuperate. She had no choice but to stay and scold me while beating mosquitoes, but she didn't dare scold me, afraid that I would leave her behind.

Not long after, I heard the engine at the bottom of the mountain, as if they were going to leave. I took advantage of the darkness and glanced at it, which almost scared me out of a heart attack, because not only did they not plan to leave, but they bought flashlights instead. They were all going up the mountain to search for people. It seems that they won't stop until they kill us.

Damn it, they must be afraid to call the police after we escape, then they will die.

But now, what should we do?

I glanced at Ao Xiaoxue. She was exhausted, struggling to get strong, and crying and all that was hard work. She fell asleep immediately, but no matter what, I had to wake her up. I patted her.

"Ao Xiaoxue, wake up! They're here!"

But Ao Xiaoxue, who was too frightened, and although it was early summer, it was still cold at night. She was almost naked, and her whole body seemed to have caught a cold. Her head was a little hot. I touched her and felt bad, but there was no way. I must be too slow running behind her back now.

Ao Xiaoxue woke up in a daze and asked,

"Who is it? Where am I?"

I looked at her and was speechless. I could only pull her to run quickly. I saw that her feet were bleeding from the grinding. I couldn't help but put my own shoes on her feet.

She was completely awake and asked me, "What about you?"

"All right, your woman's feet are more expensive. As long as you can escape alive today, my feet are broken. So what? Don't bully me in the future."

At that moment, I hurriedly pulled her to run, but she quietly shed a tear, and whispered:

"I will never bully you again."

I heard what she said, but I didn't hear it clearly. At this critical moment in life and death, how could I have so much free time? I just pulled her all the way and ran a few steps. I stepped on some uneven stones, causing my feet to break and bleed, but I had no choice. I could only grit my teeth and run. These were minor injuries. Compared to death, this was nothing.

Ao Xiaoxue, on the other hand, had regained her role as a female gangster and was running so fast after me that she didn't want to hold me back and asked me:

"Does it hurt? Why don't I give you back your shoes?"

I said hurriedly, "Shut up and don't distract me!"

Along the way, I found out that Ao Xiaoxue was still nearsighted. No wonder she couldn't see what was going on down the mountain, but this female gangster didn't get very good grades, so why did she become nearsighted?

To avoid the six guys' net chase, we had to run away, run away, and enter the mountain a little further. During this time, Ao Xiaoxue and I really found a snake, scared out of our wits, and an owl. I didn't expect there were squirrels in this place, running around and jumping around, which really scared us a lot.

But compared to the soldiers behind them, these animals were kind. They seemed to be more afraid of us and took the initiative to avoid us.

Soon, Ao Xiaoxue and I went to another cave on the top of the mountain. This place was easier to hide from people, and it was far away from them. The main reason why we stopped was that I was injured, a sharp thorn was stuck in my foot, and there was a lot of blood. I had no choice but to stop.

When Ao Xiaoxue saw it, he was almost crying. His eyes were full of tears. Then he felt despair and said to me:

"Why don't I let them sleep? Let us go after they sleep. I'll negotiate with them. Will you die if you go on like this?"

As I watched the blood flow from my feet, and as we walked through the jungle, my arms were more slippery than many thorns. There was blood everywhere. If I hadn't protected my face, I would have been disfigured.

It was too fast and too anxious, but it was good enough to do so. If it fell into their hands, death was certain.

I laughed and cursed:

"Haven't you seen a movie? What happened to a good person who negotiated with a bad person? Will the bad guys keep their promise to you?"

At this moment, Ao Xiaoxue started to cry, really like a girl. In the past, she had always been a female gangster, and now she really had no choice but to cry so hard. If they came back, we would really have no way to go.

"What then? What then? Will you die?"

She probably hasn't seen so much blood, but I've seen it before. My mom left, and my dad used to beat me up and beat me up when I was drunk. But they were all spanking.

It was just that one time when I was drunk and wanted to hit me with a stick, I took it to become a firewood knife, cut me, and almost cut my whole ass off. That time, I lost a lot of blood, and my dad even hugged me tightly to the hospital to save me. At that time, I hated my father, but after that time, I wasn't afraid of blood.

But Ao Xiaoxue was obviously a girl, just a gangster. He had never seen so much blood, so he was scared out of his wits.

But I did feel a little uncomfortable, pain, blurred consciousness, and too much blood. Fortunately, it wasn't the thigh that was bleeding. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to get through it. It was just the soles that were bleeding.

I chuckled a few times and said, "Aren't you happier that I'm dead? You said you wanted to kill me last time?"

She immediately became unhappy and said,

"You're joking now! You don't want to die, do you?"

I smiled miserably and said, "Put me back here. I can't run anymore. You can't run anymore. If they still come here, they'll die. I need to rest for a while..."

Then I sat down and leaned against a big rock over here, gasping for air. Ao Xiaoxue knew something about it. He tore off a piece of the clothes I gave her and wrapped it around my feet. Although he didn't know if it was the right thing to do, it was the right thing to do.

I looked at her and said sadly:

"My mother ran away with the wild man. My father found a stepmother, Chen Zihan's mother, Chen Shien. They both bullied me at home and didn't treat me like a human being. My father beat me every day since my mother left. Once, he accidentally used the knife as a stick and hit me, causing me to bleed a lot, so I'm not afraid of blood."

"I'm not really afraid of blood, but I just don't know why I'm so afraid of Li Xunhuan and you gangsters. If I die here today, it's nothing. It's my fate!"