Chapter 49 Big Shots Coming

Shocked, my heart was filled with capital hysteria, screams, and painful wails, filling the entire room 888.

My hysterical scream:


But at this moment, it seemed so pale and powerless, because I saw Chen Shien covering his face with his cheek, and it was already bleeding. Yes, disfigured, disfigured.

What a terrible punishment for a woman, it was worse than her turn. Blood was gushing, but Huazi was laughing.

Chen Shien screamed, covering his face and falling on the floor of the box.

Chen Shien was rolling on the ground, covering his face, screaming and crying.

This game is about to end. When I chop off my hands, they will fly away.

But I can't stand it anymore. I would rather die than kill this beast, hua zi. He ruined Chen Shien's face!

"Do you dare to move? Do you want to die?"

Wu Di held me down, only to find that I was struggling to move. I even spat heavily into his eyes, confusing his vision. When he wiped his eyes, I kicked him again. He covered his crotch and fell down from the sofa. I jumped off the sofa and threw myself at Huazi.

Although I hugged Huazi's neck, who was he? He grabbed my shoulder with a backhand and threw me over my shoulder. I almost fell apart and rolled on the ground. Chen Shien and I rolled together.

Chen Shien, on the other hand, hurried over, grabbed me and asked me:

"You, how are you, child, Xiaofeng!"

And I, too, struggled to get up, looked at her, looked at her bleeding face, I knew that disfigurement was certain, even if I went to plastic surgery in the future, it was not really a good face. Moreover, how could such a financial condition plastic surgery, destined to live a life with a scar on my back, how miserable it was.

She held my hand, I held hers, and my tears burst again:

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, teacher, I'm sorry, mom, I'm sorry, Chen Shien. Maybe we won't be able to get out alive today. If you're really sold abroad by them and I'm still alive, I'll save you, find you, and let you live a good life!"

She also shed tears, blood and tears mixed together, not knowing which is blood and which is tears.

"You have to live, take good care of zihan, let her live a normal girl's life. I will die if I die. Anyway, from the beginning, everyone thinks that I am the widow of my ex-husband."

She started to cry too. Suddenly, a sharp pain came from my back and Huazi kicked me on the back.

"All right, stop acting. I'm sick of it. I'm sending you to hell. I'm sending your stepmother to hell too. Laosi, there are women everywhere. You can't subdue such a strong woman. Let's talk about it later. Things here can't be dragged on. It's not good for us. Do it, Wu Di, you trash!"

He shouted. Wu Di came over, picked up the knife, and walked over.

"I won't hesitate any longer. This time I cut your life, you little brat. It was just a matter of breaking your hands. You forced me to kill!"

It didn't matter. I held Chen Shien's hand, closed my eyes and waited for the trial of death.

The blade came straight from above me. This time, there was no suspense, no deception, and no hesitation from Wu Di.

Death is not the same thing.

But just as the blade was a few centimeters away from my neck and was about to fall down and cut my neck, the door was kicked open with a thud. A figure came running at lightning speed and firmly gripped Wu Di's knife hand. Wu Di tried to chop it off, but found that his arm could not move at all...

Then, a voice came out with authority:

"Who allowed you to touch him?"