Chapter 52 Back to School

This sentence, coming from the overbearing director liu just now, seemed so out of place. At the same time, it also made Zhou De and the ktv supervisor look a little ugly.

"... Okay, okay, give my regards to zhang ju. Thank him for all these years of cultivation. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here today. It must be all a misunderstanding. Goodbye, brother tianba!"

After director liu finished his phone call, Zhou De walked up and asked,

"Liu suo... Who was that just now? What's going on?"

However, director liu ignored him. Instead, he took a 180 degree turn and looked at Ao Guang with a big smile. Ao Guang was still arrogant at the moment. He was taller than director liu, and now he raised his head to avoid looking at him.

"I didn't expect it to be brother tianba's son. It's been a long time since I saw you. When you were a child, I even hugged you. You're so big. You're a talented man. Haha, I really have to visit brother tianba some other day. Is his old man in good health?"

Ao Guang snorted.

"The old man isn't dead yet, so what? Didn't he just arrest us, and now he wants us to come with you? If you want to assist the police in solving a case, you must cooperate with the police and the people!"

"Hey, this is all a misunderstanding!"

Director liu smiled obsequiously. "Brother tianba's son, how can he do those things that commit adultery? That's absolutely impossible, but the rest of the people..."

He glanced at me and Huazi and the others.

"This place is covered in blood, and the whole room is in a mess. Many people see it in their eyes. It's impossible to say that nothing happened. I have to enforce the law impartially. Otherwise, master ao will go back first. I will take the others away to investigate and inform you when I have news."

"That won't do!"

Ao guangda waved his hand, "I said it was a misunderstanding. I'll go with them to your institute to accept the investigation. Since it's a misunderstanding, we can clear it up soon. It's natural to be reasonable. Besides, these people are real murderers. There are so many police uncles watching. Some people want to take advantage of the opportunity to let others go, but it's absolutely impossible, right?"


Director liu was also a little embarrassed, but after comparing the two sides and weighing the weight, he immediately had an answer. In the end, he could only abandon Zhou De's side. He nodded and said:

"Of course, justice is needed! Take them all back!"

I saw Huazi and his men's faces. They looked very ugly, but they couldn't resist. In an instant, a few policemen came and took them away. Chen Shien and I didn't seem to have much fighting power, so we just followed them.

Just like that, all of us were taken to the police station.

On the way, I saw Zhou De. Zhou De's face was livid at this moment. He never expected to kick the iron plate. His eyes were uncertain, and he didn't know what was on his mind. What bad water could he think of? His trump card should be the relationship between director liu.

But I didn't expect that there was someone else. The steel plate he kicked this time was something he could not afford to offend.

And I'm glad that I saved Ao Xiaoxue by accident, that I didn't invade Ao Xiaoxue at the last minute, that's all right, that there's still some good in my heart, that I let Ao Xiaoxue go. If I violated her at that time, not only would I become a criminal, but my whole family would probably die an ugly death.

The backstage of Ao Guang and Ao Xiaoxue was really terrifying. Even the leader of a school like director liu could only bow and bow. I also heard that Ao Xiaoxue's brother was a gangster, but there was such a strong background in her family, I really didn't expect, and so strong to this extent.

On the way, Ao Xiaoxue asked me how I was injured and how Chen Shien was. Ao Guang also said that I saved his sister and so on. He thanked me and so on. I will definitely find a doctor to help my stepmother recover her face. Even if she can't, she will have to find the best plastic surgery hospital.

After a trip to the police station, there was no longer any suspense about this matter. They found a few scapegoats, such as zhou de and hua zi, who could not afford to eat, or else liu suo would not be able to explain. So Huazi and Wu Di heard that they were locked up, and my father should be able to avenge the injustice.

I was so happy in my heart that I didn't know how to thank Ao Xiaoxue, and Chen Shien was even happier.

Before leaving, Ao Xiaoxue said, "See you at school."

She had a big smile on her face. To be honest, at that moment, I felt that Ao Xiaoxue was pretty, not only because he was pretty, but also because he was pretty. I really misunderstood her in the past. If it weren't for her family's appearance, our whole family would have been finished.

I also really want to go back to school, that place with countless memories of my youth, I really want to go back, no matter how much I get beaten up, it is much better than these scheming people in society.

When we got home, Chen Shien gave me a hug, wiped away the tears of joy, and said:

"Xiaofeng, it's all your fault that I survived this time. My face, it's nothing. It's just an old, yellow-faced woman anyway. Why are you so beautiful? You need plastic surgery. I just didn't expect your classmate to have such a big backstage power."

I nodded and said, "I didn't expect her backstage to be so strong. This is all fate. I heard from the police under liu suo that if my father is fine, he will be released this week. Let's go pick him up then."

Chen Shien said, "Don't worry. You and Zi Han will be taking the middle school exam in a few days. You should study quickly. I know you didn't learn much before, but this time, you should work hard for your father's sake. If you can get into the same school as zihan, then we can take care of you, right? If your dad happens to be released after your middle school exam, he asks how you did on the exam. If you did badly on the exam, isn't he disappointed?"

I thought about it, and she was right, and that's why I nodded solemnly:

"Okay, I'll listen to you, teacher."

In fact, I had the nerve to call her mom at a time of crisis. When I came back, I was embarrassed and felt awkward.

After Chen Shien and I came back, Zi Han just came back from school. Zi Han didn't know what happened between me and her. Chen Shien didn't let me talk about it. She was afraid that it would affect her performance in the middle school examination, so she wrapped her face up with gauze. She said she was hurt and didn't let Chen Zihan see it.

In fact, it was all tacit. It must have been zhou de. Chen Shien told her not to think about these things. She said that my father was going to be released soon. She told us to do well in our exams and get good grades. My father was happy when he came back. My father killed someone because of Zhou De's compromise. He could be released. It was just a fine, but it was the lightest compared to prison.

The fine is quite large, tens of thousands, but this is the best news for us.

Chen Zihan was quite sensible, and Ao Xiaoxue didn't tell her about it. She was afraid that she would be worried. The middle school examination was coming up in a few days, and the rest was the sprint ahead.

Five or six days before the middle school entrance exam, I went back to school with injuries on my body, but many people saw me and thought it was strange that I shouldn't go back to school, but because of the school announcement, Zhou De resigned directly, and the school helped my father clarify his good identity, and Zhou De also admitted that he had abused Chen Shien, because of the pressure from Ao Guang's family, he had to admit, Director liu couldn't cover him anymore. So my dad didn't hurt people for no reason, he retaliated for a reason.

And I don't have to carry the name of the son of a murderer anymore. The good news came too suddenly. Of course, it was all given to me by Ao Xiaoxue. I really appreciate her. I never thought that the words "Relationship" and" backstage" would have such a big impact on my life.

There are two more days to go to the examination hall, after which there will be three days off, and then there will be the middle school examination.

After I went back to school, Li Xunhuan was no longer at school. He said that he was studying at home and didn't want to come. Such a big school was a little empty, and his hatred for Li Xunhuan and Wu Qulong was not so deep. After all, they were just students, not as ruthless as hua zi. I just hope that after I go to high school, I won't be a bully anymore, that's all.

Even though I hate Li Xunhuan and Wu Qulong so much. Li Xunhuan wasn't there, but Wu Qulong was. I heard from Ergou that he went to a school flower class a few days ago because he was handsome and it was convenient to pick up girls.

When I saw him, he raised his middle finger at me with disdain and looked down on me.

Just as I was about to say something, Ao Xiaoxue came over, glared at him and scolded, "Get out of here!"

Li Xunhuan was gone, and many of the gangsters were not in school anymore. Wu Qulong couldn't make any waves on his own. He couldn't provoke Ao Xiaoxue, so he just snorted and left.

It seems that they really can't get together, even though Wu Qulong is very handsome.