Chapter 37 Want Her to Die

Ye Xiangwan behaved very well this time. She neither screamed nor struggled and sat down in her seat. The two men who were guarding her looked at her in surprise, but they still put a hood on her head and tied her hands.

She said, "Are you Li Yun's people?"

No one answered, but a ball of cloth was stuffed into her mouth.

Once one loses sight, one's hearing and sixth sense are especially obvious. She could feel the car driving faster and faster, even running several red lights; the driver was swearing as if he was hiding from someone.

She was a little unsure. Was the hospital security so responsible that they had already found the person in charge to catch up with her?

Before she could think of anything, the car was slammed into and her body bounced off the ground. Startled, she felt a dull pain in her lower abdomen and said worriedly, "Can you drive well?"

The man in the car cursed a lot and began to hate each other. Only then did she realize that there was indeed a car chasing her, and that it was an oversized mountain suv. Her heart was a little nervous, and she didn't know if she was still in or out of town.

Not long after, the car behind hit the second time. This time, the man in the car got angry. He slammed on the brakes and ran away.

Before Ye Xiangwan could recover, the car stopped and she was pulled out of the car.

The headgear was not removed, but when he lowered his head, he could see the ground and some faint images. She even heard the man who grabbed him pick up a phone call that sounded like Wang Wenwen's voice.

According to Yu Yue, li yun had a background in the underworld and suppressed Wang Shikai for 30 years. She was obviously very fond of her only daughter and did not expect to get her involved in such troublesome matters.

After the call, Ye Xiangwan was shoved into a small room and the door closed again.

Listening to the footsteps outside, Ye Xiangwan struggled with both hands to untie the loose ropes and pull off the headgear. It was also a room that was almost as furnished as the last time, with a computer with a desk.

Ye Xiangwan smiled bitterly. She understood her situation very well. What was Wang Wenwen doing this scene for?

Before she could figure it out, a voice came from outside, and Wang Wenwen seemed to be screaming in a state of breakdown. She moved the stool to the window and saw several people standing outside.

Wang Shikai and Ou Zhiyuan were in the middle, anxious; Wang Wenwen and li yun were opposite, with a circle of big men behind them; Zhu Minglun and Qin Xia were standing close to the cabin, looking very anxious. There was a clear conflict between the three parties and it was impossible to reconcile. Wang Wenwen tried to rush over and grab Zhu Minglun several times, but Li Yun blocked him.

"I want her dead -" Wang Wenwen's normally obedient face was twisted, and his eyes shone with intense hatred.

After that, the door of the hut was pushed open and a man came in. She immediately jumped down. The man ignored her and said, "Tie yourself up with a rope."

Ye Xiangwan looked at him doubtfully. He said quietly, "No? You want my help?"

She shook her head and hurriedly picked up the rope, meaning to wrap it around her wrist.

When the man saw that she was done, he pushed her shoulder out and everyone's eyes immediately fell on her.

She looked around and saw that ou zhiyuan looked a little sad with disbelief. Finally, her eyes slid past Zhu Minglun. She didn't expect him to worry about her, but she noticed some anxiety in his eyes.

She thought it was a little ridiculous. Since she didn't love her, what was she worried about?

Wang Wenwen rushed out and shouted, "Minglunge, if you want to keep her, give me back the shares -"