Chapter 42 It's Killing People

I was confused about the rest because when my dad came back, he hugged Chen Shien and asked her how she was doing, how she was doing, and why I was here.

He also said that I heard from my neighbor that someone was making trouble and almost killed someone, so I quickly came back. Who was it?

I added,

"Director Zhou De!"

My father was so angry that he looked at me and then at Chen Shien's clothes and body.

"Did he do this? He did it? Hitting my son and bullying my wife, does he want to die?"

My dad picked up the knife that fell on the ground and was about to chase it out. In fact, no matter who the man was, after such a thing, how could he not be angry?

But before he could run out, Chen Shien stopped him.


When my father heard Chen Shien's decisive voice, he turned around in confusion, but in exchange for Chen Shien's words:

"I slept with him..."

It was a simple sentence, but it stopped my dad and me. My dad and I both know about this, but Chen Shien doesn't know that my dad already knows about it. Now, is she going to tell the whole story? Looking at her, is she going to change?

My father, instead of putting down the knife in his hand, gritted his teeth and said without looking back:

"I knew it!"

After that, he opened the door directly. After the door slammed shut, my father's body was no longer there.

At that time, I was thinking that it would be great to have Zhou De's grandson killed by my father.

Chen Shien also realized that it was not until my father walked out for a while that she suddenly realized that her teary eyes, like a kite hit by the rain, kept falling down. Her lips trembled and her body trembled. Her voice, like lin daiyu's, was crying.

"He knows? Did he already know? Then why did he, then why did he still tolerate me and never expose us, him, he..."

I interrupted her:

"Yes, my dad already knew. He didn't say it because he wanted to be shameful, and we all had to live together. Without you, our family wouldn't be able to survive. He said that although the money was money without conscience, he didn't want to hurt you. He could only obey you and see what you like to do, so he didn't say anything."

After Chen Shien heard this, she covered her face and fell into tears. Her whole body was trembling and she was crying like a little girl. Until now, until then, she might not know that she had done something wrong. It doesn't matter if a family is poor, nor does it matter if a family lives a hard life. The most important thing is mutual trust and tolerance.

But very soon, she came to her senses and immediately grabbed me and shouted,

"Xiaofeng, come on, stop your dad. He might really kill someone. He's going to pay for it. He's going to jail!"

"Go and stop him!"

She shouted. I just realized that, too. Yes, my father was so impulsive. Chen Shien and I were beaten up like this by a beast like Zhou De, but no big man could bear it. He killed someone. If he went to jail, what would happen to our family? Chen Zihan and I both dropped out of school. How could we have money to go to school?

I was a fool too. I immediately patted my head and shouted to chen shien, "Okay, I'll go right away!"

Chen Shien quickly got up and said, "I'll call Zi Han. Director Zhou must have gone to school. If something terrible happens in school, then it's over. What about the middle school exams for you and Zi Han?"

As she spoke, she began to cry again.

I don't have time to care about her anymore. My dad's business is the big deal.

So, I ran and ran, and I took a taxi to school, but when Chen Shien and I realized it, it was already ten minutes past. Even if we were in a hurry, I was afraid it would be too late, but I was still mumbling along the way, don't do anything stupid, don't do anything stupid. Dad, although you are not a good father, but if you really killed someone, what would we do?

When I thought of this, my eyes were filled with tears.

But what I never expected was that I was still late.

When I went there, the whole building was full of people. It was crowded with students and teachers. There was also Doorman from the school. The security guards on the next street and so on. The police arrived. The police cars were on the outskirts. Everyone else was surrounded.

As soon as I got to the outskirts, I heard the voices of the people around me talking about killing people and who died. There was blood all over the floor, stabbing our teaching director and sending him to the hospital.

He also said that the parents of the students were too crazy, the teachers were too stressed, and the teachers were too stressed. If they were not good, they would be stabbed to death by the parents of the students.

Some also said that this matter must be strictly investigated and dealt with, not to let such scum appear again.

Hearing these words, my brain exploded. The dean, isn't that Zhou De? I immediately pulled a student over and asked what was going on.

One of the students said to me, "You don't know yet. A parent of a student is here. Maybe it's because of the child. He fell out with the director and stabbed him with a knife."

I asked him, "Who stabbed who, who is the director, and what hospital are you going to now?"

He said, "I don't know. It seems to be director Zhou in the third year of junior high school."

I asked another teacher. After I knew director Zhou, I immediately asked, "What about the parent who stabbed him?"

The teacher said, "What's wrong? You know him. He's in such a hurry. I think he just went to the police station!"

I burst into tears and said, "Yeah, that's my dad. Tell me where he went, where he was taken. Did the police car leave?"

The teacher was frightened, probably as if afraid that I would stab him too, and said quickly, "I don't know, I don't know."

Then he ran away. He was a male teacher. He was really a loser. But I didn't have time to care about him. I ran to the police car over there and saw that there was no father inside. But when I was in a hurry, I asked the people inside:

"Police uncle, the one who just stabbed someone, has he been sent to the police station? Can you take me there? That's my father!"

The policeman inside, seeing that I was in such a hurry, asked doubtfully, "Your father?"

I said, "Yeah, can you take me? I was wronged. My dad didn't mean to stab anyone. He was framed. Don't arrest him!"

The police officers heard me say that and took a male teacher who was better off with Zhou De with them.

Seeing me in there, he asked the police, "Whose child is this?"

"It's zhang hong's!"

The male teacher's face immediately changed, "The son of a murderer? Then don't put me with him. I'll kill him. I'll sit in front."

Then he insisted on changing seats, but I was so angry that I almost kicked him to death. I scolded him, "Thank you for being a teacher. Don't talk nonsense without evidence!"

The male teacher blew up the pot.

"You want more evidence? With so many eyes, seeing your father stab director Zhou, director Zhou is now in the hospital, so you can pray that he's not dead yet. Otherwise, your father will be convicted of murder, and he will be sentenced to life or death. How can such a bad parent be!"

But I was angry. I wanted to stand up and beat him up. Pointing at him, I scolded him. The male teacher pointed at me and said, "See? The son of a murderer, where can his quality go? I told you that this school would be over if we didn't clean it up. If we keep taking in these ill-bred children, we shouldn't let such people into the school no matter how much we lack students."

The policeman next to me, on the other hand, told him to shut up, and when the police said anything else, the male teacher wouldn't dare to bb anything.

Along the way, I was so nervous that when I got to the police station, I had to take a statement and tell me something. After that, I told the police officer:

"Uncle policeman, my dad was really wronged. It was that Zhou De who beat me and my stepmother like this. Look at the injuries on my body. He wanted to rape my stepmother, so my dad couldn't be angry. He stabbed him, but it was self-defense!"

The policeman smiled and said, "This is not self-defense. I will confirm the situation between you and your stepmother first. You can call your stepmother too. The law will definitely give you justice. Don't worry!"

Then let me go back. Along the way, I was very nervous. They didn't even let me see my dad, so they wouldn't hit him. The prisons in the movies were so dark that the prisoners didn't have to live. There was no chance to change their faces. They were either killed or raped. It was terrible.

Before I got home, I bumped into Chen Zihan, who was walking towards me. Her face was dark. When she saw her, she asked me:

"What happened? Did your father kill someone?"

I replied angrily, "Your father just killed someone. Shut up!"

Then I went in. Chen Shien was inside. After washing up, he saw us coming back and asked me:

"Xiaofeng, the police called me over. It's already happened. There's nothing we can do about it. I'll go to the police station with you first, then go to the hospital to see Zhou De. I heard he's not seriously injured. He shouldn't have died. Don't be too nervous."

When I heard her say that, my tense heart eased, but I knew that even if he was not dead, my father's intentional assault would be enough to eat a pot of food, and almost died, and the impact was very big. So many people saw that the evidence and evidence were all there, and it was useless to argue.

However, it was this trip to the police station that brought our whole family into a world of doom.