Chapter 46 You Want to Just Leave?

The sudden change of scene and the sudden change of painting style in the whole box, at this moment, except for the sound of love between the men and women who were drugged, there was no other sound.

Because they were all quiet, and even Wu Di himself never thought that this little brat who had been knocked down with one punch would dare to point a knife at his neck, but even so, he couldn't be saved with one cut because I was aiming at his carotid artery.

Therefore, they did not dare to neglect, they all stopped straight at this moment.

"Kid, don't be impulsive. Impulse is a devil. Don't forget, you're still a junior in junior high school. You're still underage. There's still a long way to go. If you kill someone, even if you're underage, as long as you're 16, your life will be ruined. Understand?"

"We brought your stepmother here just to humiliate you and avenge the last time you cheated on us. Now that we have achieved the goal of humiliating you, we don't have to pester you anymore. How about you take your stepmother away?"

"Yes, take it with you. Let Wu Di go!"

He glanced at Wu Di. But then Wu Di said,

"Don't pay attention to this rascal. You two have been in the underworld for so long. Are you afraid of such a student? I'm not afraid to laugh! I don't believe he dares to stab me!"

Wu Di said loudly,

"Stab me if you have the guts, you little brat!"

To be honest, at that moment, my hands were shaking. All I wanted was to get out of the way and kill someone. I would have been ruined for the rest of my life, but I could have been killed by these people. They were all murderers! Wu Di's words now were supposed to scare me, trick me, make me afraid to move, and then seize the opportunity to take the knife and kill me.

After thinking this through, I immediately increased my strength a little bit. The wrist that was pressed on his neck also increased its strength and said loudly:

"Don't talk nonsense. I want to divert my attention. That's what I'm telling you. I'm dying today, and I have to die with you animals. I have nothing against you at all. From the first time, you've come to beat me, stab me, and kidnap me. Now you're involved with the people around me, the people around me. I just want to ask, who is it? Who on earth ordered you to do this?"

Seeing that I was not moved at all, Wu Di did not dare to move. At this time, driver Laosi quickly raised his hand and said to me:

"All right, all right, Fat Wu Di, you don't have to worry about yourself. Your old life is in his hands. Why don't you take your stepmother away and let Wu Di go, kid?"

"That's right, you're here to save your stepmother!"

I immediately shouted, "Shut up!"

They immediately did not dare to say anything. I looked around suspiciously and found that the honest and honest man was gone!

I was about to look back in panic, but suddenly felt a cold wind coming from behind me, and instinctively, I dodged my head.

Sure enough, an ashtray was thrown at me. It was a simple and honest man who attacked me from behind! I was shocked, but I immediately steadied myself. I had to subdue Fat Wu Di in order to have a chance of winning this situation, or Chen Shien and I would both die here.

So, I held Fat Wu Di's hand and didn't dare to move at all, because this sudden attack made me lose my shape. Fat Wu Di seized the opportunity to grab my knife, and I immediately cut the skin on his face and neck.

Just this time, his face was disfigured, and the blood was already bleeding from the outside of his neck. I continued to control him, and at the same time, I kicked the simple and honest man.

I was also frightened by my brave behavior. At that moment, the judgment I made was fortunately accurate. Otherwise, they would take the knife away, and the initiative would not be in my hands.

This time, I was angry, the knife in my hand, stabbed into three points, not to give them some color to see, they thought I really did not dare to stab down.

Fat Wu Di, who felt the pain, bared his teeth and shouted:

"No! No!"

He felt the loss of his life, the threat of his life, and he knew that he was afraid. No matter how hard he was, he could not be tougher than a knife.

I snorted and roared loudly:

"You are looking for death!"

I was about to make a move to plunge down and kill Fat Wu Di, but at this moment, Fat Wu Di, driver Laosi and others began to wail:

"No, don't do it. It was a misunderstanding! He didn't mean it!"

Driver Laosi begged. At the same time, Fat Wu Di also said, "Don't be impulsive, young man. The crime of murder has been sentenced for many years. Even if I am a murderer, you will be sentenced to the same sentence if you kill me! Think it through, okay, whatever you say. You can take people away. Don't you want him? Stop him, let them go, take them away!"

Fat Wu Di roared. The three of them had nothing to say. The simple and honest man knelt down and begged me to let Fat Wu Di go. I never thought that I would have such a frightening effect this time. I was very satisfied with the result that I had produced. I gritted my teeth and said:

"Okay, you go and move my stepmother to the door, then roll away!"

I pointed to driver Laosi, and driver Laosi immediately understood. I knew that I was going to hold Fat Wu Di by myself, be prepared for their sneak attack, and carry my stepmother on my back. That was impossible. So he could only command them.

Driver Laosi immediately understood and went to hug my stepmother. My stepmother was still screaming and said, "I want it. Do it. I want your big brother. My hole is big, and my brother is big." I blushed when I heard this voice. Did he always play like this before? Otherwise, how could he be so proficient and have such foul language?

The driver, Laosi, was a little embarrassed, but he still carried my stepmother all the way to the door, put it down, and then went to the sofa.

I told them to crouch in the corner with their heads in their arms, not to come over, and I continued to hold Wu Di. I planned to cut him in one last blow, then pick up Chen Shien and run. In that case, even if he wanted to grab me with his hands behind his back, it would be impossible. The others were squatting in the corner, and I was confident that I could run outside with my stepmother in my arms. The people in the ktv obviously didn't stand by Wu Di and the others. Just listening to the supervisor, they knew that these were not good people. I should have no problem running out. At the worst, when I went out, I locked the door and they couldn't open it for a while. I had enough time to escape.

At this time, Fat Wu Di could only obediently follow me a little bit. He said to me, "I can't bleed like this. You have to go quickly. Let me go. I have to stop the bleeding, or you won't be able to take responsibility if you die."

I gave him a kick and scolded, "Shut up!"

When I reached the door, I suddenly struck and stabbed him in the back. To be honest, I was afraid that I would stab him, but I had no choice. This was my last desperate move. If it didn't work, neither Chen Shien nor I could escape.

Wu di fell to the ground and covered her back. Of course, I was holding my stepmother. I ran quickly and grabbed the handle of the outer door with the handle of a knife. They pulled it open first. It would take a while.

After I picked her up, I adjusted my posture and quickly ran outside. I also saw the pure student waiter. She looked at me, but I was suddenly knocked down by a person coming in front of me.

But when I got up, I heard a sentence that almost made me go to hell:

"You want to just leave?"