Chapter 5 Unexpected Discovery

Damn it, it's Chen Zihan. It's my nominal sister, the bitch that my stepmother and widow brought. This damn bitch called the school boss to beat me up.

Li Xunhuan was famous for his ruthlessness. He kept his word. If I didn't return it by tomorrow, I would have died miserably. I heard that he had stabbed someone. The person he stabbed was not dead. But Li Xunhuan was fine. He wasn't fired or transferred. He was forced to leave. This was the dark operation of power, power, and money.

Chen Zihan had hooked up with such a character. It must have been because of her looks. In her case, it was hard to say how many times Li Xunhuan had seduced her. Otherwise, how could he have helped her? Hehe, his godsister? Well said, is that my sister?

After these damned hooligans left, I struggled to get up and went to the tap to wash away the bad luck on my body and the dirt on my body. At the same time, in my heart, don't mention how much hate I have.

This damn Chen Zihan, she's dead, but I can't come with her face to face. What can I do? If she tells Li Xunhuan tomorrow morning that I didn't give her anything back, then Li Xunhuan might really kill me.

And my damn lecherous dad, he would never care if I was dead or alive. With a toy, would he still think of me as a drag?

I thought about it and suddenly an idea occurred to me.

Chen Zihan's mother's name was Chen Shien, and she was a music teacher in our school, but she didn't teach us the third year of junior high school. She taught the first and second year of junior high school.

Her education was high and she was beautiful. She was not comparable to chen zihan, who was still in development. There was nothing Chen Zihan could do about it. Fire and water were invulnerable. It was useless for me to threaten her with anything purple, but she could threaten me with a drooling skirt instead.

So I decided to start with her mother. Thinking of this, I immediately went to the teacher's office on the first and second day of junior high school, hoping that her mother hadn't finished work yet. Every time her mother went home, she was late because she worked overtime, helped some music students, wanted to become art students, and wanted to dig up some music talents for our school.

I think she must have used it before, so why don't I go and tell her to stop threatening me with her daughter, or else I'll admit that I saw her having sex with my dad that day.

However, what I never expected was that this time, I actually had an unexpected harvest.

When I arrived at the office, I asked a teacher, who was stunned and said:

"You're looking for Mr. Chen Shien? She's still in the music classroom. You should go there and find her."

I thought to myself, this stepmother of mine is really diligent. In order to dig up a few musical talents, in order to get a little more bonus, it is also hard enough. Maybe it was to have some weight with my dad and not be chased away.

When I get to the music classroom, I plan to wait outside for her to finish class and then tell her the truth. There was music coming from the music classroom, but I was surprised to hear it. It was actually mixed with the strange sounds of women.

Then I was stunned. I looked through the glass window and saw that someone was flirting with me inside. It was my stepmother, Chen Shien, and the dean.

I was speechless in my heart. No wonder I came home so late every day. It turned out that I was "Working overtime."

I suddenly had an idea in my heart. Take a picture. Take a picture. This is hard evidence!

Yes! If it was just a purple toy, I might not be able to threaten her and her daughter and make them submit. However, this video is an iron fact, iron evidence.

When it was exposed, not only would my father get them out of the house, but she would also be expelled from school, faced with unemployment, faced with homelessness, and then they would still be able to pretend in front of me and bully me like this?

Thinking of this, I immediately started filming, right? I must film it in high definition, and I must film it thoroughly enough to see their faces clearly, this dog man and woman. Even though my father was not a good person, she was not a good person for having an affair.

I took a full picture of them and looked at them. I smiled and left with a deep sense of merit and fame.

Now, do you two mother and daughter still have him? How can you go crazy?

When she got home, sure enough, Chen Zihan was sitting there in a high stocking, little black boots, and two long legs on my desk. To be exact, it was my desk, and she was waiting for me.

She glanced at my face, covered in scars, and my clothes were wet and smelly. She should be very satisfied with Li Xunhuan's masterpiece.

She chuckled.

"I'll let you be cheap, hand over your things, and pay me back a thousand dollars for mental damage. That's all for now. When you see me again, you'll have to take a detour. Besides, you'll wash all my socks, boots, and shoes in the future!"

Then, in front of me, she took off her high socks and small leather boots and threw them on me.

"Before I go to bed, send me to my room. Don't let my parents find out that this is the deadline. Otherwise, Brother Xunhuan won't let you go! My good brother."

I hate it so much that my teeth itch, but I sneer in my heart. Just wait and see how long you can go crazy.

Soon, dinner arrived, and my dad made dinner. Stepmother Chen Shien came back. Her face was still flushed when she ate. My dad touched Chen Shien's face and asked,

"What's wrong with you? Do you have a fever? Do you want to buy some medicine for you?"

I sneered from the bottom of my heart. That's funny. How many times have you been green yourself? I don't know. This kind of father is really useless.

Instead, Chen Shien coughed hypocritically and awkwardly, "Cough, okay, I think so. No need. Taking too much medicine is not good for your health. It will pass after you boil it."

But I could see the nervousness on her face. Even if her husband couldn't find out, I could see a little.

After dinner, Chen Zihan took a deep look at me, then went into the room to sleep and play with his phone. Chen Shien washed the dishes, and I followed her into the kitchen.

My dad, on the other hand, had to cook after a long day and went straight to sleep.

When she saw me enter the kitchen, Chen Shien's face was filled with disgust. It was probably because the dean had not finished his work yet. She took a breath and pretended to be angry and coquettish.

"Get out of the bathroom and wash your hands. Don't come here. It's disgusting!"

I grinned.

"Oh, my good stepmother, I don't know if you're the one who's disgusting stealing people out there, or if I'm the one who's disgusting?"