Chapter 38 Block the Knife

Ye Xiangwan was a little confused. In just a few days, what happened?

She looked at Ou Zhiyuan as if she was asking for help, but he was listening to Wang Shikai. When she went to see Qin Xia again, she glared at Li Yun, full of hatred. Only Zhu Minglun looked at her indifferently and smiled at her placidly.

She shivered and didn't understand what he was doing. She turned to Wang Wenwen and said, "Wang Wenwen, you and your mother are lawless. I'm dead. You can run away?"

Li Yun said fiercely, "You won't die, the son of a bitch in your womb -"

Zhu Minglun suddenly said, "Auntie, this was agreed beforehand. It has been implemented into the contract. It's not easy to change it."

"Minglunge, you lied to me!" Wang Wenwen roared. "The deal was that the shares fell on me. Why did it change? If my mom hadn't asked someone and found out something was wrong, would you have kept it from me for the rest of your life?"

Wang Shikai immediately said, "This is my idea. It has nothing to do with Zhu Minglun. I give my own things to my daughter if I want to."

"I am your daughter!" Cried Wang Wenwen.

"Only your mother knows who your father is. I wouldn't dare have a woman like you." Wang Shikai sneered and patted Ou Zhiyuan on the shoulder. "Mr. Ou, thank you so much for helping me out. Otherwise, I would have been taken advantage of by both of them. Now that the contract is in effect, I'm not afraid of you. If you can, kill me in front of so many people!"

Ye Xiangwan had a splitting headache and shouted, "What's going on? Why can't I understand?"

"Xiangwan, don't be afraid. Don't worry. They don't dare to do anything to you." Ou Zhiyuan raised his voice, but his eyes were on her stomach.

She was a little ashamed, but she felt helpless. The feelings between people, love and not love, were not so easy to explain. Ou Zhiyuan treated her better than almost everyone else, but she could not have feelings for him other than her brother and colleagues.

Zhu Minglun walked slowly to Ye Xiangwan's side, and the man who held her down tightened the rope in her hand. He raised his hands and said, "Wenwen, I believe you are a good girl. Doing what you are doing now is just a matter of losing your head. Although your shares are in Xiangwan's possession, aunt li's share is not a problem. Don't worry -"

"Bastard!" Li Yun also became angry and said to the man behind ye Xiangwan, "You, hit her in the stomach. Shoot that little bastard down -"

Ye Xiangwan instinctively shrank, feeling that the two women opposite him were too sick. Before she could react, Qin Xia rushed out, grabbed Li Yun by the hair and cried, "You wicked woman, you shut me up for ten years, and now you want to hurt my daughter. You have a daughter yourself. Has your conscience been eaten by the dog?"

Li Yun couldn't avoid it. She grabbed her hair and fell to the ground. A few men behind her rushed up and forcefully separated her.

Zhu Minglun moved closer to Ye Xiangwan and whispered, "Xiangwan, don't be afraid. I'll get you out of here soon."

Ye Xiangwan tilted his head and ignored him. "Zhu Minglun, I hate you to death."

He smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll do everything -"

Before he could finish his sentence, he turned to his side in a hurry and grabbed a knife with both hands. Wang Wenwen stabbed the knife madly and ran in Ye Xiangwan's direction.

The man behind her pulled her away and blocked Zhu Minglun in front of her. The bright blade pierced through the white shirt and pierced into his body.

Blood gushed out like a fountain, like flowers that could not be defeated because of love.