Chapter 44 Go to the Meeting Alone

My heart was almost broken. My family was already in such a terrible situation. My father was in prison waiting to be sentenced, and I was beaten like this by Wu Qulong's pretentious calf. I was already hopelessly disappointed. Now my only hope is that Chen Shien was caught by Fat Wu Di and his gang?

How can this not make me despair?

My voice was almost trembling. I almost dropped my phone and talked to the person on the phone:

"Wu, Wu Di, I don't have any grudges with you. You want to do this to me, you want to do this to my family. Hurry up, you let her go, or I'll kill you!"

I gritted my teeth, but my lips were still trembling.

"Oh, little brat, you are only allowed to come to Xigong ktv within an hour. When you get there, there will naturally be someone to pick you up. If you dare not come, your stepmother will not know if she is still alive. If you come late, I don't know how many people are going to get her. I just gave her some medicine. Tsk tsk, look at her drooling. I don't know how many men to serve before she will stop. This slut, tsk tsk, is really something special, hahaha."

Then he hung up.

"What the hell, Wu Di? Don't hang up. I'll kill you, I'll kill you!"

Ever since Chen Shien and I fought against Zhou De together, I've decided that she's my own family. Even if I don't recognize her as my mother, she's my family, my teacher, my elder. Besides, she's still attached to my father after something like this. Obviously, she has feelings. She really has nothing to say to my stepson.

How could I have the heart to let her be fooled by such an animal murderer?

"No, I have to save her!"

After saying this, I ran away in a panic. At that moment, I didn't want anything but to save chen shien. Even if my father was in prison at this time, nothing would happen for a while. But chen shien's rescue was different. This guy can't even catch a murderer by the police. What else can I do?

So Chen Shien, what if she dies? Although Zi Han is hateful, she is my little sister at least. After that, she will become a motherless child. How pitiful!

In my heart, I felt pain and pain. I ran so fast, but soon I found someone blocking my way.

"You want to die, don't you? That's Wu Di, the murderer? I'm looking for him. Where is he? Tell me, I'll go too!"

Ao Xiaoxue probably heard my call, but he didn't get the address, so he asked me.

When I saw her like this, I impatiently opened her hand.

"Get out of the way, don't get in the way! You will only drag others down if you go!"

After that, I ignored her so much. Even if she scolded me, I was too lazy to do so. I was trying to save her. Although I didn't like her as a dead girl, she was a good girl by nature. And she didn't tell me that I forced her back then.

I ran very fast. Although I was injured, I tried my best to get rid of Ao Xiaoxue. In order not to let her follow me, I had to stop a taxi and drive as fast as I could.

After arriving at the ktv in Xigong, there were a few tall and well-legged hostesses nearby. If I wanted to change, I would definitely have to look at them a few more times, but now I don't have the time.

On the way here, I went to a shop and bought a sharp watermelon knife. It was a small watermelon knife. I hid it in my pants. In order to use it when I fought with them, I figured out that if Chen Shien and I couldn't escape, I would burn with them. If I died, I would pull two cushions on my back. So when I went in, my whole body was filled with a sense of sadness.


In a pleasant voice, the welcoming lady shouted in unison, but when she saw that I was alone and dressed as a student, a little sister immediately giggled.

"Oh, handsome boy is still a student. What are you doing here?"

In fact, this means ktv, just like the Nightclub. I know this place must be filthy and dirty. There are some kind of yellow transactions, which are tacit. Because there are several types of ktv, one type of mass market ktv that is pure singing, there is little yellow trade, or no. But it's not a mass market, it's a lot. That's what I heard.

I was in such a hurry that I didn't have the time to deal with these welcoming ladies. I went straight to the front desk and asked the receptionist. She asked me a few questions. I said I was looking for someone. She said who was looking for. I said, "I'm looking for Wu Di. My name is Zhang Feng. Which room did he ask me to come in?"

After hearing my name, the receptionist suddenly called out a supervisor's name to the walkie-talkie. Not long after that, a supervisor came over. This man was wearing the supervisor's uniform, and he looked very dignified. When I saw him, I felt like I was going to die because he should be a gangster in society, and he looked so familiar with Wu Di. That must be together.

When he saw me, he asked,

"Zhang Feng?"

I nodded. "Where's that crazy Wu Di? Take me!"

The supervisor smiled, lit a cigarette, looked around and said, "You alone?"

I thanked him and said impatiently, "I'm alone. What's wrong? Take me there. I'm in a hurry to save someone!"

"Oh, no hurry!"

The supervisor also handed me one:" do you want a cigarette?

I opened the cigarette in his hand and said in a cold voice:

"Take me there, or I'll die!"

This time, the male supervisor's face could not be covered, and the receptionist next to him also saw his ugly face.

He flicked the ash out of his hand and said coldly:

"It's useless for you to go in such a hurry. Anyway, the people you want are already working with them. If you go in now, it's filthy inside. Is it meaningful?"

"Besides, you're alone. You're still a student. You really want to die. I don't know how you offended these people!"

"Then you can go. I have a good heart to advise you. If you want to die, do as you wish!"

"Room 888!"

After saying that, my whole body, like an arrow off the string, flew out. I ran frantically, frantically looking for room 888, but I looked around, and couldn't find it.

I heard what he said. My stepmother is working with them. Has it already started? They're already working on Chen Shien? Damn, am I still late?

I wanted to die. Chen Shien was already pitiful enough to be violated by these animals. They were simply, simply inhuman.

I was about to burst into tears, but I still couldn't find it. In the end, I was so angry that I immediately caught a pure looking waitress and shouted:

"Where is room 888? Where is it?! Can you tell me? I'm in a hurry!


But this innocent waitress was so scared that she almost didn't cry from me, but she still pointed at me and said, "That's it."

When I looked back, I realized that I was dumbfounded. It was just a little ahead of me. I didn't notice it. I was just too impatient, so I ignored the blind spot.

I was too anxious to care that there was a waiter outside the box. Even if he tried to stop me, I kicked the door open.

As the supervisor said, the scene inside was obscene.