Chapter 39 I Can't Live Anymore

Ye Xiangwan was too close to zhu minglun. Blood sprayed all over her face. Blood beads hung on her eyelashes, and the whole world turned red. Wang Wenwen couldn't seem to accept the result. He screamed and backed away, wiping his hands full of blood on his clothes. Ou Zhiyuan and Qin Xia rushed over to help Zhu Minglun cover the wound. He looked back at her and said, "You're fine -"

She had a dull pain in her lower abdomen and was dizzy and dizzy. For a moment, she was out of breath. Her eyes rolled over and she fainted. In the middle of the royalty dream, she heard the sound of police sirens coming from afar, and the man who controlled him said, "The police are here, no problem -"

When Ye Xiangwan woke up again, his head was splitting and his eyes were dark. She suddenly turned over and sat up. Her blood rushed up and she almost fell on the bed.

"Don't move -" Ou Zhiyuan said dryly.

She tried to blink a few times before she could see him clearly. His face was gloomy in the dark, his chin was full of stubble, and his eyes were bloodshot. He said, "You have a threatened miscarriage. Lie down."

She leaned back slowly and said, "Senior brother -"

What the hell is going on? Why did things change in a few days? Why was it that Zhu Minglun and Wang Wenwen were still a loving, unmarried couple and ended up fighting each other?

Ou Zhiyuan saw her agitated look and said, "Don't worry, he should be fine."

She looked up at him and instinctively placed her hand on her stomach.

His eyes followed her hand and his expression became even more ferocious.

Ye Xiangwan was very uneasy. He pulled the cup over his body and said, "Senior brother, can you tell me what happened?"

He was in a daze as if he hadn't heard it.

Ou Zhiyuan's emotions were clearly out of control. Ye Xiangwan instinctively felt dangerous and quietly shrank in the direction of the bed by the door. One foot slipped down and he was ready to get out of bed.

"You're pregnant." He said weirdly, "And went to find him without telling me. I like you so much, I've done so many things for you, and you -"

Ye Xiangwan shuddered and said with difficulty, "Senior brother, I just found out about this accident. I wanted to get rid of it, but I didn't expect to be caught -"

"It was all Zhu Minglun's scheme. This shameless man lied to all of us." He said fiercely, "He pretended to break up with you, he pretended to be engaged to Wang Wenwen, he pretended to be engaged to her, and then he tricked me and Wang Shikai into passing the contract on to you, and then -"

Her brain was boiling like hot water, and her long dead hope swelled and sprouted in the ashes, and she said in a trembling voice, "What did you say?"

"I said he played all of us." Ou Zhiyuan stood up. "This damn guy, he didn't complain about being killed. If Wang Wenwen hadn't stabbed him, I would have beaten him to death."

"Brother, I'm a little scared of you like this -" Ye Xiangwan laughed dryly. "Where's Zhu Minglun? Let's reason with him, and he lied to me."

Ye Xiangwan's mood was complicated the first time he woke up. Zhu Minglun finally helped her block the knife and smiled at her, her eyes overflowing with unspeakable emotions. She wanted to make it clear to him, what did he think of the surroundings? The chess pieces of the game?

"Looking for him?" Ou Zhiyuan sneered. "Wang Wenwen stabbed him in the stomach and stirred him a few times. His intestines are broken. He's been in the emergency room for eight hours and hasn't left the operating room yet."

In the end, he said word by word, "He won't live long."