Chapter 48 I'm Sorry, Mom

I thought if I said that, at least they would tell me to be an understanding ghost, but I didn't expect Wu Di to grin coldly, "If you want to know, ask the king of hell!"

His tone was decisive, and he was going to give me a knife very soon. As a result, after I had one hand, he would definitely continue another knife. I don't know how it feels to break my hand, but I believe I might faint from pain. If I break both hands together, it would be more painful.

I slowly closed my eyes and accepted my fate. He wouldn't tell me, and I couldn't force him. Just then, we all heard a scream from the bathroom. Strangely, it was not a woman's voice, but a man's.

This time, Wu Di and Huazi, who was watching the show, were stunned, because three men went in, one woman, and the other was Chen Shien, almost a lamb to be slaughtered. Why was it a man who screamed and screamed?

Just when I was curious, all of a sudden, the driver, Laosi, and the simple and honest man, had already carried the man out. He was a lewd man. He had a knife in his thigh. It was deep, and there was a lot of blood flowing. It was on the inside of his thigh. It was almost there.

Obviously, it must have been Chen Shien.

Laosi said in a trembling voice, "We, we didn't expect her to bring a knife with her and hide it in her underwear. We didn't expect her to be faking it just now. She didn't have such a strong effect. Maybe it was long past!"

Chen Shien came out of the bathroom with a knife in her hand. She had the blood of a lewd man on her.

She licked her lips, "If I hadn't stuck it in the wrong way, this guy would have become a eunuch. Let Zhang Feng go! Or I will kill you! Your medicine is really strong. If this fool hadn't poured cold water on me, I wouldn't have woken up so quickly."

The lewd man covered his thighs and sweated profusely on his forehead. Huazi scolded him for being a trash. Then he asked two people to simply bandage him up, and then one of them went out to the outside supervisor to apply medicine to Wu Di and the lewd man. Such a big ktv could not have no medicine box.

But Huazi was upset. He waved his hand and said coldly,

"All right, stop playing. Take her knife off me. Take this woman away. At the worst, after the game is over, take it and sell it. This kind of beauty is easy to sell anywhere. Wu Di, hurry up and deal with that kid. We'll go. We don't know how much trouble will happen if we stay."

Wu di nodded decisively, intending to cut off my hand with a quick knife, but Chen Shien ran quickly and was about to go to zha hua zi. In her opinion, Huazi was their leader. She had to think the same way as I did. She wanted to catch the thief first, but her dream was good.

As soon as she reached Huazi, hua zi had already dodged the knife. She turned around and hugged her waist. With a slight flick, the knife in her hand fell to the ground. Then, she pinched her face fiercely.

"You fearless people! Was he trying to leave something on his face? Very well, bring me a knife!"

"I will disfigure you and sell you to southeast asia as an ordinary lady!"

The driver, Laosi, did not dare to relax. He picked up the knife and handed it to Huazi. He said, "Brother hua, the knife is here. This woman is so hateful. If it were me, she might really be a eunuch. It's too yin."

The driver, Laosi, and the simple and honest man, were still scared. Fortunately, they were not the first ones. If they were, they might not be able to save their lives. How could a woman hide such a sharp knife in her underwear?

The simple and honest man also said, "Although this pair of mother and son, although they are not real mother and son, they are really too exotic. Brother hua is right. We should finish it first and take them away directly. It is not suitable to stay here for long."

After the knife was in Huazi's hand, even though Chen Shien was not afraid, she still looked at me.

"You let the child go, let him go. He's still young, and his future is limitless. You can sell me and force me, but he's innocent. Really, please let him go!"

"Destroy my face, I admit it!"

Chen Shien's words made me burst into tears. At this time, Chen Shien didn't forget to save me. She would rather be sold and save me. In this world, there is no such stepmother. No, she is not my stepmother, she is my own mother!

I cried loudly:

"Mom, I treated you like that. You still helped me like that. I did all the bad things before. You still helped me like this. You saved me. You really did it for my good. When I thought about it, I was too inhuman, too inhuman. Don't do this. It was all my fault. I implicated you. I was the one they were looking for."

"Brother hua, Wu Di, you have a debt to pay. You can find me and let my mother go. She's not guilty. You can cut off both hands and feet of me and let her go!"

I cried more and more. I never thought that I would find this feeling of kinship in such a situation. I never thought that Chen Shien really treated me, treated me like a child, and really did it for this family. Everything she had to do was for this family, so she forced herself to let that bastard Zhou De do it. I even misunderstood that she was a slut. Even if she has sexual needs, isn't it normal for a woman in her thirties to buy an electric stick or something? Why must I molest her and hate her?

It was not until this moment that I realized that I was wrong, but it was too late, and we would be here, not tomorrow.

"Don't cry, Xiaofeng. I didn't blame you. You just, what did you just call me?"

Tears welled up in her eyes.


I shouted. And she, after I finished shouting, couldn't stop her tears from flying like a kite with a broken string:

"Well, well, it's worth it. Xiaofeng, you didn't know that when I came to your house, you looked at me coldly. Your father was only interested in my beauty. Well, we died here today, and I have no regrets."

Chen Shien was crying violently, her makeup was ruined, and she was still a beautiful woman.

"Hehe, continue to perform!"

Huazi chuckled and looked at us mockingly, "What's going on between stepmother and stepson? I didn't come to the wrong place, did I? I'm laughing my head off. Are you here to play a bitter scene? But it's wonderful. I'll give you full marks, but you still have to look bad!"

With that, Huazi slashed Chen Shien's face and screamed in pain, spreading all over the room...