Chapter 53 Before And after the Middle School Examination

After two days at school, they went to see the examination hall. Everyone was there when they looked at the examination hall, because they were not in our school, but in the biggest school in the county. Even Li Xunhuan was there at this time.

After I saw him, this guy still had a cigarette in his mouth, and there were so many friends around him. At this time, he didn't forget to gang up. Of course, Wu Qulong's dog was also there.

When he saw me, he even said hello to me. After graduation, he was three days away from the exam. He was not the boss of the school, so I didn't have to be afraid of him. I've seen some big waves before, and I'm afraid he's an egg, so I hummed a tune and walked over:

"What? Does the boss still need to come to the exam room? Can't you just ask your little brother to give you the answer?"

Hearing my sarcasm, Li Xunhuan was not angry and said:

"Yo, yo, isn't this the new green hat king? I heard from qu long. You're dating Ao Xiaoxue, aren't you? She even helped you scold Qu Long. I also heard some news from the police station, and my relatives have something to do with it. I heard that their Aojia helped you settle this matter and returned your father's reputation, right?"

"Not bad, not bad. It looks like you two have made it, but let me remind you, Zhang Feng. Big sister is really cheap. She likes to hook up with handsome guys everywhere. Just like you. You're going to wear a green hat before you go to high school."

"Besides, you can pray that you don't go to the same high school as me in the future. Otherwise, no matter where I am, I like to bully eggheads. Hahaha."

He and Wu Qulong, along with a bunch of gangsters, burst into laughter.

When I heard the harsh words, my anger surged. I didn't care if I was bullied. It was time for me to look at the exam room and mock me here.

I was going to start scolding them. After all, there were so many teachers here, and I couldn't beat so many of them with my hands. But at this moment, a voice came:

"Li Xunhuan, if you want to die, just say it. I don't mind letting my brother's scar go to your house!"

When ao xiaoxue arrived, she took her little sisters, including Chen Zihan, to the examination hall, and directly rebuked Li Xunhuan.

Li Xunhuan was stunned and quickly dodged.

"Come on, big sister. I know your family is good. That scar is even worse. One hand can beat me to the ground. I know. I know. You and little brother Zhang Feng are a perfect match. I won't disturb you. Ha, Qu Long, black skin. Let's go, ha, ha. Ha, ha."

"Get lost, don't talk too much!"

Ao Xiaoxue looked at me after scolding me angrily.

"This Li Xunhuan has a mean mouth. If it weren't for his father, he could have done business with my father. I really want my brother to beat him to death!"

It seemed like he was explaining something to me. I waved my hand and said, "It's okay. This guy has a mean mouth. I know, but he's graduating soon. I hope he does well. Which school are you going to take?"

I didn't expect that Ao Xiaoxue didn't mind the slip of the tongue last time. Instead, he came to help me out and was really grateful to her.

Ao Xiaoxue looked at Chen Zihan and said, "I should be in the same school as my little sisters. Of course, the target is the city Yizhong. It's a key high school for thousands of students! Zi Han should be fine. You did so well!"

I nodded and thought to myself, Chen Zihan should be fine, and Ao Xiaoxue might buy it through family connections. I probably don't expect much. I just said,

"That's right, you all got better grades than me."

Zi Han, on the other hand, asked me, "What about you? What are your plans? You can't let your father down, can you?"

Chen Zihan didn't hide it. My father was her father. The whole school knew about it. Ao Xiaoxue knew about it, but he understood it. Long live understanding.

I thought about it. I thought of a school that was a little worse than the city's Yizhong, the city's 14th middle school. I said, "The 14th middle school. It's a bit worse than the Yizhong, but it's quite promising."

I'm just bragging. Only top students can get into the city Yizhong. The 14th middle school has to be at the intermediate and upper level. I can only go to an ordinary high school like Qizhong, but I don't want to lose face in front of girls like Ao Xiaoxue.

Ao Xiaoxue said, "That's good, too."

She said it with a smile, and I said, "What, you don't believe me?"

"Letter, letter!"

She and Chen Zihan both said yes and no.

But in my heart, I thought of what Li Xunhuan said. If I go to city no. 7 middle school, maybe I will go to the same school as him. Then, he will have to bully me again?

I don't think so. If the exam is so bad, I may not study. If I go to business with my father, why should I go to a junk school? Chen Zihan is so good at studying. If I let him go, I won't go.

But to take the test, you still have to try your best.

Three days passed the middle school examination. During this period, I asked chen shien if he wanted to go for plastic surgery. I could help contact Ao Xiaoxue. After the exam, I couldn't tell where ao xiaoxue went to travel.

But these days, Chen Shien has always been submissive and said no.

In the middle of the night, I heard her crying, intermittently. I thought something had happened to her, so I rushed in. She forgot to lock the door and I barged in. I saw her packing up her soft luggage and other things, as if she was going away.

I was so angry that I immediately understood:

"You despise my father for being in prison for a few days. He's not here for you. Are you leaving? What are you doing? How did you get me and Zi Han to finish the middle school exams? So you've been acting weird these past few days. Is that the idea?"

I was so angry. Chen Shien had been through thick and thin with me. He had to leave no matter what. In the end, he still despised us for being poor and couldn't go on. I was so angry that I threw all of her things, luggage, and soft stuff on the floor. I even saw her take out her passbook, which was the last bit of money my father had left.

She also wanted to explain, "No, it's not what you think. The thing is..."

I threw the passbook in her face and yelled,

"The passbook is out, and it's still loaded! You really let me down! It's not like that. What is it like? Tell me!"

My side was so noisy that Chen Zihan heard it. She ran over and asked:

"What happened? What are you... Mom? What are you doing? Did you hit her?"

Chen Zihan also finished the middle school examination. She did well and was in a good mood. But when she saw this scene, she thought I had hit her mother. She was furious and wanted to slap me, but I held her wrist!

Chen Zihan, ask your good mother yourself! If she wants to leave, I'm afraid she's going to take away the rest of her assets. Take you with her. Just leave me and my dad behind. My dad's out of jail and his business is ruined. He doesn't have any income. He hates my dad."

After I said that, I planned to leave without looking back. I was so angry, but if she really wanted to leave, I couldn't stop her. This was her own way. People like my dad, who loved their dignity, would never stop her.

Let's go, that's what I thought in my heart. It was really hard. It was not easy for me and their mother and daughter to coexist peacefully. It was not easy for me to call her mother. It was not easy for her to disfigure me, but in the end, she could only part ways?

But just as I reached the gate and opened it, a voice struck me like lightning.

"Your father really killed someone..."