Chapter 45 Are You Going to Be A Coward for the Rest of Your Life?

At that moment, I was so angry that I wanted to kill everyone here. But when I saw that the woman, not Chen Shien, was just a sexy and exquisite woman, I felt a little relieved.

However, I still looked left and right, because this is a ktv, and the private rooms inside are all dark and dim, so when I opened the door, I could only see that this woman and two men near the door were doing this disgusting thing. Fortunately, the woman was not Chen Shien, but Chen Shien?

I turned on the headlights directly, and the glare of the lights made the whole dirty box appear completely.

I asked them loudly, "Where's that Wu Di guy? Where's he? I'm here, aren't I? Let Chen Shien go! Let her go!"

However, no one answered me, and they could hear my voice. When they heard it, they only looked at me sideways, their bodies still instinctively continuing to do mechanical movements. These people, who could no longer be called people, were walking dead.

What is this place, a promiscuous party?

And just as I was about to leave the box and go out to look for someone, and look for the supervisor, suddenly, the door of the box was gently pushed open, and the person who came in surprised me.

It's Chen Shien!

She grinned at me, her mouth drooling, her eyes misty, just like these women.

I was confused. Was she drugged too? What happened? And when I saw that I was holding her, I knew what was going on. It was Fat Wu Di, the driver, Laosi, the lewd man and the honest man!

The appearance of the four of them let me know that I was in danger this time, and I also quietly felt the watermelon knife in my pants. I could stab one at any time, but I had to at least keep Chen Shien! She has a family, my little sister Chen Zihan, and my father! I don't know why, but at that moment, I felt a sense of heroic solemnity. I wanted to sacrifice myself to save others. I also knew that I wasn't such a great person, but at that moment, I remembered a sentence:

Do you want to be a coward for the rest of your life or a hero, even if it's only two minutes!

Even if I live less than three seconds and look less than a minute, I'm here today!

Fat Wu Di clapped his hands and laughed.

"You have guts, you have guts! Your name is Zhang Feng. You're so bold. We didn't dare to show up for a while, but we were afraid that you would call the police. I didn't expect you to come alone without calling the police. Very good, very good!"

Fat Wu Di looked at me approvingly.

"If I hadn't had to cripple you today, if I had met you somewhere else, I might have taken you in and let you hang out with us!"

As soon as he finished speaking, I spat:

"Cut the crap. I don't need your recognition as a murderer. I'm here. Let go! Any resentment is coming at me!"

I didn't care about that much either, so I said it out loud.

I stared at Chen Shien. I felt like she was dying. I had to get her out of here, but what should I do now?

"Hehe, Wu Di, why are you talking to this bastard about this useless thing?"

Driver Laosi snorted.

"We've been holding back from touching this beauty, can we move now?"

"Stop it!"

I yelled and tried to move forward, but Wu Di stopped me. He gave me a grim laugh and punched me in the stomach. With just one punch, I couldn't hold on any longer.

This is the strength of these adults. Ao Xiaoxue and I made the right choice. If we hadn't been hiding in the mountains for so long, we would both have died miserably. With Wu Di's skill and strength, he alone could have killed me! I still have the guts to resist them as a third year student. I really think too much.

It was exactly what Wu Qulong said. Even Li Xunhuan couldn't get away with these murderers!

But I couldn't just give up. I bent down and pretended that I didn't have the strength to fall down. I did lose most of my strength, so I could only slowly accumulate the strength to make sure that when they were about to invade Chen Shien, I immediately pulled out a knife to intimidate Wu Di.

Wu Di was the leader of the four of them, and as long as I took the risk, there might still be a chance.

So, at this moment, I can only risk everything.

"Hehe, the dead boy still wants to fight Wu Di. Wu Di is fat, but have you ever seen Sammo Hung in the dragon fight? Sammo Hung is fat, but he is flexible, and he fights fiercely. We all say Wu Di is Sammo Hung's body. He's the best fighter we have! You're lucky you didn't kill you last time!"

The driver, Laosi, let the lewd man get on Chen Shien first, so he could only watch from the side, then mock me and raise Wu Di.

But even though I couldn't raise my head, I still cursed:

"You're as fat as a pig. You're not even fit to carry Sammo Hung's shoes!"

After I finished speaking, Wu Di's face changed. He came over and shook his head, "You little boy, you are only a third year student. You are so eager to die!"

He grabbed my hair and punched me hard in the face. In my eyes, I felt stars coming out of my eyes, and the bridge of my nose was bleeding. But my hand was secretly touching the fruit knife hidden in my trouser leg.

"Fuck you, stop it!"

My hand touched the fruit knife and took it out. With a knife, it hit Wu Di hard on the neck. I believe that even if I was just a primary school student, as long as I gently scratched his neck, his blood would flow. I don't believe that he wouldn't die.

At this moment, all the people, including the lewd man, the driver Laosi, and the honest and honest man, were stunned and dumbfounded. They never thought that I, the turtle in a jar, the little hairy child who didn't even dare to report to the police, would actually carry such a small fruit knife and still dare to coerce them like this.

My eyes were so red that they were about to explode. My voice, once again, exploded like a thunderbolt:

"Get your dirty hands off me, or else, he will die!"