Chapter 56 Seven (2)

After the sentence was over, my mother Zhou Yanyan and I went to see my father. I was a little shocked that zhou yanyan could help him pay half a million yuan, but my father still said:

"You found a good man."

Zhou Yanyan, on the other hand, said, "Definitely better than you. You don't have to go to jail here. For the sake of a woman who steals men, this is what happened. Zhang hong, zhang hong, what do you want me to say about you?"

This sounds harsh, but what I'm saying in my heart is, aren't you a thief? But I was too lazy to say it. Everyone knew it.

When I got back, my mom took me away. My dad threw away all his miscellaneous things, leaving nothing behind. My mom said they were all cheap, worthless junk. Then he took me to the city and told me that her husband lived here. I thought he must be rich. Anyway, after Chen Shien left, my heart was empty. I always felt that family was not so important to me. I just hoped that my father would come out early. At least he really wanted me to be good.

But I didn't expect that the person my mother was looking for had a daughter. The man's name was Shen Baiwan and he was very rich. His daughter's name was Shen Yuqing and she was about my age, but she was already in her second year of high school. When she saw me enter the house, she looked down on me especially. This reminds me of Chen Zihan.

I also thought about it. As long as she didn't provoke me, I tried to ignore her. I was far away from his room, and I could live in it because my mother was afraid that Shen Baiwan would still look for a woman, have a child, and take her by surprise. She had to have a son to support her, even though she was an ex-husband.

Anyway, she and Shen Baiwan were not good people. After I entered, Shen Baiwan was generous. I called uncle, and he clapped his hands and said, "Good, good looking young man! Come to the city to study?"

I said, "Yes, I just graduated from junior high school."

My mother said, "Put him in the same school as yuqing. It's more convenient."

But Shen Baiwan asked me how many points I scored. When I said I scored three hundred, his face changed and he went to the side with my mother.

He said, "How can this compare to yuqing? Yuqing got into the exam seriously. If you spend money to buy it, you can get ten or twenty thousand yuan for the school!"

My mother mumbled, "The other schools are too far away. I don't have a son. What do you do to bully me? What do you say?"

Anyway, I didn't hear it clearly. Neither of them was good. I could study anywhere. It didn't matter.

But I was simple-minded at that time, but I never thought of one thing. He was willing to pay half a million for my mother and help my father. How could he not even give up ten or twenty thousand to build the school?

I listened outside, very calm. Shen Yuqing, however, sneered, "Three hundred points is good enough to study. Dad is in prison. It's really good that Zhou Yanyan, a shameless woman, dares to bring her back. My dad still listens to her. Oh, I don't care. I can't control it anyway!"

Then she went upstairs, and I heard the harsh words, but surprisingly, I didn't resist her, but I was tired. I used to resist Chen Zihan and Chen Shien when they looked down on me, but now, when I see Shen Yuqing, I think of their mother and daughter, and I feel terrible. It's not easy for me to believe Chen Shien's affection for me, but it's become like this again. So I don't want to bother anymore. She's a terrible talker, and I don't want to talk to her.

In the end, Shen Baiwan and my mother came out. The same result was that wherever I could go, where I could go, the school fee or the school selection fee would not be paid at all. With my score, I could only go to the worst ordinary high school, Qizhong, a distance from the city, and a distance from the city. They were all here to get a diploma or something, because there was a technical secondary school next to Qizhong. Many of them went to the technical secondary school after they stopped studying at the Qizhong, and what kind of technical workers they could do when they came out.

My mother told me not to be wronged and said, "In the future, if you study hard, you will be able to get into a good university. When the time comes, you will beat my stepfather's face."

I smiled and said, "It's okay. I prefer the Qizhong. I heard that there are the most gangsters and the most chaos there. I think I will grow up."

My mother thought I was comforting her, but in fact, this was my plan.

When a coward has been bullied and bullied for so long, I don't want to be that kind of person anymore. Men have to mingle and have to be passionate. I believe that I will have a different life. When my father comes out, I will become a real man. One day, I will see Chen Zihan and Chen Shien again. I will ask them: do you regret abandoning me, do you regret abandoning me? A man with a boundless journey.

Three and a half months later, the seventh high school of the city, the general high school, the worst general high school in the city, the worst school, is also the school with the most bad students.

A young man, carrying his schoolbag, packed a few books in his schoolbag and walked casually to the school gate.

This is me.

Because I was in a bad mood, and the enrollment procedures and so on, it was quite troublesome. I started in the county, and now I came here to study, so I spent some time and reported to the school a little later than normal people. However, a school as bad as the Qizhong did not reject me. It was already short of students, and it was not like the key high schools of the Yizhong and no.17 middle school, which were crowded. He tried to get in even though he was trying to break his head.

But the seventh high school also has the system of the Qizhong, which is the part of military training. We have to go. No matter how many students are lacking, the school has the system of the school. After all, this is the seventh high school in the city. It's not the kind of school in our small town that can be messed up.

Stepping on the door of the high school campus, I took a deep breath and threw away all the grievances and grievances I had in the past. It was no longer that Zhang Feng who was being slaughtered.

I was randomly assigned to a class, class 2, the entire first year of high school, there are 13 classes, I heard that there are 15 in the second year of high school. I actually didn't expect that Qizhong, such a bad school, had more than a dozen classes, and that the focus of the Yizhong, no more than 30 classes?

Class 2 was on the top floor, and the teaching building was only on the fourth floor. We had already started military training, so I didn't have to go to the classroom, so I went straight to the newspapers and went to the dormitory. Then I took the bedding and went to the dormitory. My dormitory was assigned to 103. I heard that because of the bullying of senior one, I fed mosquitoes on the first floor.

Because the Qizhong is located in the suburbs, most of the students are students who live on campus. Very few people ride back and forth every day. It is troublesome and difficult to manage. The school did not advocate that either. Therefore, the Qizhong is equivalent to a completely closed education, only on the sixth of the week can go home, and other times are not allowed out of the school. This also produced a few top students, so that the reputation of the Qizhong would not be too bad.

When I opened the door of room 103, I smelled smoke and people were chatting. Don't you need military training? I just passed the playground and found a lot of people shouting slogans and military training.

When I went in, I found out that they were playing cards. There were five of them, four with bare arms and one with a military training camouflage short-sleeved shirt.

When he saw me coming in, the one who wasn't playing cards was watching. He was stunned when he saw me coming in and asked,


I nodded, "Yes! What are you doing? No military training?"

The guy in the camouflage short-sleeved shirt immediately introduced himself to me and said, "His name is Wang Kai. His skin is fairer. Everyone calls him a pretty boy."

Asked what my name was, I said, "My name is Zhang Feng, and everyone calls me crazy. Just add me crazy."

Wang Kai said, "Okay, we're all in the same dorm. We'll all be brothers in the future!"

The others in the dormitory were Xie Xiongfeng, the slovenly man kong xiaoming, the primary school bully Li Bin with glasses, and Aibin, whose eyes were always erratic, who looked down on me a little.

After their introduction, Wang Kai said, "Because our dormitory is a corner dormitory, so there are at least seven people. The other dormitories are seven, and we only have five. But if you come, there are six. So even if you are bullied or something, there is one more person who resists."

When I heard him say that, I immediately asked:

"What's going on? Isn't school just starting? What kind of bullying? So messy?"

Although I know that this school is chaotic, but it is not so chaotic, just half a month after the military training began, began to bully people?

Wang Kai told me, "It's the competition of several forces. We just came to the first year of senior high school, and the second and third year of senior high school want to stand up and let us listen to them, so there was some friction, but the first year of senior high school also had a thorn in the head, not necessarily all listening to the second and third year of senior high school. I heard that there was a man named Li Xunhuan, who was very good at fighting, brave and resourceful, and led the team immediately, but there were other people who fought with him to compete for the first year of senior high school."

I was just drinking water, but when I heard this, I spat out and asked,

"What, who? Who did you just say?"

Wang Kai said, "Li Xunhuan, the one from class 13!"