Chapter 35 Mother

Although Zhu Minglun left the hospital, his relationship was still there. It was easy to arrange for Xiangwan.

She was admitted to a single room in the hospital that day, enjoying the close service of the attending doctors and giving her a gentle and detailed physical examination, including a pregnancy test. The result was no accident. She was indeed pregnant.

After receiving the report, Zhu Minglun was very calm. He folded the report paper in half and put it in his pocket. He said to her, "The hospital will arrange for the follow-up. You stay patiently for a few days. Don't rush to leave the hospital. Your health is important."

Ye Xiangwan just didn't want the child, but he still wanted to live. There were still decades to go. She nodded and said, "Don't worry, my life is precious."

Pregnancy was a secret. Ye Xiangwan didn't tell anyone, but she didn't expect Zhu Minglun to find a middle-aged woman to take care of her. It was the woman who rushed out to look for her at the engagement banquet. She was so angry that she wanted to talk to him, but he didn't answer the phone.

Qin Xia winced. "Ming Lun has been very busy these days. There are a lot of things going on in the company, and the change of ownership needs time. He'll come and see you when he's free -"

She looked coldly at the woman who might be related to her and said sarcastically, "I don't need him to visit me. I can live well on my own."

Qin Xia was worried when she said this. "It was my fault. I couldn't help it back then."

Ye Xiangwan didn't want to listen to any nonsense, so he went straight into the white blanket and covered his head.

She was born with sin, greed, and money.

Qin Xia sighed deeply and sat down beside the bed. "At that time, I was a research institute. I was working with my teacher at the wang's to develop new drugs. The teacher is old and lacking in energy. I am doing all the practical exercises."

Ye Xiangwan sneered in his heart. He was obviously a small salesman, but he actually put gold on his face and said something about a researcher.

Li Yun and Wang Shikai didn't get along very well at that time. They quarreled so much that they had to get divorced many times. Wang Shikai was very depressed. He stayed in the lab every day and didn't come home. Sometimes I would comfort him. He promised me that he would get a divorce. As long as the new drug came out and had the capital, he would definitely get a divorce with Li Yun. I, I believed him -"

Qin Xia's voice was filled with guilt and regret. As a result, when they got the recipe, zeng nuo didn't count. I didn't dare to tell the teacher that I was pregnant. I was afraid that the old man would be disappointed, so I quietly looked for Wang Shikai."

Ye Xiangwan rolled over again and closed his eyes, only to think that this woman had indeed left a lot of stinky flags.

Wang Shikai was afraid of Li Yun and didn't dare to ask her for a divorce. He just coaxed me to get rid of you. I feel wronged in my heart. I know that if I really listen to him and deal with you, I can't say anything about it. He had to ask him for some money and quietly find a place to give birth to you. I was going to hold you in my arms to seek justice from him, but I didn't expect Li Yun to find any clues -"

Qin Xia burst into tears. "When she heard me out, not only did she not settle the score with Wang Shikai, she took you away from me. I couldn't find you anywhere. I wanted to go all out. I didn't expect her to lock me up again for ten years."

Ye Xiangwan sat up and said impatiently, "What's the use of crying at me? I saw you smiling at li yun at the engagement party!"

Qin Xia looked at her in a daze and reached out to touch her face. "That's because I spent ten years getting a little plastic surgery and a new identity. The Wang family couple stole my results and ruined my life. I'm not done with them."