Chapter 4 Be Stopped


I covered my burnt black arm and raised my head angrily. I saw a ferocious chinese character face. I was stunned and knew who he was. Li Xunhuan was the shoulder of our junior year three.

To tell the truth, this dog's name really made people want to fight. Ming Ming was big and thick, and he even named such a handsome name. It was an insult to the real xiao li feidao. But whoever dared to insult his name would be beaten to death by him, not because of his identity, the third year of junior high.

I never provoked him. Why did he burn me? I looked at him awkwardly and said, "Brother Xunhuan, I didn't take your sister's things. I'm an honest student. How dare I?"

I really don't dare, this guy is the school's shoulder, holding the whole school's little punk, who dares to provoke him, is waiting for death rhythm, plus it is the third year of junior high school, the school doesn't care about people like him anymore, in order to enter the school one more, so as long as he doesn't do too much, occasionally fighting the school will be too lazy to manage.

Li Xunhuan tilted his head and said to the boys on his left and right, "Take the toilet. Don't stay here. The teacher is watching!"

Immediately, the little brother beside him rushed to carry me to the toilet. Throughout the whole process, I didn't dare to resist. I still knew who they were. If I tried to resist or run away, the result would be even worse, unless I didn't want to go to school anymore.

Along the way, I wailed like Li Xunhuan:

"Brother Xunhuan, it's really a misunderstanding. I really didn't take anything from your sister. I don't know who your sister is."

"Don't write!" All of a sudden, he punched me in the stomach. I almost vomited out the acid and my whole body went limp.

After entering the toilet, it was smelly and the floor was full of water, so he threw me directly to the floor, but it was sloppy, but now I'm lying on the floor, so scared, I don't care if it's dirty or not.

I called out to Brother Xunhuan again. Another punk stepped on my back from behind. I fell to the ground with a piece of shit. Li Xunhuan stepped forward and picked up my hair.

During this period, I screamed a few times, and he tore my hair so much that my scalp almost didn't come off. It hurt so much that it tore my heart out.

Li Xunhuan didn't want to let me go. He slapped me in the face seven or eight times. I was almost a pig's head, so he would let me go. My mouth was bleeding. It was hard to see. But Li Xunhuan was so ruthless that he could dominate the entire third middle school.

My nose was bleeding, and I was about to cry. I could hold it back, but I still asked miserably and lowly:

"Brother Xunhuan, can you tell me who your sister is?"

"This idiot, I still don't know that Zi Han is your sister. Brother Xunhuan, do you want to educate him?"

The little gangster in the back thought that he didn't hit me enough and wanted to come.

But his words stunned me. Zi Han, Chen Zihan? My eyes widened.

"It's Chen Zihan, it's her?"

I almost cried out in shock. Li Xunhuan pinched my chin, held my hair, and smiled darkly:

"Remember? Take something from her and return it to me as soon as possible. It's only for today. Otherwise, tomorrow morning will be your day of death. You should know what I am doing!"

After that, he threw me away. I fell by the urinal in the toilet. The endless humiliation made me angry.