Chapter 57 Are You Staring at Them?

"Oh, he really came to the Qizhong."

I muttered to myself. I just remembered what Li Xunhuan said to me back then. If I went to the bad high school Qizhong, he would have bullied me to death. I didn't expect that we were in the same school by mistake. I clenched my fists. History will never repeat itself. This time, I will not let you bully me again. I will also become a member of the competition.

Thinking of this, I smiled and said to Wang Kai, "Little boy, don't be afraid. Let's unite in our dormitory. Do we need to be afraid of outsiders? If they don't bully us, then it's fine. But just because we're not looking for trouble doesn't mean we're afraid of it!"

I put my arm around Wang Kai's shoulder and said, "Let's go for dinner. Did you guys step down early and skip military training?"

Wang Kai said, "It's gone."

But Aibin didn't agree with what I said. He looked at me quietly and said, "We weren't gangsters before. We came here with bad grades and didn't want to cause trouble!"

After that, he left alone. After he left, the game broke up. I asked Wang Kai what was going on. Wang Kai said, "He was beaten the night before yesterday. Was he beaten by Li Xunhuan or in our dormitory?"

Confused, I asked them, "So you don't help?"

After I asked them, they all looked at me, I looked at you, big eyes staring at small eyes, I immediately understood that, just like this has nothing to do with the dormitory, you still have to be bullied.

I talked to them and said, "They are all in the same dorm. Whether it's studying or getting a diploma, they have to help each other so that they won't be bullied by outsiders."

There was a lot of logic, but none of them had a particular cold.

Wang Kai, Li Bin, and Kong Xiaoming supported me, but Kong Xiaoming said, "They all have gangs. We're just a few of them. What's going on? He's no match at all, and look at Li Bin. Is he fighting?"

Kong Xiaoming is a slovenly man who likes to play computer games. Like Xie Xiongfeng, he is a gamer. He is obsessed with games. He doesn't care if others hit him, as long as he doesn't let him play games. Li Bin was a real primary school bully, handsome and small, but he was only a single science bully, very strong in mathematics and physics, the rest were more than ten points, so he could only be reduced to the Qizhong.

So the whole dormitory, if you want to stand beside me, wang kai will probably stand beside me. I don't dare to do anything. I feel like I have a dormitory without fighting power. In fact, I don't have fighting power either. Fortunately, I practiced during the summer vacation. I was afraid of being bullied after high school.

The next day, I went to the military training, got the camouflage clothes and went on stage. It was not long before the military training ended, and I just came up to complete the task. That day, I happened to see Li Xunhuan, who was leading his henchmen, flaunting around the military training ground, talking in a loud voice, saying that I had to carry the flag of the first year of senior high school, and you all had to support me, or else you would be beaten and beaten.

When Li Xunhuan walked over to our class, he spoke to our class monitor and a few gangsters, Gui Zhe.

"Senior one boss, I am determined to do it. In the past three years of junior high school, I have been the boss for three years. This position can't be given to others. Gui Zhe, you support me, right?"

Gui Zhe was the only gangster in our class. In class 2, to be honest, he was the weakest class. The other classes were more or less powerful gangsters, or they were promoted from other schools. They used to be gangsters, but our class really didn't. Gui Zhe, who nodded and bowed, was still the strongest gangster in our class.

So when Gui Zhe saw Li Xunhuan, he immediately laughed and said, "Of course, Brother Xunhuan is carrying the flag of the first year of high school. We all support him!"

"That's good!"

Li Xunhuan patted Gui Zhe on the shoulder and glanced at me. I lowered my head. He didn't see me. He just glared at Aibin in our dormitory and left.

I don't want to confront him in the military training ground. Besides, I've changed schools. If he doesn't bully me, I won't take the initiative to talk to him about my past grudges. I just want to grow up slowly. I can't mix with him now.

During the military training, a lot of people in our class met me for the first time, and talked about it curiously. I also met our class teacher, gao fei, a short man, but I heard that teaching was very good. As long as it wasn't a hypocrite like Zhou De, it was fine.

Our coach and the head teacher said a few words, and the head teacher came to talk to me and said, "After the military training, you can introduce yourself to everyone. You're so late."

I just smiled and said, "Good teacher."

During the military training, Wang Kai kept looking at one place. I was a little confused, so I looked in the direction he was looking at. It was a girl from our class.

I'm speechless, this kid. Good military training, this kind of thing.

After the military training, I made a self-introduction to the big guy in class 2, saying that my name is Zhang Feng, from the county.

Some people said I was a bumpkin, others said I looked quite energetic.

During dinner, Wang Kai saw that I was quite interested, so he gossiped with me and said, "This woman, there's big news, you know?"

I asked him, "Which woman is it?"

He said, "It's just our class, that Liu Jingjing!"

What he said was a little obscene, which made Kong Xiaoming and the others laugh. Kong xiaoming said, "Little boy, let you accompany me to the internet bar to play games. You just watch a movie all night. What's your future?"

His words made us all laugh. We ate together in the same dorm. I was surprised and said, "Little boy, go on. What else is the news about this woman?"

Wang Kai said, "Madman, are you so curious? Are you interested too? I also heard them say that this Liu Jingjing, in their previous school, was a famous school prostitute!"

When I heard it, I didn't understand and asked,

"What do you mean, a cockroach?"

He said, "Yes, it's for the money, to sleep with a man. But this Liu Jingjing doesn't sleep with a man easily. She just helps some gangsters in school. The gangster boss pushes his chest and abuses his mouth!"

I was stunned and immediately became interested. When I asked him what was going on, he explained it in detail.

It turned out that this Liu Jingjing, who didn't know if her family was poor or what, liked to dress up very extravagantly, but she didn't have much money, she earned it on her own. Although she was known as a school chicken, I heard that she rarely slept with others.

Kong Xiaoming said, "Damn it. It's so exciting. No wonder you keep staring at her every day. Are you ready to find her?"