Chapter 43 Come On, I Have Your Stepmother!

Originally, I had been to the police station before, so I came back and went with Chen Shien. According to the police who gave me a statement before, as long as zhou de beat me and Chen Shien to the truth, then my father's plot could be measured, and not really sentenced for many years at once. As long as zhou de could understand, he might just fine some money, which would not constitute murder. Moreover, Zhou De's behavior, according to the principle, They also had to be fined and detained.

But what I didn't expect was that after we went there, the group of cops who took us to the police station and gave me a statement changed their mouths and refused to admit it. The male teacher, on the other hand, was adamant that my father killed someone.

No matter what we said, it was useless. Even Chen Shien wanted to kneel down for them, but it still didn't work. Instead, a kind policeman reminded us that we could go to next week. He said that in this situation, Zhou De may have used some connections. As long as we and zhou de can mediate privately, then this matter can be reduced to a small matter.

After that, Chen Shien and I went to the hospital to see Zhou De. Zhou De was not dead. The place where my father stabbed him was actually the second place. There was a lot of blood, but death was definitely not enough. When we went there, he was already in a daze. It was a question whether his little brother could be saved, so when he saw us, he blew up the pot and said that he wanted to kill my dad. He had to sentence him. There was nothing to discuss.

He pointed at Chen Shien and said, "You seduced me first. I didn't hurt you."

No matter how hard they tried to deny it, it was a miracle that those people at the police station actually admitted all of his statements, even if they didn't believe our statements, saying that we didn't have any evidence, that he had evidence, that the murder weapon was there.

We can't argue!

There was no choice. Chen Shien, Chen Zihan, and I could only think of ways to deal with the neighbors who saw Zhou De go out. If we can prove that Zhou De did show up at my house and beat Chen Shien and me up, then things will change.

However, in just a few hours, everything changed. No wonder what I had to say to the police at that time. He asked me to go home first, just to make a false statement and to make everything black white. And that kind policeman's reminder was right. Zhou De must have put his finger on my father to kill him!

Unexpectedly, they even bribed their neighbors. Asking the neighbors, they were also mumbling that they didn't know, that they didn't see, and that they didn't know director Zhou De at all.

It was then that chen shien and I realized what it meant to go to the ground without a door or a path to heaven. In that case, my dad would have to go to jail. It didn't help that we begged people, or even schools.

For a few days in a row, we couldn't see my father. They said they couldn't see a murderer. I scolded them angrily, "What kind of police are you? No one died. You're a murderer. What kind of crime are you committing?"

As a result, I was warned by the police and said, "Young man, if you talk so much, you will be locked up!"

In the end, there was nothing else to do. Chen Shien even went to Zhou De's hospital. I heard from her that she wouldn't even let him continue to be his lover and vent. He just refused to let my dad go to jail!

In this way, I didn't even go to school, so I had to wait at home for the day my father was sentenced. Chen Shien was at home crying. Chen Zihan had been comforting and taking care of Chen Shien, and didn't go to school. Even the school called and asked Chen Zihan if he didn't plan to take the middle school examination, which was about to register for the middle school examination.

Chen Zihan replied directly:

"Such a dirty school, it doesn't matter if you don't study. My good grades won't bring honor to a school like yours!"

Obviously, once Chen Zihan took the middle school examination, it was a level that could give the school a place, and the school didn't even bother to ask me about a piece of mud like me.

But Chen Shien refused, stubbornly asking Chen Zihan to sign up, and also asking me to sign up, saying:

"If you don't go, I'll die to show you. It's already so difficult for you to study at home. If you don't, what's that? Then what do you think your father and I have done?"

Chen Zihan and I had no choice but to go back to school to sign up, because it was not long before the middle school examination. Chen Shien said, "I'm still a school teacher. I think it's better than the two of you. Don't worry, I will protect your father!"

The day I went back to school, the sky was grey. I felt that this shabby school was nothing. The sky of the school was no longer the blue and clear sky of the past.

When Ergou saw me again, looking at me like this, he quickly asked me:

"Brother Feng, what happened? I heard that director Zhou was stabbed and almost died. Is that your father?"

I thought he hated it, so I scolded him, "Yes, what's wrong? I can't wait to stab Zhou De to death!"

My voice was so loud that the whole class heard me. They all looked at me with a strange look. It seemed that there were already many people who knew about this. This lousy school was not for the middle school entrance examination. I was too lazy to come.

The teacher didn't say anything, but was a little afraid of me. After signing up, I didn't even plan to go to class, so I had to leave.

The teacher didn't care about me, but there weren't many people in the class. Many of them didn't come to school in the last half month, so they just went home to study.

When I was almost at the school gate, I didn't care what happened to Chen Zihan. I just wanted to go back and ask Chen Shien if he had any ideas.

But just before I left the school gate, my stomach hurt and I almost fell to the ground.

"Brother Xunhuan, I told you, am I right? The son of this murderer dares to come to school!"

I looked up and realized that it was Wu Qulong. It was also him that made me pee all over. When I got home, I saw Chen Shien and Zhou De having an affair, which triggered my father's murder.

After much thought, the root of everything was in this goddamned Wu Qulong. If he still dared to kick me, I wouldn't be angry.

Li Xunhuan seemed to have been completely bribed by this rich man. He walked up with a baseball bat in his hand. He was going to take the middle school examination anyway. He signed up and didn't need to go to school. No one cared about him, so he came to school with a baseball bat and hit people. No one said anything. He turned a blind eye. Besides, there was a big murder incident in school these two days. Who had the time to care about him?

"It's really this egg. Hehe, what is it? Kicking you, are you still not convinced?"

Li Xunhuan, black skin, and a few of their dog legs immediately surrounded me. Li Xunhuan handed the baseball bat to Wu Qulong.

"All right, it's almost graduation. Revenge, revenge, revenge. Qu Long, come on!"

Wu Qulong took the baseball bat, waved it at me, and smiled.

"What kind of eyes are you looking at, killing people like your father? Did you bring a knife?"

"Besides, I remember telling you that the last time that bitch Ao Xiaoxue helped you, I'll let you go. This time, I'll see who else helped you!"

I rubbed my belly, struggled, and stood up. I looked at him and looked at him coldly:

"The root of all this is your grandson. If it weren't for you, there wouldn't be so much trouble. I haven't provoked you, and you still beat me. In the end, whether it's this school or this society, it's all about the weak. The weak just wait to die and be bullied, right?"

I was enraged when I thought of the faces of the police in the police station, the faces of Zhou De and his people, and the indifferent and irrelevant neighbors.

"Well, of course, the weak are only bullied!"

Wu Qulong had swung his baseball bat down and hit me hard on the forehead.

"I don't like your eyes. You're getting more and more fond of pretending! It's cao nima's!"

This hit was quite fierce. Blood was dripping from my forehead. Some of it was dripping into my eyes, but I didn't even blink and stared at him like a god of death.

"Damn it!"

He hit me on the forehead again, and I felt dizzy. I was so angry that I took out the compass I had prepared in my pocket for a long time and stabbed it with the sharp object.

"Damn it, I knew you were hiding something, just like your father, a murderer!"

At that critical moment, Li Xunhuan shot up, or else I would have become a murderer.

He grabbed my hand and kicked me in the stomach. The next second, they all rushed up and beat me up.

This time, without any suspense, I was beaten into the water. No matter how much I struggled against it, it was in vain and I could only hold my head and curl up in a ball.

"Stop it, stop it!"

A beautiful female voice came with a stern voice.

"It's you again. What excuse do you have today? Today, this kid wants to stab me to death. Look!"

Wu Qulong picked up the compass, a sharp needle, once pierced into a person's body, it was either dead or injured.

The woman who came was Ao Xiaoxue and her gangster sisters.

"Big sister, it's almost the holidays. From now on, you won't be big sister anymore. For such a waste, what about you?"

Li Xunhuan snorted. "Can't you really tell Qu Long that you like this egg?"

Wu Qulong hit me a few more times with a stick. My head was covered in blood. He let me go and walked to Ao Xiaoxue.

"As I said, you can protect him for a while, but not for the rest of his life! Let's go!"

After they left, Ao Xiaoxue took me to the infirmary. Along the way, the little sisters were still questioning her, "Xiao Xue, what's going on? Save him time and time again?"

"Eldest sister, how are the sisters going to get along after this gets out? You can save the son of this murderer too?"

"You don't really like him, do you?"

"Get lost!"

Ao Xiaoxue lifted his eyes coldly and let the noise dissipate.

The female school doctor tutted a few times, saying how hard it was to hit, then helped me treat it, apply medicine, and so on.

I couldn't even lift my eyelids. I looked at ao xiaoxue and asked, "Did Zi Han look for you again?"

She shook her head and said no!

"Then why did you save me?" I shook my head and said angrily, "Don't you care about me?"


She was so choked up by me that she had nothing to say. She was sitting on the side. I actually knew that she had a good heart.

"You deserve to be killed!"

"Yes, I deserve it!"

I snorted, "I'm still the son of a murderer. How dare you save me?"

She was speechless again.

After I became addicted to bandaging, I was about to go out. She called me from behind, "You're like this. What are you going to do?"

I replied impatiently, "You like me, so you care about me?"

For some reason, she suddenly stopped and lowered her head, not knowing what to do.

I couldn't care less about her, so I kept walking. Just then, my cell phone rang.

It was Chen Shien. Did he think of a way to save my dad?

I quickly picked up the phone.

"Hey, teacher, have you found a way to save my dad?"

On the other side, there was no sound I was familiar with. Instead, there was a wild laugh.

"I didn't expect that, but I figured out how to play with your stepmother, didn't I, bitch?"

Suddenly, I heard a woman screaming:

"Xiaofeng, ignore him! Take Zi Han and get out of the city! Run! Anywhere!"

This is Chen Shien's voice.

But the man gave her a mouthful: "Shut up, bitch!"

He said something to me on the phone:

"How about it, little brother Zhang Feng? Come on, I have your stepmother! You've caused us so much pain, hahaha!"

"Come on, you stepmother, your skin is really white."

I can hear it even when it's ashes! It was not someone else's voice, but Wu Di, that horrible Fat Wu Di's voice! Led by hua zi, the voice of one of the five or six true killers!