Chapter 39 Are You Shameless?

After she had inhaled more or less, she was exhausted and angry, saying that I almost beat her up, and all that stuff, saying that when she got out, she wouldn't let me go, even though I saved her.

I smiled and said, "Okay, as long as you can walk out of this mountain alive, you can do whatever you want, okay?"

The next day, the police car was really coming. The police cars were all here. Wu Di and the others definitely didn't dare to stay. They ran away long ago, so we went down the mountain safely.

At the police station, Ao Xiaoxue's parents came, along with Ao Xiaoxue's little sisters, and my father, Chen Shien, Chen Zihan, and so on. All of them came.

To be honest, I was very scared. If she told me about the fact that I almost violated her, I might have to go to the juvenile detention center. But when her mother asked her, how did you wear boys'shoes and clothes?

That was her answer. She pointed at me and said,

"He saved me, gave me his shoes, and saved me from a few people. One of them was Wu Di, and the others didn't know his name."

When the police asked me, I said the same thing. And I was so badly injured, bitten by a snake, and bleeding from my foot that I went straight to the hospital. The police also said that they would try their best to solve the case within a week and bring these criminals to justice.

And I couldn't relax because of my tense nerves. When my dad asked me what was going on with a frown and a dark face, I immediately fainted. I was too tired, too nervous, and finally relaxed. Instead, I fainted.

When I woke up again, it was in the hospital. Chen Shien came to see me and told me that all my injured feet were injured. The person who bit me wasn't a viper. There were other injuries to varying degrees on my body. I still had to be hospitalized for a week.

I asked her how Ao Xiaoxue was doing.

She said, "Ao Xiaoxue had a high fever and was hospitalized for a day. Then he went straight home and recuperated at home. You can rest easy too."

I asked her, "Did she say anything?"

Chen Shien said, "No, you're a hero this time. Ao Xiaoxue said you saved her, saved her in the hands of a few bad guys, and even put on clothes for her. Wait a minute. Zhang Feng, you did a good job this time, like a man."

To be honest, this was the first time stepmother Chen Shien praised me like this. I was a little flushed, and my dad didn't say anything about me.

After Chen Shien left, I was thinking that Ao Xiaoxue was a righteous man and didn't say anything about it. I was thinking that even if she said I wanted to force her, I would never admit it. Anyway, they didn't have any evidence to prove anything.

But then I went to high school, and after college, I realized that it was useless even if I didn't admit it. Ao Xiaoxue had my dna around him. As long as she opened her mouth, maybe my criminal identity would be confirmed. Then I would have to bear a crime all my life, and my life would be ruined.

In fact, I regretted doing such a thing. Even if I threatened Chen Shien to do such a thing, I was not so afraid. Maybe it was because Chen Shien had no background, but Ao Xiaoxue was different. Once things got out of hand, her family was rich and powerful. It was not easy to kill me.

Chen Zihan also came to see me once. He brought two little girls from the school, three of them, and thanked me for saving their elder sister.

Chen Zihan also brought me a dvd player with a smile and said, "This thing can be heard and seen in the hospital. It's been in the hospital for a week. Is it suffocating?"

I was speechless.

This is my little sister, so dirty, I am speechless, but she is so good to me, this is the first time, and also so sincere.

Was it all because of Ao Xiaoxue? This woman has so much energy?

A week later, they heard that the case had been solved and that the prisoners, including Wu Di, had disappeared. Their names had been pulled out. Indeed, they had committed crimes and killed people. They had been in prison before and were released later.

And this time, there were no casualties, the police said they would follow up, and if there was news, they would talk to the school, and my parents said, let's rest assured that they will not appear in the county for the time being, at least not during the middle school examination, let us take good care of the children, don't run around, go home after school.

A week later, I was also discharged from the hospital, but my dad didn't say anything. Chen Shien welcomed me home warmly, and Chen Zihan gave me a symbolic welcome.

When I got back to school, I was a little confused, because when I showed up in class, everyone, including Ergou, applauded me and said:

"The hero has returned! The hero saves the beauty, haha!"

Ergou also came over and said, "Brother Feng, you became famous in the first battle!"

Not to mention, because of this, I became a big shot in the school, but I don't know what Ao Xiaoxue was thinking, why she never showed up, and why she made me a hero!

I met Ao Xiaoxue's parents. They thanked me when they were at the police station. They also gave my parents a big gift. Chen Shien didn't want the money, but he gave some supplements and wine to my dad. In the end, they accepted it as a thank you for saving Ao Xiaoxue's life.

But only Ao Xiaoxue and I knew the truth.

When I saw Ao Xiaoxue again, I realized that she wasn't with Wu Qulong anymore, because Wu Qulong and she entered the school together, and they were like strangers.

At the gate, I called out to Ao Xiaoxue. She ignored me, as if she were looking at a stranger. In my heart, I felt a little uncomfortable for no reason.

I asked Chen Zihan about it. It turned out that Ao Xiaoxue was almost beaten up. It was known to everyone. Wu Qulong felt that she was no longer worthy of her, so he distanced himself from her. Although Ao Xiaoxue felt aggrieved, he could only accept the fact.

I don't know why, but when I heard this rumor, my heart turned sour.

I think no matter what, I did something wrong. She didn't say anything disgusting about me, so I should help him.

So, I went to find Wu Qulong myself.

Wu Qulong had just transferred to another school. In fact, every school had such students. Because he had to take the middle school examination, he transferred back to the place where he was registered. He just stayed in the school for a few months. In fact, he didn't have much relationship with the students here.

I want to tell Wu Qulong the truth. Ao Xiaoxue is clean. Why should he be wronged like this?

Wu Qulong was in Li Xunhuan's class, and when I went there, Wu Qulong was playing with Li Xunhuan and the others. Wu Qulong's grades weren't bad. I didn't understand why he got involved with Li Xunhuan. Logically speaking, he was a handsome guy who looked good.

But I still had to force a student to call Wu Qulong.

"Wu Qulong, someone's looking!"

"Who's looking for me?"

Wu Qulong looked up and met my eyes. I wasn't very tall, and I wasn't particularly tall. At least neither of them could compare to Wu Qulong, so my instinctive eyes shrank. But I came to talk to him about something, so I shouted directly:

"I'm looking for you. I have something to do. Come out!"

At this time, Li Xunhuan also saw my side, whistling with interest, smiled and came over, said:

"Oh, isn't this our hero? How does it feel to save big sister? Haha!"

When I heard this, I immediately felt disgusted. This Li Xunhuan was really disgusted. I waved my hand and said,

"Brother Xunhuan, that's what I'm talking to Wu Qulong about. Ao Xiaoxue is innocent. She wasn't violated! I was there, and I can prove it!"

Because the topic was a little sensitive, a lot of people pricked up their ears to listen to it, but Wu Qulong also understood the general situation, and immediately came out with me, but with Li Xunhuan and his group.

"Say it."

Wu Qulong asked, looking at me in the bathroom, lazily holding his arm.

I told him about the situation and told him about the thrilling place. And the fact that Ao Xiaoxue was almost forced. It was clear that Ao Xiaoxue still had his first time.

Li Xunhuan finally burst out laughing and said, "Are you kidding me? You knocked an adult unconscious with just one stone? As far as I know, their group of people, who have killed people before, are murderers, just you? Come on, I'll give you a stone. You hit me on the head. I'll see if you can knock me out!"

He also picked up a stone from the toilet and asked me to try it. It was such a humiliation. I was really furious, but I still suppressed it. I came to avenge Ao Xiaoxue. I was looking for Wu Qulong, not Li Xunhuan, so I didn't bother to talk to him.

I just stared at Wu Qulong:

"Ao Xiaoxue likes you a lot. I know. Do you dislike her because of this? I can assure you that Ao Xiaoxue is absolutely fine! You don't have to distance yourself from her because of this. You two are handsome and beautiful, a perfect match."

"I am not a perfect match for a broken flower or a fallen willow!"

Wu Qulong suddenly interrupted me. "Watch your language, Zhang Feng. And, do you think you can fool four murderers around by yourself, with a fake police bell? Besides, just like you, you took ao xiaoxue into the mountains for a night and hid for a night? Who would believe it? Not to mention anyone else, even Li Xunhuan, I don't think he has the ability."

He suddenly looked at me sideways and asked thoughtfully:

"It can't be that you took her first time, and after you had sex in the mountains, you came over to help her as a lobbyist, trying to make me happy to be a father, right?"

As soon as he said this, I couldn't bear it any longer. At that moment, I exploded and slapped him.

"Wu Qulong, what the hell are you doing? Are you shameless?"