Chapter 41 The Jade And Stone Burned to the Ground

I was so angry. Indeed, my father's business was going down, and it was hard to support his family, and he was in debt, but this was not the reason why he was so rampant in my family! Even if he was out there, I couldn't see Chen Shien, and I couldn't care less.

I coughed and knocked on the door of my toilet, indicating that I was at home. At the same time, I called out loudly and comfortably:

"It's done. It's so smooth!"

Then I even flushed the toilet, and the sound of snoring water resounded through the quiet house.

He pulled Zhou De down from heaven.

The whole living room was still exuding a lewd aura, but now, it was directly awkward and static.

I pushed open the bathroom door and went around Chen Zihan's bedroom, intending to walk into the living room.

I heard the rustling of clothes in the living room, the flurry of hands, making me snicker in my heart, making you guys and girls fool around here, so it's too late to get dressed.

Zhou De was also a shameless person, whispering to Chen Shien, "Why is there really someone in your family?"

Chen Shien exclaimed.

"Xiaofeng, why are you absent from class?"

Zhou De stared at me coldly.

"You're skipping class again. It wasn't enough for you to stay in school, was it? Do you really want to be expelled?"

I slapped a few times, and it was loud. The whole living room echoed with my slap.

"That's awesome. In my house, Chen Shien, you and Zhou De, you can do such a dirty thing here. You can do it!"

"And you, director Zhou De, you're even better. You're here to do this with Chen Shien, you're here to question me, you're here to threaten me, you're here to fire me. If I've already taken your video, sent it to the principal, or even publicized it at school, do you think you can still maintain your position as a grade director, or do you think you can keep your job? That's all a question, isn't it?"

Originally, they were just angry that I had disturbed his mood. But when I said those words, there was a strong smell of gunpowder immediately.

Zhou De's face immediately changed. He turned to look at Chen Shien, and chen shien quickly scolded him.

"Xiaofeng, don't talk nonsense. Your director and I are just discussing the exchange of experience in student education. I just went to the third generation as a self-study teacher, and I can more or less help you students who are about to take the middle school examination!"

I interrupted her directly:

"You want to take off your clothes for your exchange of experience? Are you kidding me?"

I glared at Chen Shien, at Zhou De, and roared:

"Before, I had to endure the two of you. I knew you two were having an affair. I was still suing you at my dad's place, but my dad was too pedantic to believe me. But this time, I had a video in my hand, so there's no use in your excuses."

In fact, I didn't take the video, I just lied to him, trying to piss Zhou De off and make Zhou De stop pestering Chen Shien in the future.

But Zhou De smiled.

"Zhang Feng, where's the video you took? You have surveillance? I don't believe it. Your nonsense is too fake..."

As soon as he finished saying this, he rushed up and grabbed my neck with lightning speed. At the same time, he ripped open my pocket and trouser pocket and took my cell phone.

This phone, it's new. Chen Shien took one of the two phones that Chen Zihan didn't want. Mine was lost when it was used as an alarm on mount yue. Maybe it was taken away by Wu Di's group. The police didn't find it for me anyway.

I exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

And Zhou De had already thrown his hand and his mouth, and knocked me over. Not to mention, this guy had practiced, and his hands and feet were very hard. When he fought, he was no worse than the pe teachers in our school, and no worse than Li Xunhuan. Compared with these adults, I was really too young.

"Hmph! You're too good at lying! Is this what you took?"

He held his phone and smiled. Even if it was, it was gone now!

He threw his phone on the floor and stomped on it.

"If you don't educate this kid, you won't know how high heaven and earth are!"

Zhou De, an adult, was no worse than my dad. He was a little stronger than Li Xunhuan. He hit me like this, and I couldn't resist him at all. He was too strong, his hands and feet were too hard, and every time he hit me, it was as if he was going to kill me.

Not long after, I fell to the ground and he stepped on me with his leather shoes.

Chen Shien saw it and shouted, "Don't hit the child!"

Chen Shien pounced on him and hugged him.

"All right, all right, the child is not sensible. It's just a joke. As for you, if you are like this, I will break up with you!"

"I was going to break up with you, and you're still clinging to me. I've given you enough benefits, haven't I?"

But Zhou De still refused to stop. The more he fought, the harder he fought.

"Zhou De, stop! Or I'll blow myself up, and you won't be able to be the director! My teacher's career is over, and I don't care!"

Chen Shien threatened directly, and it was only then that zhou de stopped.

He smiled grimly, came over, pulled Chen Shien's hair, grabbed her hair, slapped her, then pinched her chin, and said proudly:

"Heh heh, just like your husband said, a complete bitch, with money, anyone can go up to you, and kill your ex-husband, a bitch like you!"

"Let her go!" I pounced on Zhou De and fought with him.

Yes, even if Chen Shien was a slut, then she was a woman, and she was extremely beautiful. Even if she was a human being, she would not be so abused by Zhou De. This was not to a person, but to an animal!

And Chen Shien, who just saved me, saved me before, and has been taking care of me for a while now, I believe she has her reasons!

I really believe this moment!

So I saved her.

But Zhou De was so angry that he beat both of us up and said, "Wow, wow, a bitch, the son of a fool who didn't know about being cuckolded, the little fool. Hehe, hehe, it's hard to say."

I was a man after all. I was fighting with him. But at this moment, I suddenly heard a voice. Chen Shien rushed over with a kitchen knife, pointed at Zhou De and said angrily:

"Are you going or not? Are you going or not? If you don't leave, I'll kill you, and then I'll kill myself. We'll all die!"

At this moment, Chen Shien's hair was disheveled, the blood at the corner of her mouth, the wounds on her body, the marks on her face, the angry veins on her neck, but it showed her sadness at this moment.

"Xiaofeng, come here, come here!"

I was beaten badly. I was already beaten by Li Xunhuan and the others. Now I'm beaten again. My body is badly injured. I can get up, but Chen Shien is like this. I'm also shocked. This is the first time I've seen her like this.

When I got up, I walked behind her.

Chen shien pointed a knife at Zhou De.

"Why did you force me? I did everything you promised me. Did you promise me? Did you do anything? I didn't even have a formal teacher's title. Didn't you call the principal, but you still said that I wasn't qualified. Besides, the bonus for my performance and the gifts from the parents of the good students I brought out were originally for me. Didn't you take them all away? You're a vampire. How much more do you want? You're satisfied. You just let it go. Tell me, it's been so long. If you want to play with me, do you dare to refuse?"

"Today, I won't say anything. Get out of here, you go! Otherwise, we will die together. Yes, I am a bitch, but I will kill you too!"

The noise was so loud that the neighbors might have heard it. There was a knock on the door outside, and Zhou De was panicked. He was also injured, and he was afraid that Chen Shien would go crazy and chop. Besides, seeing Chen Shien like this, he was already planning to burn all the stones. He gritted his teeth and spat fiercely. There was also a mouthful of blood and phlegm on the ground:

"Okay, Chen Shien, you have guts. You have guts all over your family! After using me, you just want to kick me out, right? This is not over!"

"Keep going crazy, psycho!"

Then, he pointed at me, at Chen Shien, and pointed.

After that, he opened the door and left. The moment he opened the door, a lot of neighbors came to ask what was going on. I slammed the door shut.

When the crowd dispersed, she fell to the floor and cried loudly. Her hair fell to the ground, and tears flowed down her beautiful face.

It wasn't until this moment that I realized that Chen Shien was also a poor person, a poor woman. Indeed, she had her own difficulties, which she had no choice but to do.

It's just that I'm a child, a minor, and I don't know how to understand it.

I just stared at her in a daze, she looked at me, held my head, and fell down with me, crying, crying...

"Xiaofeng, are you okay?"

After a long, long time, she asked me, her voice was hoarse.

I said yes, and my voice became hoarse from shouting. I also asked:

"Teacher, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Chen Shien cried again. "Well, get up and wash up. Don't let your father come back and see this. I don't know how to explain it."

I thought about it, too. I got up and nodded, "Well, I won't tell anyone else. Don't worry. Let this go. But what if Zhou De, the grandson, bothers you again? You still let him..."

I didn't say the last dry word, but she shook her head and said firmly:

"In the future, no one can touch my body except my husband. Even if I die, I won't be a bitch anymore."

In an instant, two tears streamed down her face.

And the moment her first tear fell on the floor, the door of the house opened and the person standing at the door was my father's anxious and angry face.