Chapter 50 One's Morals Govern One's Body

"Who allowed you to touch him?"

The voice was majestic and resolute, with a thunderous momentum that one could not refuse. Wu Di still wanted to cut my neck. He looked up at this guy. He had a scar on his face and a determined look in his eyes, but even so, Wu Di was furious.

His arm, continue to exert force, and at the same time angrily said: "You and he are looking for death!"

His leg had just been lifted and had already been kicked on his knee by the scarred man. His leg creaked and twisted. At that moment, the fat Wu Di fell directly to the ground with the knife. The whole person was kneeling on the ground, sweating profusely.

Huazi and the others, who were not idiots, immediately looked at the man.

There were not only scar man but also three or four of them. One of them was a woman, and this woman, they looked familiar.

The next second, the driver, Laosi, pointed at the woman and screamed, "It's you. We almost got you. You were saved by this dead boy! Right?"

It was only then that I slowly opened my eyes. I had already accepted my fate. Death is death. But when I heard this woman's words, I was immediately stunned.

"Yes, I am Ao Xiaoxue, who was almost violated by you last time. If you dare to touch Zhang Feng, none of you can escape!"

It's Ao Xiaoxue. She, she brought someone to save me?

At that moment, I didn't know whether to be surprised or cheered. I held Chen Shien's hand, and it was cold sweat in my hands. She and I had already accepted our fate, and no one here could save us. However, at this critical moment, Ao Xiaoxue came and arrived in time.

What surprised me was that the men she brought along, especially the man with the scar in his eyes, were extraordinarily strong and could stop Wu Di's blade so quickly. I knew Wu Di's strength and felt it personally. It was just two me, or even three me, who were not his opponents.

But this scarred man was able to remove Wu Di's body with one hand, looking so relaxed.

A master, definitely a master. Is there such a master around Ao Xiaoxue?

At this moment, a man came out from behind Ao Xiaoxue, who looked like her, but was half a head taller than her. His face was dignified, but it was hard to hide his handsome face. Compared to him, I was like a country bumpkin, but he was a rich and handsome man, and he was also a rich and handsome man with grace, courage and charm.

He opened his mouth:

"You guys were the only ones who bullied my sister last time, and then this classmate saved her, right?"

It was the same person who called for Wu Di to stop.

He should be Ao Xiaoxue's brother, Ao Guang, the leader of the two streets across from the school. Even Li Xunhuan didn't dare to provoke him.

No matter how silly Huazi was, he understood, but he was a man who had experienced great storms. He grinned, lit a cigarette, and then smiled.

"Who am I, Ao Guang? I've heard of it. You probably haven't heard of my name. I..."

Before he could finish, Ao Guang interrupted him.

"I don't want to know who you are."

Ao Guang's voice gradually cooled.

"I don't care who you are, bullying my sister. This is not going to end. I'm here today to solve this."

Ao Guang walked over to Chen Shien and me and pulled me up personally. Scar and the other two companions pulled Chen Shien up.

During this process, the driver, Laosi, simple and honest man, and Huazi, did not move. I watched them help us up and put us on the sofa to rest. Chen Shien's face had wounds. I looked at Ao Xiaoxue gratefully and said:

"Thank you."

Ao Xiaoxue had a guilty look on his face.

"You didn't even wait for me, so you left in a hurry. If I hadn't called my brother, you would have been ripped apart today!"

She was right. Compared to her, I was indeed courageous and unscrupulous. If she hadn't come, Chen Shien and I would have died horribly. I scratched my head and apologized.

Ao xiaoxue pointed at her handsome brother and smiled, "See? This is my brother, Ao Guang. Does he look like the kind of person who would order others to deal with you? I told you before, he doesn't need to hurt you!"

When she said that, I really felt enlightened and misunderstood their brother and sister. Although their brother and sister were usually very arrogant and arrogant, but this kind of backstabbing, I think they can't do it.

I scratched my head again. I was embarrassed, but I said nervously,

"Her face needs to be treated at the hospital quickly. Maybe she can be saved. Otherwise, it might be disfigured and disfigured!"

I pointed at chen shien. Her face was still bleeding. If she kept scarring like this, her whole life would be over. And it was because of me that she became like this. Wouldn't I die of guilt?

Chen Shien also said no, I hurriedly shouted: "No, we have to go quickly, Xiao Xue, please, send her away, I don't mind staying here!"

Ao Xiaoxue looked at Ao Guang and planned to take her to the hospital with a brother.

But just then, Huazi said coldly:

"What? Treat us like air?"

Huazi finished a cigarette and lit another one. He smiled fiercely.

"I thought you were a gangster, and you spoke the rules. Even if we bullied your sister before, it was your sister who didn't know the rules and broke our mission. When you came here today, you had to take my people away. How could it be so simple?"

After he finished speaking, the last cigarette was left in half, and he threw it on the ground and stomped on it.

Facing such a strong scarred man, Huazi and Wu Di were still fearless. They were really murderers.

Ao Guang said some polite things to me about saving her sister, then turned around and gave them a grim smile.

"If you don't tell me, I'm not going to let you go. Otherwise, you think you almost ruined my sister's innocence. You want to leave so easily?"

His eyes, the next moment, became extremely cold. He gave scar man and another brother a look. These two people, in an instant, came out.

I don't know what kind of master I saw in the movie, but at this moment, in my eyes, scarface and another brother were no less good against Huazi and Wu Di, and Huazi and Wu Di were also quite good. They should be considered masters who have practiced a little, but compared to those who practice sanda and tai chi, they are really nothing.

But it's just a little practice, and it's much better than ordinary people like us.

What I didn't expect was that the driver, Laosi, and the honest and honest man, were not inferior, at least I couldn't beat them.

The four of them, against scar and scar's other brother, had a bit of a hard time. Ao Guang asked Ao Xiaoxue to watch and be careful. After that, he joined the team.

It had to be said that if there was a master like Wu Di among Huazi and the rest of them, it might still be a 50-50 battle.

But scar and Ao Guang alone were stronger than Huazi and Wu Di. So the battle soon came to an end.

Even if Huazi wanted to pick up the knife on the ground smoothly, he was still seen through by the scar. He flew up and knocked him to the ground. The foot landed on his stomach, and Huazi was instantly powerless.

Huazi, Wu Di, driver Laosi, simple and honest man, and another younger brother, all five of them showed tired expressions, their bodies were scarred, they could not fight the combination of scar, Ao Guang and Ao Guang brothers.

Three to five, a close win! A close victory is also a victory.

Ao Guang, panting and playing with Huazi's knife, walked up to Huazi, took Huazi's hair, pointed it into his eyes, and smiled coldly.

"How is it? Are you called hua zi? I'll cut you first."

"I heard you were going to chop off the hands of little brother Zhang Feng, right? I'm a fair man. I don't want your lives, so I'm going to chop off your hands. Besides, you guys have touched my sister with these hands. You can't keep these hands."

"As for where you will go after you lose your hands and whether you will be locked up in prison, that's not up to me to decide."

Ao Guang spread out his hands and smiled indifferently. He asked scar to carry out the operation. Starting with hua zi, he cut off his left and right hands first.

Although I felt this scene was bloody, I felt very good in my heart. It was a kind of warm-blooded man's spirit. He was just about to chop off my hands, and in the blink of an eye, I turned over and went up. Between the oppressed and the oppressed, there was a change of face.

I really have to sigh with emotion: the world is unpredictable.

Huazi still wanted to struggle. He raised his bright red eyes and asked,

"Can you give me some face and let us go? He will thank us again every day."

Scar used the handle directly and threw it on his face. The bright red blood mark was on Huazi's face. Ao Guang scolded him coldly.

"If your sister was almost violated by me, would you let me go?"