Chapter 7 Negotiation

Although she pretended to be calm, from her back, I could see that she was trembling all over, and my heart was so happy for no reason. After their mother and daughter came to my house, they treated me like a pig and a dog.

"No need now. After you finish washing the dishes, let's go out and talk. I'll wait for you in the alley outside the mall!"

After that, I walked out. It seemed that my father heard me open the door and said, "Bitch, go out so late to die."

Chen Zihan, on the other hand, seemed to glance at me, probably thinking that I was going to raise money to pay her and Li Xunhuan back.

My family lives on the fifth floor of this mall. Actually, my dad isn't too poor. I just don't know why my mom ran away. Thinking of Chen Shien, I think maybe my dad isn't very good at that. Otherwise, how can he not feed Chen Shien?

The reason why I wanted to come out and talk to her was because she and I did make a lot of noise in the kitchen just now. My dad was up, and I was afraid that I would be found out, and my phone would be taken away in the chaos, so my last card would be gone.

On the back of the mall, there was a dilapidated building with no one to live in, but there were people selling groceries on the first floor. The alleys were all dark, and there were often some black cats, dead cats and stray cats. There were also many cats and dogs peeing inside, which was very smelly. This place was also a place where many young couples came to pee and fire.

No one can hear my appointment here.

Sure enough, this bitch Chen Shien came not long ago. She was in such a hurry that she didn't even change her clothes, but even so, it was hard to hide her beautiful figure. To be honest, I envied my dad a lot.

"Zhang Feng, can you quickly delete that thing? When did you get to the music classroom and shoot this kind of thing? Don't you feel ashamed?"

As soon as she came, she looked right and left. No one was there, and then she told me nervously, as if in a hurry, and grabbed my arm.

It hurt like I didn't dare to resist her at home.

This time, I am not happy, I directly raised my voice, and here, I am not afraid of her. I raised my eyebrows and stared at her impatiently in the dim light.

"What? Is that how you treat me?"

She realized her mistake and her voice softened.

"Zhang Feng, tell me what you want to talk about, what you want to talk about, and how you want to talk about it. At worst, I'll let chen zihan not make things difficult for you."

I chuckled, took out a purple object from my pocket, reached out and pressed it, and her face changed. When she saw it, she wasn't too surprised. Sure enough, she knew that it might be she who bought it for Chen Zihan. He was so cheap!

"This thing, it's Chen Zihan's, and the receipt to buy it is her name, so I want to use this thing in exchange for my fair treatment at home. Who knew your stinky daughter had let the school bully boss, Li Xunhuan, beat me up like this? Tomorrow, I want to kill you. Do you know that?"

Chen Shien was stunned, but did not expect this to happen. She immediately explained, "Hey, Zi Han, this child, that's it. But she's doing well, and she can eat well in school. So, you delete the video and give it back to me. I'll make her promise that we will never go against each other in the future, okay?"

I stared at her and suddenly felt like she was treating me like a fool.

She stared at me and added,

"Xiaofeng, then, I'll let them treat you better in the future, okay? You deleted the video, please, please, I'm begging you, okay?"

I couldn't help but laugh:

"Chen Shien, what's so good about that? I deleted the video. What if you don't admit it later and let Chen Zihan get away with it? You humiliated me like this, and I was beaten up like this, so that's it?"

I couldn't help but grab her shoulder in anger.

There was no one here.

"You, Zhang Feng, I am your elder, and I am your teacher! You, what are you doing?"

"Nothing. I was bullied by your daughter every day. Can't I take revenge?!"

I slapped her again and touched her face.

"You, shameless!"

All of a sudden, Chen Shien slapped me in the face and put on her blouse. Her eyes were red. She glared at me and said angrily, "I'll help you with this. Please think about it tonight and delete it immediately! I will forget about your blasphemy against the teacher and the elders. I hope you will never let me know that you are such a person again!"

She covered her high heels and ran away.

I, on the other hand, felt the pleasure of revenge.

She took the purple toy and must have gone to settle the score with Chen Zihan.

But the video is still in my hands. I'll see what you can do. If you think that's enough, then you're underestimating me.