Chapter 36 Unfair

Ye Xiangwan did not think that there was such a terrible story behind her life. She hesitated to look at Qin Xia. Although she looked very young and beautiful, time made her skin loose and her eyes wrinkled. She looked at her eagerly, trying to gain her trust.

"Ming Lun did all this to help me." She said, "Don't blame him, don't hate him -"

She stared fixedly at the woman who had been washing Zhu Minglun's face. After a while, she said, "He and I are just strangers. There is no love or hate between us. You think too much."

Qin Xia immediately showed a sad look, a little confused, "Since you love him, you should believe him."

"So, even a pustule like Wang Shikai could have fooled you?" Ye Xiangwan said sarcastically, "Although I loved Zhu Minglun, he didn't love me. Maybe being with Wang Wenwen was to help you, but it was more for their Zhu family. He had no heart, no feelings, and he looked up at me in pain, unmoved. Such a man, how could I believe him? Auntie, I don't want to see you, I don't want to hear you. Please go out."

Qin Xia left sadly. Ye Xiangwan left her body on the bed. What happened?

The doctor at the hospital gave her medicine for three days, and after two days of hanging up, she felt a little problematic. She went to the doctor to ask why she had to undergo a minor operation. The doctor gently explained that some of her body conditions were not very good, and it would take a few days for the inflammation to subside. After the inflammation was over, the operation could be arranged. And there have been a lot of patients lately, and there aren't enough doctors, so there's a chance that the surgery will be delayed -

Ye Xiangwan was speechless and had the idea of changing hospitals, but the doctor's reply was that several nearby hospitals were already full and it was difficult to change. She was a little unconvinced and took out her cell phone to check the news. She didn't expect to be pushed to the local news.

The marriage between the zhu and wang families was a major event in the local industry, especially when it involved the transfer and restructuring of shares. After their engagement, the two families signed a series of agreements and started the process of going public after cross-shareholdings.

She watched the news for a while, and it wasn't worth what Zhu Minglun had in mind.

However, she wanted to watch the Wang family get unlucky. After thinking for a long time, she called Ou Zhiyuan. Ou Zhiyuan, who is also the legal advisor of wang's medicine, has been very busy recently. Besides texting her every day to greet her, she can't find the time to visit her, and it also saves her from worrying about the leak.

But the phone was not connected.

The law firm's requirement for lawyers was to keep their phones open 24 hours a day, and they would deduct their salaries if they were caught not answering the phone. Ou Zhiyuan was stingy and would never let this happen, so he would have two cell phones and several chargers on him.

Ye Xiangwan was a little worried and couldn't care less about the operation anymore. He packed his things and slipped out when the doctor didn't notice him. She had to go to the company and ask her colleagues what was going on, such as how far her car had been smashed and kidnapped.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she walked out of the hospital, a waiting van followed her out.

She felt something was wrong. She went into the crowd and did not expect the door to open and a few big men jumped out. They pulled her out and threw her into the car and ran away.

In less than a minute, before she could regain her senses, she saw through the car window that several people in security clothes had run out of the hospital, but her legs could not catch up with the wheels, and she soon disappeared.

Ye Xiangwan trembled, knowing that he had been kidnapped again. The last time she was tied up was because of Wang Shikai, and this time it was mostly Zhu Minglun. She found it extremely ridiculous. After so many years, she had never enjoyed the blessings of her parents and was just unlucky. She fell in love with a person who did not love her and did not feel pampered. Instead, she had to face the danger of her life at any time.

God, it's not fair.