Chapter 40 My Business Is None of Your Business

With a slap, Wu Qulong was stunned. Not only was he stunned, but other people were also stunned, including Li Xunhuan and black skin. They never expected me to hit someone publicly.

To be honest, how could I have dared to fight a man like Li Xunhuan in the past, let alone a rich second generation like Wu Qulong, because I was powerless and powerless and could not fight them at all.

But now, not only did I dare, I also scolded Wu Qulong fiercely.

This time, the whole toilet exploded. Wu Qulong covered his face and looked at me in disbelief.

"You, how dare you hit me?"

I blew up too:

"He's the only one I hit. What's wrong? Ao Xiaoxue is innocent, you beast. Why is he ruined?"

But as soon as I said this, Wu Qulong's fist got stuffy. I had to say that although Wu Qulong was a pretty boy, he was a little better than a malnourished guy like me. His fist made my nose bleed. When I was about to resist, Li Xunhuan dropped his cigarette and shouted,


Black skin, Li Xunhuan, and a few of their men surrounded me in an instant. Their fists rained down on me, and Li Xunhuan yelled as he hit me.

"Do you think you're going to be awesome if you hook up with that bitch Ao Xiaoxue? After being a hero for once, you really think you're a garlic? I don't even care about me anymore. I'll kick you to death!"

Wu Qulong was even more exaggerating, using both hands and feet. He was a rich, second-generation boy, and he liked to bully others. Plus, he had a little money on him. He happened to be the school boss like Li Xunhuan. Of course, he was in cahoots with him.

"Damn it, damn it!"

Every time Wu Qulong hit me, he called out "Nima." Every time, he increased his strength. I felt an unprecedented pain. I felt my head spin away.

I resisted, and I knew that I resisted. I wasn't a fool. I grabbed Wu Qulong by the collar and kept beating him. I didn't care how many fists and blood marks I had on me. I was a little crazy at that moment, but I was still too young for them.

Very soon, I was beaten to the ground, kneeling directly on the ground, unable to resist. There was urine on the toilet floor, and it was disgusting.

Wu Qulong rolled his eyes and lifted the big rock up, grinning at me.

"Very good, not bad. You still dare to resist. I heard from brother xunhuan that you never dared to resist before. Now that you're a cow, you actually resisted for a woman. You have guts. It seems that you like that spoiled willow. I wasn't sure if she had played with you before, but now I'm sure that even if she hadn't been played by those guys, she must have been played by you. That's why you're so nervous about her. Really?"

"Since you said that a stone can knock a person unconscious, I'll try for the time being."

I ripped his collar open, and I gave him a bit of a blow, but it was nothing compared to the injuries on my body. He just walked over step by step. Li Xunhuan and the others stood by and watched the show. Two gangsters held me down.

My eyes widened. Was this him? If this big rock fell, I might be killed. I screamed:

"Don't mess around. This is a death sentence!"

"Hehe, don't worry, I won't let you die. I just want you to see the blood. The person who dares to touch my Wu Qulong is not born yet!"

After he finished speaking, he intended to smash it down, but just at that critical moment, a voice came out like the sound of heaven:

"Stop it, Wu Qulong!"

The sound came from outside the toilet, only to see a pretty figure rushing in with several sisters.

It was Ao Xiaoxue, as well as Chen Zihan. I took a look at Chen Zihan and immediately understood that she had brought someone here. Otherwise, Ao Xiaoxue himself would never have come.

Aoxiaoxue brought a lot of sisters with her. She didn't care if this was a men's room, so she barged in and called out to Wu Qulong.

"Put down the stone for me. You want to kill someone? Are you crazy?"

"Ha... You're here? Beauty saves bear?"

Wu Qulong scoffed. "You used to pretend to be a lady in front of me, but now you dare to break into the men's room. What about your reserve? Or have you never been reserved?"

"Snap!" With a hard slap, Ao Xiaoxue hit him on the face. I saw that Ao Xiaoxue's eyes were a little red, but she was still angry.

"You are shameless!"

Then she glanced at Li Xunhuan and the others and shouted, "Get out of the way! I want to take someone with me!"

Li Xunhuan and the others looked at it and started to tease, "Oh, I didn't believe what Wu Qulong said. It seems to be true. Are you having an affair with this egg? Did he play with you long ago?"

Black skin and others also laughed, "Yes, big sister, how do you explain this? You saved him? It's hard to say."

"Get lost!"

Ao Xiaoxue was too lazy to explain. He kicked black leather, pulled my collar, and pulled it out.

But just as she was about to take me out of the men's room, someone stopped her:

"Xiao Xue, what do you mean? Look at what he did to me. You're here to slap me again, and now you're taking someone away. What do you mean?"

This man was Wu Qulong. Wu Qulong was no longer the little boy he had been, but a complete hooligan. He had always been pure and innocent, and his face was even more disgusting than Li Xunhuan's.

Li Xunhuan, on the other hand, followed him. Could money really turn a gangster into a dog?

Li Xunhuan also blocked Ao Xiaoxue's way:

"Eldest sister, they are all from the same school. They are about to take the middle school examination. They are about to roll. Aren't you too shameless to play like this?"

Ao Xiaoxue raised his cold eyes, bit his teeth and said angrily:

"Move or not? You want me to call my brother?"

Li Xunhuan's whole body froze at the words that brought her brother out. Then, what did he say in Wu Qulong's ear? Wu Qulong sneered.

"Get your street punk's big brother out of here, and let him kill me!"

"I wasn't sure before, but now that you're so protective of him, it looks like you really have something! Fine, I'll give you face. Let's go! But I advise you, Zhang Feng, she can protect you for a while, not for the rest of your life!"

Wu Qulong and Li Xunhuan, with a wave of their hands, took people away, and I, Ao Xiaoxue and Chen Zihan's people, fished out the men's room.

After putting me down, I whispered to her, thank you.

However, she did not look at me coldly and lost a sentence, "In the future, I don't need you to care about my affairs."

After that, she left with her little sisters, who were still whispering to each other about why she saved me and why she wanted to protect me. But I think only Chen Zihan knows.

Chen Zihan walked over, looked at me and shook his head. He handed me a piece of paper and said,

"Okay, I know you're doing this for the good of ao xiaoxue, or I won't take her to save you, but you'd better leave her alone. Besides, you stink and go back to wash up. You're getting bolder and bolder. You dared to fight Ao Xiaoxue before, and now you dare to fight Li Xunhuan. Do you want to graduate?"

Then she left too, so the matter was solved quickly, and the teacher didn't come to catch her, but our teacher saw me like this and asked me what was going on. Did I fall into the pit? I replied in a bad mood, "Yes, I fell into the pit. What's wrong?"

That teacher was also inexplicable, said: "The current students, really do not understand, a shit can fall into the pit, really stinky."

I took a leave of absence, went home, took a shower, and just when I was done, I wanted to go to the bathroom. I was thinking about how to get revenge, and what Ao Xiaoxue meant. I helped her, but she didn't appreciate it and called me a rapist. I don't understand what's going on between her and Wu Qulong.

Besides, Wu Qulong let go of his last words. Ao Xiaoxue can't help me next time, right? I completely offended Wu Qulong and Li Xunhuan this time. Although Li Xunhuan had promised Chen Zihan not to hit me before, it was useless now.

I thought about it. Why don't I just fight them for the first time? At worst, it's just death. I've been through death once before. What am I afraid of them for?

At the thought of this, I was prepared to fight them hard at the worst. Today, I also beat Wu Qulong to prove that he was a person, and I was a person. Why should I be bullied by them all the time? Moreover, since I resisted Ao Xiaoxue, my state of mind has gradually changed. It is no longer that mindset of being bullied. I have to resist!

In any case, the middle school exam or something, my grades are not very good, not where to go, if they really hit me again, I will not be discouraged!

After that, I decided to go back and find some compasses, rulers, and other things to make a weapon. In other words, compasses are very cruel. Some students used to stab people with compasses. If they wanted to force me, I wouldn't be afraid to stab one to release blood.

However, just as I was about to open the bathroom door and go out, suddenly, someone came in. It was Chen Shien, and a man, and the man wasn't my father.

It's that grandson of Zhou De. He dares to come to my house. My father is not at home. Are they...