Chapter 47 Break Your Hands

A light sentence, like the words of the god of death who crawled out of hell, shocked people, especially at this moment, I am tense, just to escape, his words, undoubtedly gave me the death penalty.

Because of his voice, I seem to have known him before. I'm sure I've heard it before. Besides, who would he be if he dared to say that, hit me on purpose at this time and stop me?

Without any suspense, I looked up and saw a face that scared me.

Familiar, unfamiliar faces. Say familiar, I've seen him once, say not familiar, I don't know him at all.

His name was hua zi. He was the one who hit me with Wu Di and I stabbed him in the ankle. He was the one who wanted to stab me for revenge.

They called him brother hua! With Laosi, the chauffeur, the lewd man, the honest man and Wu Di, Wu Di was the main driver, but I believe that brother hua was definitely the boss of them.

I bumped into him. He bumped into me. I'm done.

At that moment, I forgot to listen to Chen Shien's crooning. Her crooning lasted for a long time, but it didn't end.

Huazi smiled with interest, then grinned and raised Chen Shien's chin with his hands.

"Tsk tsk, what a beauty, what a beauty! She's a mother who gave birth to a child! It's so precious to have such good care."

Then, he looked at me, who was staring blankly at him.

"We met again. We were supposed to meet in Moon mountain, but you're quite smart. You tricked me into not seeing you. But this time, we met again."

"That's exactly what I said. It's better to meet by chance than by chance."

He smiled darkly, with a smile ten times scarier than Wu Di's. This smile was too scary.

I stood up and tried to escape behind Chen Shien's back, but he had stopped me once again:

"Look at you. Are you getting rid of my brothers again? It seems that you really have a way to make you run away every time. If it weren't for me this time, you would have run away again by your little boy, these trash!"

Huazi's strength was not small. He could lift me up by holding my collar, and then he picked up my stepmother with his other hand, effortlessly. This was the murderers of the underworld.

Thus, I was brought back to room 888 by Huazi under the witness of the pure young waitress, and I had no resistance.

Just like I did against Wu Di, he was incapable of fighting with one punch.

At this time, the door of the box was also broken by Wu Di. Wu Di's back was tied with a cloth bandage, and he did some simple treatment, but he could still see traces of blood, as well as on his neck, and his face was torn.

He was also very anxious, very angry curse: "Waste, are all waste."

But when he saw Huazi bring Chen Shien and me back, one hand at a time, like a chicken, the sadness on his angry face disappeared and turned into a smile.

"Huazi, you're here? This kid... Let him run away, but fortunately, you caught him."

Huazi shook his head, "Wu Di, Wu Di, the same mistake. You made it twice, and you called others useless! Haha, you're really getting back."

Fat Wu Di also sighed and shook his head, "Who knew this kid would be so fearless that he came alone and didn't call the police? We thought he was a coward, but he didn't know he brought a knife, so..."

"So you were kidnapped by him, and that's what happened? Fortunately, this kid didn't want to kill anyone. He was just trying to save them. If he really wanted to kill you, you would really be in the gutter this time!"

Huazi waved his hand, "Okay, let's go in. Don't make it difficult for the people in the ktv. I told them. After the things in the box are done, we'll leave and take the fastest car out of the county."

Looking at his tone, my heart was thumping. I was dead, and I was in despair. But when I looked at Chen Shien, she was still like that. I don't know what the effect was, is it not over yet?

After I was caught, Wu Di slammed his mouth on my face. My teeth almost fell off, and my mouth was covered in blood. A full-grown man slapped me with all his might. That was no joke. I lost my hearing for a minute when I was slapped in the ear.

"What a shame, you little brat!"

Wu Di was so angry that he said to hua zi, "Huazi, leave this kid to me. If you want to deal with his mother, you can go to the toilet and do it."

With that said, he pressed me directly onto the sofa and took a knife to cut fruit on the coffee table. It was a circle bigger than mine and looked extremely scary. I was afraid that it would cut off my hand with a knife.

Wu Di sneered and held me down, saying, "Boy, this is your own death. Today we are going to cripple one of your legs. After playing with your mother, we will let you go. We are not going to kill at all. But what you have done has completely angered me. Today I will break both your hands!"

On the other side, the lewd man and the driver, Laosi, did not dare to think about the sperm anymore. Instead, he stayed on standby. Huazi looked at him with interest and nodded.

"Wu Di, hurry up. What are you three still waiting for? Didn't you hear what I said? Finish this right away. A car will pick us up. This is not mount yue. The police will come anytime!"

When the three of them heard this, they were overjoyed.

My red eyes were about to pop out. I tried my best and shouted at the top of my lungs:

"Let her go, let her go, you cut off my hands, then let her go, okay? It was me who made the mistake. It had nothing to do with her, nothing to do with her! Let her go!"

My tears came out. I knew how miserable chen shien would be if she fell into the hands of the three men. How could they know the meaning of compassion? They only knew how to destroy her body and play with her body. That's all. She was doing this for my father, for me and zihan. Although she was only my stepmother, I felt that she was really better than my own mother.

But my pleading, without any sympathy, made Wu Di laugh.

"Now you know to beg for mercy? What have you done? Damn it. You had the guts to stab Laozi before you left. Okay, since you want to break your hands, I'll do it for you. But if you don't let your mother go, I'll see how you behave."

With that, he held my head and body with one hand, pressed my back with his knee, and pressed me down on the sofa. His right hand was exposed. His knife was raised high and was about to fall.

And the moment I fell, my right hand would be out of my body. At this moment, I was called day after day and no one would save me. I could only accept my fate. My family was not strong enough and had no underworld background. I was even more a poor family. I accepted my fate as a coward and had been beaten and bullied all the time. Fighting back, how could I end up like this?

"I have something to say!" I suddenly cried out, "From the beginning, who asked you to deal with me? I want to know who the gold digger behind you is."

"Tell me, even if you stab me to death, my stepmother will die here, and I will die in peace."