Chapter 37 It's A Pity to Die with You

When I said that, I really scared her. Seeing how I looked at myself, she comforted me. She said that they didn't mean to bully me, but that the gangsters liked to bully good students. This was a school ethos. There was no way to change it. In the worst case, she wouldn't bully me.

Besides, she also said that she really didn't know that I was so miserable, or else she wouldn't have done this to me. He also said:

"Stop talking nonsense. We'll get out alive."

She was also feverish, so her voice was weak. As long as Wu Di and the others caught up, we would be dead.

I don't know if god cares for us, or if Wu Di and his gang don't have the willpower to come to the top of the mountain before us, but they didn't come. Ao Xiaoxue and I were relieved, but we didn't know if these guys were waiting for us at the bottom of the mountain.

But this night, it was too hard. Ao Xiaoxue and I were hungry, and I was injured. Although the bleeding stopped a little, it was still flowing. If I couldn't go to the hospital tomorrow, I might really want to take the lunch box and go home. Ao Xiaoxue himself had a high fever, and it was hard for him to protect himself. We just leaned together to keep warm. I'm quite comfortable, but she thinks I'm too cold.

I said, "Why don't you go over and let me die alone if you think I'm cold?"

She was displeased and said, "No, I can't let you die. I'm afraid to spend the night with a corpse."

It amused me, but it also showed me that Ao Xiaoxue was not completely unreasonable.

Ao Xiaoxue is not a bad person, except for being a female gangster. After spending a few hours together, at least I was seriously injured and bleeding. She didn't abandon me, did she? Plus, I saved her. If we could go out, we might become friends.

"Die here? Die with you? It's just a pity. If it's with the dragon king, it would be great."

When I heard this, I was very angry, and I sneered.

"Yes, it's a pity to die with me, isn't it? You really want to die with your god Wu Qulong and live together, don't you? You don't even care about a small character like me."

She stopped talking and continued to sleep there, still in a daze. But I know that in her heart, in Chen Zihan's heart, I am the devil, the poor, a family is not sound, and there is no ability, death is not worth cherishing.