Chapter 54 Your Own Mother

My dad killed someone? This sentence made me stop in my tracks, and I closed the door that I opened.

I turned around and walked up to Chen Shien angrily.

"Yes, he did. He went to kill Zhou De for you, a heartless man. He almost became a murderer. Do you despise him? Tell my dad then. It's no use telling me!"

After I finished speaking, I looked at the mother and daughter with disdain, "If you want to leave, I won't stop you, but at least when my father comes back, you should explain yourself to him! I won't give it away then!"

After I said that, I planned to go out and relax. I had just finished the exam. I was not doing well and I was in a bad mood, but now I have to deal with this kind of thing. Maybe she is someone who can share hardships and can't share wealth.

But Chen Shien shook his head and burst into tears.

"No, it's not what you think. Your dad really killed someone. He's in prison."

The words shocked Chen Zihan and me. I was shocked and asked loudly:

"What's going on? Are you sure you're not joking?"

Chen Shien smiled bitterly, "Am I in the mood to joke with you? Huazi and the others were all locked up in prison together. I heard that it was because they provoked your father that something happened. Originally, they planned to kill your father, but then your father stabbed one of them to death. It was a real death. When your father was in prison, he didn't know much about it. He thought that something had happened to you and me, so he just fought with them. That's why he caused such a disaster. Even if the higher-ups wanted to accommodate him, no one would be able to hold fire if he really died."

Boom! In an instant, my brain almost exploded. It was obvious that it was true to see Chen Shien like this. She had been crying in her room these days, but she had endured so much pain. She hadn't said anything for so many days. It wasn't until we finished our exams that she started packing.

Chen Shien said, "There's nothing valuable. If you can sell it, you can sell it. See if you can smooth things out. If you can give a few years less, you can give a few years less. People are dead. It's useless to find anyone."

My mind was so blank at this moment that I didn't hear what Chen Shien said after that. I walked out of the house in a daze and went out. I didn't understand what my fate was like. It was hard for me to get everything back, but something like this happened. Why was our family so miserable?

I was wrong about Chen Shien. I was such a jerk myself. I didn't understand anything. I was so impulsive. What should we do now?

I hate huazi, Wu Di and the others, but I hate Zhou De even more. Without him, my family wouldn't have been able to provoke these murderers. My fist hit the wall hard, and the piercing pain calmed me down a little. I walked slowly, the blood on the back of my hand dripping on the ground.

I suddenly thought of a person, Ao Xiaoxue, who was the only one who could save my father. She, her family, that relative of Ao Guang, what was his name?

I went through my phone again and again, but I couldn't find her contact information. Suddenly, I thought of Chen Zihan. They played so well that they must have contact information.

So, I rushed home, and just as I opened the door, I saw Chen Zihan look down and throw his phone to the side of the sofa. The phone showed that he had just finished the call, and the person calling was Ao Xiaoxue.

When I asked Chen Zihan what was going on, she told me, "It's no use. They checked. It was Huazi and the others who were looking for trouble, but your father killed someone who should have been a hitman hired by Huazi and the others. Now that he's dead, it's good for your father to pay for everything his family said and keep his life. In addition, the city has been cracking down on the underworld forces since last year, and this incident was still handled by liu. We can't afford the demands of the other family..."

I had a dark face and a terrible look on my face. I didn't expect to go this far. I asked:

"How much do they want?"

"Five hundred thousand, not a word less! Otherwise, sue your father for intentional murder. You should know that manslaughter and intentional murder are two different concepts!"

Of course I understand, but what about the 500,000?

I also collapsed on the sofa. Chen Shien was busy selling everything that could be pawned in the past and in the future, and more or less raised a hundred or twenty thousand yuan. But for five hundred thousand yuan, it was a drop in the bucket. Because of these things, and because of Zhou De, Chen Shien couldn't do the music teacher's job anymore, and the school didn't need her.

Our family was once again in a difficult situation. The Aojia had offered us a discount of 500,000 yuan because they had helped us with everything. It was a lion's mouth to hear that they wanted 800,000 yuan. And that thug was already in prison, and his family's children and wives did not want him, but this time, if they can blackmail, of course, they will blackmail, but we have difficulties.

And the money had to be handed over to them before the trial, or they would sue my father for intentional murder. Intentional murder may be a sentence of ten years or more, but involuntary murder, the plot is lighter, about three to seven years, this is not a level at all. Of course we have to fight for it, but we have to borrow from each other. I even saw chen shien once go to a school teacher and kneel down for him, but he refused and scolded her for being coquettish. After all, after Zhou De's affair was exposed, everyone knew that Chen Shien had stolen someone behind her husband's back.

When I saw it, I was very sad, so I took her hand to get her up and said with tears in my eyes:

"Or else, if my father really sentenced him to so many years, even life, it is his life, and you don't have to do this for him!"

But Chen Shien was still persistent.

I'm going to see my dad and ask him what he means, because we're in such a difficult situation. It's not that we don't want to save my dad, but that there's really nothing we can do about it. Moreover, the power of the underworld in Ao Xiaoxue's family is relatively large, and it has given us a lot of face to be able to intervene in this matter. If it involves too much, it might sweep to her home. Ao tianba doesn't have to involve the Aojia for an outsider like me, right? Besides, he has already helped us enough.

That day, I finally met my father at the place where I visited him. He had his head cut off, looking more energetic and younger. His beard was still shaggy and he looked a little sloppy. When he saw me coming, he was even a little excited, but his excitement immediately disappeared.

I went with Chen Shien and Chen Zihan. Chen Shien had already met my father and was crying. I was the second to enter.

My father praised me and said, "I heard that you didn't miss any of the middle school exams like zihan. You took them seriously, didn't you?"

I said, "Yes."

He said, "Even if my grades aren't good, I'm proud of you. Son, let me tell you something. This time, I know how I was framed. I won't say anything more. It's not convenient to say here. I'll tell you one thing, don't try to defend me. Whether it's intentional killing or negligent killing, it's killing. I can't run away in prison!"

I cried and said, "No, you're my father, my only family. You've been in there for ten or twenty years. Where am I going? What am I going to do? No, I will find a way!"

My dad shook his head and said,

"No, you have other relatives besides me and your mother! I believe she will take good care of you!"

I believed it too, but I said,

"I know she's not exactly a stepmother anymore, and I'm going to treat her as my own mother. She's really nice to me, and I never expected her to fit into my family. But besides her, your fatherly love is also indispensable. I must fight for you and try to make it a few years less!"

My dad shook his head and waved his hand.

"No, I'm not talking about Chen Shien, I'm talking about your mother!"

He looked at me and said,

"You go find her!"