Chapter 9 Wrong Number

Li Xunhuan smiled grimly, "Then wake him up!"

All of a sudden, a basin of cold water came over. I was all excited and shivering with cold. It was not summer at that time. It was early spring. The water was still cold.

But my problem is here. Isn't Chen Zihan's problem solved? Why are they still looking for me?

I can't get hit for no reason. I immediately asked, "Brother Xunhuan, I gave it back to your sister. If you don't believe me, ask her. What's going on? Why did you hit me again?"


Li Xunhuan asked doubtfully.

I was even more speechless and nodded affirmatively, "Yes, I did."

"I'll beat you up if I pay you back. I'll beat you up. You owe me a beating, cao nima!"

He grabbed my hair again and pressed it hard on the table. My nose was bleeding from him. He waved his hand, and a few thugs around him and black leather punched and kicked at me, as if they didn't need a reason to hit someone.

Then he looked at the black skin and said, "By the way, what did Zi Han say today? Did he return it?"

Black skin shook her head and said, "Goddess chen didn't speak. She just left unhappily with a snort. I thought she didn't return it, so I informed you... Brother Xunhuan, did you call the wrong person?"

"No mistake, I have to fight if I return it. This idiot, I just want to fight when I see him like this."

After that, another punch hit me in the eye. I became a panda's eye, and he pointed at me and laughed.

"What's wrong? What are you looking at? Are you not convinced that I hit you? You still have to fight!"

I was so angry, but I didn't dare to show it on my face. Today, I was beaten no better than yesterday in the toilet. I was drenched, and I was beaten miserably.

This is too cheap, this Li Xunhuan, I even returned it and hit me.

After they left, I was so angry that I threw all the books in the drawer. Fuck him. This Chen Zihan is also a stupid woman. She returned them and didn't know how to say it, which made me get beaten up.

I'm so angry. I have to go to her. Because it was noon after school, we all ate at school, or near school, and stepmother ate at school. My dad went to work because no one was cooking at home.

I found the little restaurant that Chen Zihan used to go to.

She has money, so she eats out at noon. Not only does her mother have a job and money to earn, but my father often gives her pocket money. When I ask my father for pocket money, my father always says, "I want you to be paralyzed."

What else can I do if he says that?

When they arrived at the restaurant, Chen Zihan and her little sisters were having a good time eating together. Suddenly, she saw a guy who was wet and smelly, with footprints and bleeding nostrils. Of course, she was shocked.

Especially Chen Zihan, after seeing that it was me, he cursed, "Get out of here, who the hell are you? Don't disturb the sisters' appetites here!"

"I'll go and see what you've done. I'll fuck you! I've returned everything to you. Look at what you've done to me! If I had known, I would have exposed that thing to you and ruined your reputation!"

I rushed over in a huff, almost flipping her table.