Chapter 51 I Am A Good Citizen

The answer was, of course, tacit. Who would do such a stupid thing? Huazi gritted his teeth and said nothing more. He knew how to talk more, but it was futile. Today, he broke his hand and didn't run away. But I always felt something was wrong, because I felt a glint of hope in his eyes.

The driver, Laosi, and the simple and honest man, were both scared and cried for mercy. They begged Ao Guang to let them go, but it was in vain.

Ao Xiaoxue went up and kicked the driver Laosi in the face.

"Shameless! How I begged for mercy at that time was the hardest thing you could do to rip off my clothes. Now you still have the face to beg for mercy. Today you must break your hands. If you want to break your second brother, it depends on my mood!"

All of a sudden, the driver, Laosi, didn't dare to speak. He broke his hands and might still be able to live. It was even more painful than death.

"Nothing more to say? Then, do it!"

Ao Guang's eyes were fierce and he spoke decisively.

Scar didn't say anything since he came in. It was always Ao Guang who said and did what he wanted. He was cold-blooded and obedient.

After receiving the order, he immediately took the knife and made a cutting position. The other man pressed Huazi's hand hard, and the others squatted down, not daring to resist.

Wu Di didn't have the heart to see it either, but it was time for the strong to rule, and the weak to be slaughtered.

Huazi finally asked Ao Guang:

Are you sure you want to do this? You cut off our hands here, and the blood flowed like a river. What do you say? Someone called the police and caught you. What do you do? Even if you do well, the police can't help you, right?"

"Don't worry about this!" Ao Guang said coldly, "If I can't even avenge my sister, then I don't deserve to be this brother! Do it!"

Scar was also decisive and was about to start soon, but this time, someone knocked on the door.

Scar's hand stopped, and Ao Guang went over to ask who it was. The person said that the ktv supervisor came with the waiter, so he opened the door.

Ao Guang asked scar to put the knife away, but when he opened the door, including Ao Guang, me, and Ao Xiaoxue, they were all stunned.

Because the outside was actually surrounded by police, when did they come?

However, when I saw the leader come in, I was dumbfounded. Not only me, but Ao Xiaoxue also knew this person.

It was Zhou De, and the ktv supervisor who handed me a cigarette. They were one behind the other, with a vote of police, about seven or eight of them.

Who else dares to attack these policemen when they arrive?

I was stunned. How could Zhou De be here? Could it, could it...

I saw Huazi give him a look, and Zhou De gave him a look, indicating that he was relieved.

In an instant, I understood everything.

Zhou De was the one who wanted to teach me a lesson, but in the end, he made me such a rich man.

This damn guy! How much hatred does our family have against him?

Chen Shien was still his mistress at the time, and he could treat her like that just because there was a falling out, that's all?

Zhou De, this beast, is simply too scary.

At that moment, I shouted out directly:

"Ao Xiaoxue, big brother Ao Guang, that's him. He must be the one behind Huazi and the others. He invited hua zi and the others to kidnap me. It must be him! They had just exchanged glances. They must have been right. This time, it was Zhou De who put my father in jail! He wants my dad in so he can torture me and my stepmother!"

My voice was so loud that everyone in the room could hear it.

Ao Xiaoxue and the others, including Chen Shien, heard it. Chen Shien immediately understood everything, rolled his eyes and cried out loudly.

"You bastard, you ruined my family!"

He was about to hit him, but the police stopped him.

"Don't be rash. Mr. Zhou is an injured man. He brought his illness to report that you were involved in a gang fight here. Look at the blood and mess in your area. Is it true? Then take them away and investigate!"

A police chief loosened his badge hat, glanced at scar, Ao Guang, and said to them,

"No one is allowed to leave. Take them back to the police station!"

As he spoke, the police wanted to move scar and Ao Guang, but at this time, Ao Guang shouted, "I see who dares to move!"

All of them were shocked.

Obviously, this time, even I could see that Huazi and the others were all tied up. Even if Huazi and the others failed, Zhou De, the moneybags, would come over. Moreover, Zhou De had put my father in prison because of the relationship in the police station. This time, he could use his relationship to lock Ao Guang and the others up. By then, even if Ao Guang and we had a reason, it would be unreasonable.

When the time comes, it will really be classified as the underworld breeding bloody fights. During the years of fighting against the gangs, Ao Guang and the rest of them will definitely not be able to afford it. No matter how rich his family is, what can he do? He can do well, but also better than Zhou De's connections.

"Why, you two gangs, fighting and bloodshed are so serious, let's take them back to investigate. Why? You still want to resist arrest?"

The policeman looked up and stared coldly at Ao Guang.

Even Ao Xiaoxue pulled Ao Guang's sleeve to stop him from holding on like this. But Ao Guang looked at Huazi and Zhou De.

"As Zhang Feng said, did you do all this?"

Zhou De put on an innocent face and shook his head, "What did your brother say? I was friends with the supervisor here. I happened to find Zhang Feng here when I came to play. Because I was almost killed by Zhang Feng's father, he and his mother beat me up and almost cut me with a kitchen knife. I thought he and his mother were going to kill someone again, so I called the police. To contribute to the cooperation between the police and the people, and the supervisor said that there seemed to be a underworld fight that was about to turn into a murder case, so director liu and the others came as soon as possible. What bureau are you talking about? Besides, I'm still a wounded man. My wound hasn't healed yet, has it, director liu?"

The head of the police officer nodded and said approvingly:

"We don't have a good citizen like Zhou De, and we're willing to call the police in time to deal with such a vicious incident. Many people are indifferent to it. What's the use of relying on a few guns for public security in the future?"

The more I looked at it, the more disgusted I became. I yelled out, "You guys just have to cover for each other. My dad Ming Ming didn't want to kill you, but you wanted him to go to jail. You almost beat up my stepmother and said we were going to cut you. You really know how to turn black and white upside down. Now that the police are on your side, we have nothing to say."

In my heart, I was also very sad. It was not easy for Ao Guang to come out. Everything was going to be solved easily, but I didn't expect that I still couldn't fight against these dark guys. Did it hurt Ao Guang and the others?

Director liu's face changed and he pointed at me.

"Little classmate, it's your responsibility to talk nonsense, you..."

He wanted to say something more, but Ao Guang interrupted him. He suddenly gave director liu a phone call and said coldly to him:

"Director liu, right? I gave you a call!"

That director liu looked very unhappy and said, "What? What call do you want me to pick up?"

Ao Guang said, "Just answer it. I won't disappoint you. It's not too much trouble to answer the phone. Someone is looking for you."

Director liu answered the phone suspiciously. However, the moment he picked up the phone and heard a sentence, his whole face changed.

"Ao, ao tianba? Brother tianba... How is zhang ju? Yes, I'm xiao liu."